Change history for Perl extension PDF::Table.

=== Version 1.002 (2020-12-27), lib/PDF/, Makefile.PL
  Miscellaneous updates to clean up support URLs, emails, etc.

  Remove use of CSS reference, as that site no longer exists.
   Looking for a good replacement, possibly Bootstrap, that doesn't require 
   that a phone be turned to landscape orientation in order to read text at
   a decent size.

  Cells spanning columns only had the first part (cell) of the bottom 
   horizontal rule drawn. Reported by "stefanalt". Fixed to draw full spanned 

  One calculated value was considerably different between standard Perl (uses
   doubles for floats), long-double Perl, and quad-math Perl. Round the 
   calculated value to 6 decimal digits so that it works on any system.

=== Version 1.001 (2020-11-05)

 lib/PDF/  fix edge case where no borders led to no rules [GH 55].

 t/manifest.t, t/pod.t  
  Make author-only (AUTHOR_TESTING=1). ref [GH 61]
 lib/PDF/, t/pod.t
  POD change =head5 to =head4, to look better and stop older POD checkers 
   from complaining (in t/pod.t). Also minimum Test::Pod version 1.52 
   (was 1.00). ref [GH 61].

 examples/, t/lib/, INFO/Deprecated, lib/PDF/
  Replace deprecated setting names by current names in the POD, examples, and
   t-tests. After November 2022, settings names (args) with a leading dash 
   (hyphen) will no longer be permitted.

=== Version 1.000 (2020-11-03)

 INFO/Deprecated, INFO/Table.html, lib/PDF/
  Final cleanup of POD and generation of HTML documentation, and listing of
   all deprecated setting names.

 t/lib/  add linedash dummy call so t tests can run.

 lib/PDF/, MANIFEST, examples/, util/
  Old "borders" was vertical and horizontal rules PLUS outside rules (frame).
   Separate into "borders" (outside) and "rules" (inside). Add
   example to illustrate.

 examples/  with DejaVu-Sans, can use chess piece images

 .github/worksflows/test.yml,  minor fixes in README to make lint
   run happily, stop checking Table.html.

 examples/*.pl  Allow -A or -B on the command line (case insensitive) to
   override PDFpref file (if any) setting. This speeds up testing for PDF::API2
   vs PDF::Builder (default).

 lib/PDF/, INFO/Deprecated, INFO/Table.html, MANIFEST, 
   examples/, t/PDF-Table.t, t/lib/, util/
  Clean up handling of minimum and maximum cell widths (min_w and max_w).
   Clean up handling of background and foreground colors. Add example
   to show off color handling. Update t-tests for slight coordinate changes.

 Add row_props (row properties) similar to column_props, to set things on a
   per-row basis.

 If the table spills over to a new page, and next_y and/or next_h was NOT
   given, issue a warning and for a default use 90% of the media height for
   next_y and 80% for next_h (ref ticket #11). This should be better than 
   using the (start_)y and (start_)h values for the table.

 Add new, more consistent aliases for a number of settings (ref ticket #13). 
   The old setting names are still available for at least TWO YEARS, after 
   which, they will be REMOVED. Over the next two years you should update your 
   code to use the new setting names. The settings involved are:
      'start_y'               is now 'y'
      'start_h'               is now 'h'
      'row_height'            is now 'min_rh'
      'background_color'      is now 'bg_color'
      'background_color_odd'  is now 'bg_color_odd'
      'background_color_even' is now 'bg_color_even'
      'font_color'            is now 'fg_color'
      'font_color_odd'        is now 'fg_color_odd'
      'font_color_even'       is now 'fg_color_even'
      'font_underline'        is now 'underline'
      'lead'                  is now 'leading'
   These are listed in INFO/Deprecated. In the near future, the examples and
   t-tests will be updated to use the new setting names.

 Ship with Table.html (documentation) in INFO/. Update MANIFEST.

 Remove from the util/ list. I'm still not sure why
   it should be in the examples -- basically, it shows that UTF-8 doesn't work
   with core fonts, but that's already a documented limitation (in 
   PDF::Builder). is still in the examples/ directory, if anyone 
   wants to play with it.
 Add INFO/Deprecated to list names and interfaces scheduled to be removed in
   the future (at least 2 years). MANIFEST updated.

 Split out older Changes list into INFO/Changes_2019. MANIFEST updated.

 Increase default cell padding to 2pt. See documentation "COMPATIBILITY" for
   how to get the old behavior (0pt padding). t/Basics.t, t/Colspan.t,
   t/PDF-Table.t expected write locations updated. examples/ and
   examples/ were widened slightly to accommodate the padding.

 Make "odd/even" row consistent with or without a header (repeated or not),
   particularly when a table is split across pages, and when a row itself is
   split in such a case. See documentation "COMPATIBILITY" for how to get the 
   old behavior.

 Header 'repeat' default changed from 0 (no) to 1 (yes), as most of the time
   a user will want to repeat any header on each new page. Suppress repeating
   a header with a value of 0. See documentation "COMPATIBILITY" for how to
   get the old behavior.

 Currently, PDF::Table is shipped to use the new behaviors, with as much
   compatibility as possible with existing code (see $compat_mode in
   Unless you have need to use the old behaviors for existing code, we 
   suggest that you leave $compat_mode as 0, use the 'compatibility' setting, or 
   individually set the flags, to make use of the new behaviors. Also use the 
   new settings names, unless there is a need for compatibility in existing 
   code. Eventually, use of the old names will produce warnings, and later, 
   error messages, but the old behaviors should be available for a long time.
   You should examine your existing code and plan to update it over time.

 Initialize %arg entries (defaults) so no uninitialized errors. #57 reported by
   Larry Leszczynski (larryl) for text_block() along with PR.

 Minor build process cleanup
 Minor spelling and typo fixes in POD and examples

=== Version 0.12.0 (2020-04-09) 

 Permit either PDF::API2 or PDF::Builder (#51)
 Don't use UTF-8 with corefonts
 General cleanup of typos and misspellings in
 Minimum Perl 5.10 in Makefile.PL (#53) 
 More cleanup of text in
 Add tools (util) for running PerlCritic, t-tests, examples
 Clean up code to pass PerlCritic
 Clean up examples to run with either API2 or Builder. PDFpref file to declare
   which to use if both available
 Comments in t tests about use of Mock PDFAPI2
 Document needed and optional prerequisite modules

(see INFO/Changes_2019 for earlier changes)