Revision history for Perl-Tags

0.26    2008-08-07
        Bruno Vecchi pointed out the example perl.vim doesn't work:
            Added comment about 'EOF'
            Uncommented call to s:do_tags

0.25    2008-07-11
        Removing t/pod-coverage.t until I have time to fix

0.24    2008-07-06 -- the nuffintags version
        Folded in changes from contributors
        ::PPI module contributed by Wolverian
        ::Naive::Spiffy and ::Naive::Lib by dr_bean
        parser improvements
        fixes to tests

0.23    2006-07-05
        Added the tests mentioned below to the distribution :-)
        Test and documentation for exuberant extensions

0.22    2006-07-05
        Made subclassing easier
        added basic tests (NB: not particularly high coverage, nor testing Exuberant extensions)
        added subclassing tests

0.21    2006-07-04
        Added prerequesite Module::Locate

0.2     2006-07-03
        Bundled up for CPAN distribution, with better docs
        (but only minimal tests, sorry 'bout that)

0.01    2006-03-26
        First version, integrated with my .vim