Revision history for Perl extension AI::Prolog.

0.64  Mon May 09, 2005
      Change default behavior to AI::Prolog->raw_results(1).
      Added quote() method to allow Perl variables to be quoted
      and used at Prolog terms.
      Added list() method to allow a Perl list to be turned into
      a Prolog list.

0.63  Wed May 04, 2005
      Allow parser to properly handle positive and negative numbers
      and decimal points.
      Added pow(X,Y).
      Eliminated studlyCaps methods.
      Added trace. and notrace.
      Added a TODO test for a failing regression test.

0.62  Fri Feb 25, 2005
      Added code to avoid bug in some Perl's where "undef" looks
      like a number.
      Major performance improvement.  Now runs about 40% faster.
      Added towers of hanoi and a scheduler to the examples/.

0.61  Mon Feb 21, 2005
      Added var(X).
      Disabled tracing in the aiprolog shell (whoops!)

0.6   Sun Feb 20, 2005
      Added tests for the cut, number, and clause classes.

      Added stub tests for step and primitive classes.

      Ensured that all classes at least had stub documentation and added
      POD tests.

      Updated the TODO list in AI::Prolog.

0.5   Sun Feb 13, 2005
      Put the database into its own class.

      Pulled engine backtracking out into its own method.

      Reduced the scope of many of the Engine::_run variables to ensure data
      wasn't leaking.

      Added simple "aiprolog" shell.

      Added cut operator, retract(X), and assert(X).

      Added more examples and simple adventure game to both demonstrate the shell
      and how Prolog works.

      Completely reworked the engine internals to allow new predicates to be
      easily added.

      * XXX Also screwed up the numbering scheme.  Grumble XXX *

0.04  Sun Jan 30, 2005
      Added support for quoting terms.  
      Added Engine->formatted method which allows results to be returned as
      either strings or as data structures.  The latter is more useful.

      When using AI::Prolog, the results() method now returns a "results"

      The AI::Prolog interface has been cleaned up and use of the supporting
      modules is now officially discouraged.

      Massive documentation update.

0.03  Sun Jan 23, 2005
      Added tests for built-in predicates.

      Added query() function to AI::Logic::Engine to allow successive queries
      without a new bootstrap.

0.02  Sun Jan 23, 2005
      First public release of AI::Prolog.

0.01  Thu Jan 20 20:47:49 PST 2005
	  original version; created by make_project 0.1