Revision history for Class-CGI

0.20   2006-05-07
       - Changed _add_error() to add_error() and documented it.
       - Bug fix:  errors are now properly HTML escaped.  Users may override
         the escaping via the new error_encoding() method.
       - Created mailing list and added a link to it in the docs.
       - Documented the term "virtual parameter".
       - Overrode CGI::Simple::new() to centralize initialization.
       - Added required() and is_required() methods.
       - Added add_missing() and is_missing_required() methods.
       - Handlers now have a base class (Class::CGI::Handler) with extensive
         support for required and virtual parameters.
       - Made the "ALPHA" designation much more prominent.  Folks need to know
         that this is a work in progress which their production code should
         not rely on.

0.14   2006-04-25
       - Fixed an 'uninitialized' warning in args().
       - Fixed reference to "Congif" (sic) in POD.  Thanks to Darren Myer for
         the catch (
       - Removed dependency on Module::Load::Conditional due to security
         concern.  Thanks to Darren Myer for the solution.  
         See for more details.

0.13   2006-04-22
       - Minor doc fixes.
       - Added the "args" method.

0.12   2006-04-20
       - No code changes.  Fixed some documentation errors and expanded some

0.11   2006-04-19
       - API change.  errors() now returns a hash instead of an arrayref.
         The keys are the param() names.  This was necessary because pushing
         errors onto a stack could make it very difficult to figure out which
         param() call generated the error.

0.10   2006-04-16
       - Add better error handling for the param() method.  At this point,
         Class::CGI is essentially feature complete, though enhancements to
         various features may come at some point in the future.

0.04   2006-04-11
       - Do not load Config::Std unless needed.
       - handlers() method without arguments now returns the currently used
       - Tremendously improved test coverage.  Devel::Cover lists one branch
         as untested (and I can't figure out why).
       - Minor documentation clarifications.
       - Updated the manifest to include the tests :/

0.03   2006-04-08
       - Now passes the parameter name is the second argument to the handler
         constructor.  Thanks to Aristotle for pointing out how useful that
         would be.
       - Handlers can now be defined in a config file rather than being
         continuously redefined in the code.

0.02   2006-04-07
       - Added 'raw_param' method which allows the user to fetch the actual
         value of a parameter and ignore handlers defined for it.
       - Handlers now accept the Class::CGI object instead of the value of the
         corresponding parameter.  This makes them far more flexible (when
         will I learn that I should default to passing objects instead of

0.01   2006-04-07 
       - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.