Revision history for DB-Color

0.10   2012/01/08
        - Fix "Argument isn't numeric" warnings.
        - Assert minimum version of File::Path to fix "make_path is not
          exported" build failures.

0.09   2012/09/05
        - Don't use BRIGHT_BLUE if they have Term::ANSIColor < 3 (Cosimo

0.08   2012/04/08
        - Fixed bug where two or more package declarations in a single file
          would break syntax highlighting.
        - Added a perldbsyntax script to pre-generate syntax files.

0.07   2012/04/01
        - Add a config file to let people control some behavior.
        - The afterinit() sub is no longer required in the .perldb file (it's
          done internally).
        - The md5 sum is now generate with the "format number" and classname.
        - Caching can now be disabled by not passing a cache_dir to the

0.06    2012/03/31
        - Don't highlight if NO_DB_COLOR environment variable is set to a true value.
        - Add optional debugging to log file (internal and undocumented. Use
          at own risk.
        - Naive caching of output files. File deleted after thirty days of
        - Workaround Syntax::Highlight::Kate POD bug (
        - Fix broken breakpoints. Thanks to Nick Perez and Liz for the help!
        - Fix off-by-one error (Thanks Liz!)

0.05    2012/01/04
        - Ouch! Add the actual highlighter to the MANIFEST

0.04    2012/01/04
        - Fix Github link in Build.PL

0.03    2012/01/04
        - Add Build.PL. List github repo.
        - Syntax highlighter requires 5.8.0, so put that in the Makefile.PL
        - POD for DB::Color::Highlighter.

0.02    2011/12/30
        - Quick hack to silence uninit warnings in DB::DB
        - Silence warnings from Kate highlighter
        - Tried to make the colors easier to work with

0.01    2011/12/30
        - Debugger syntax highlighting