Revision history for Test-Class-Moose

0.04    March 17, 2013
        - Fix test inheritance bug.

0.03    March 16, 2013
        - Add Test::Class::Moose::Role::AutoUse (automatically loads your
          actual classes)

0.02    January 29, 2013
        - Add class/method skipping. 
        - Rename almost every overrideable method to /^test_/.
        - Add a time reporting class. You can now fetch real, user and system
          time for each class or test method.
        - Fix for errors when no test methods found (they should be skipped -
        - Don't use a bare qw() for parens (reported on github by beresfordt)
        - Make sure we have hi-res time reporting
        - Move statistics gathering into its own classes
        - Add include/exclude test method filtering
        - Skip a test class if we don't find any test methods
        - Most attributes pushed into Test::Class::Moose::Config
        - Added "randomize" attribute per Udo Oji.

0.01    December 18, 2012
        - Test::Class + Moose