Revision history for Test-Class-Most

0.06    December 29, 2011
        - Added is_abstract property.

0.05    April 10, 2010
        - Extended and reorganized the documentation.
        - Add 'attributes' to Test::Class::Most.

0.04    February 6, 2010
        - Removed all trace of "feature" and "mro" handling.  This is because
          it turns out to be fraught with error (what happens if your
          inheritance heirarchy tries to use different MROs in different
          classes? You should not be using multiple inheritance anyway!

0.03    February 4, 2010
        - Remove bad shebang causing some tests to fail if /usr/bin/env picks
          up a perl not in their path.

0.02    February 3, 2010
        - Fix a broken diagnostic message in t/lib/My/Test/
        - Correct the MANIFEST for a renamed file.
        - Add repository info to Build.PL

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.