Revision history for Perl extension aka.

0.21  February 18, 2013
      Bumped the number for a production release.

0.30_01 January 3, 2010
      Added prefix() function. [rt#48289]
      Moved Test::More to build_requires [rt#48926]
      Moved author tests to xt/author

0.30  5 August, 2009
      Applied changes from Florian Ragwitz to ensure that we preserve the 
      name of the package the alias is defined in.

0.22  12 February, 2008
      Preserve $SIG{__DIE__} behavior just as if aliased had not been used.

0.21  29 March, 2007
      Applied $SIG{__DIE__} patch from Schwern and tightened up the test. 

0.12  23 August, 2005
      Add pod and pod coverage tests
      Added patch from Schwern to allow aliasing to a scalar

0.10  Wed Jan 5
      Changed name to 'aka' due to general consensus on the
      module-authors list.