Revision history for Term-ReadLine-Zoid - another ReadLine package

0.07 Mon Nov 22 2004
	Maintenance release, just one bugfix

     Fri Oct 22
	- Fixed a bug with the completion of quoted strings

0.06 Wed Sep 15 2004
        - Fixed a bug in the clear_screen() function
	- Touched documentation for FileBrowse
	- Changed return_empty_string logic
	- Added T:RL:Z::Emacs with 'emacs' and 'emacs_multiline' modes
	- Added ^O (operate_and_get_next)

0.05 Mon Sep  6 2004
        Release to accompany the 0.90 release of Zoidberg to
        - Made 'beat' also an attribute

     Sun Sep  5
        - Made it possible for "quote" meta field to be a CODE reference so
        the application can handle escaping in a custom way

     Mon Aug 30
        - Some bugfixes in FileBrowse
	- Modified behaviour of ^D for multiline buffers
	- Added basic support for buffers that have more lines then the screen

     Mon Aug  9
        - Reverse direction of arrays in SetHistory to be compatible with
	T::RL::Gnu's behaviour
	- Added the FileBrowse (fbrowse) mode

     Wed Aug  4
        - Added support to set attributes through the PERL_RL variable
	- Added the 'default_mode' attribute
	- Refactored the way keymaps and modes are handled
	- Renamed most key routines with functional names
	- Incorporated T:RL:Z:MultiLine into T:RL:Zoid, not all modii need to
	have a .pm anymore, there still is a 'multiline' keymap of course

     Tue Aug  3
        - Fixed behaviour of 'e' and 'E' in ViCommand
	- ISearch does now repeated search at ^R
	- Changed behaviour on terminal resize a bit

     Tue Jul 20
        - Added automatic logic for the 'maxcomplete' option

     Mon Jul 12
        - Fixed 'quoted' vs 'quote' logic for advanced completion

0.04 Sun Jul  4 2004
        - Made cursor position take control chars into account
	- Reversed the output of GetHistory after testing with cpan(1)

     Thu Jul  1
        - Fixed a bug, escaped returns are now really removed
	- Fixed a bug, expansion works again in a non-zoid application,
	like cpan(1)
	- Added pager support for long lists of completions

0.03 Tue Jun 29 2004
        - Fixed a bug in the expansion code regarding escaping
	- Fixed 'bindchr' and 'bindkey' vi commands
	- Added code for '=', '*', and '\' keybindings in the vi mode

0.02 Tue May 25 2004

     Mon May 24
        - Added support for more advanced completion functions

     Sun May 23
        - Added "RPS1" setting after reading something about zsh on /.
	- Made it possible for the prompts to be a scalar reference

     Fri May 21
        - Fixed an AUTOLOADER inheritance problem leading to bugs in zoid

     Sun May 16
        - Added some simple emacs bindings like ^F, ^B etc.

     Tue Mar 30
        - Fixed typo in the synopsis, patch by Mike Castle

0.01 Sun Mar 28 2004
	Initial feature set is complete enough to release

     Thu Jan 15 2004
	Initialised the module