Revision history for Perl module CLDR::Number

v0.06 2014-02-28
 - Improve documentation
 - Add FAQ

v0.05 2014-01-26
 - Validate numeric arguments to methods in the same way as core Perl functions:
   warn on non-numeric values and use the leading numeric portion when
   available, otherwise 0 [github #23]
 - Add class name to uninitialized value warnings [github #22]

v0.04 2014-01-21
 - Implement currency spacing rules from CLDR spec: when a non-symbol character
   in the currency sign would touch a digit, add a space between them,
   e.g. CHF 1.99 instead of CHF1.99 [github #7]
 - Use private-use characters U+F8F0–U+F8F4 internally as placeholders,
   which makes them unavailable for use in patterns and signs [github #24]
 - Add private module CLDR::Number::Constant to provide internal placeholder
   variables [github #25]

v0.03 2014-01-15
 - Handle uninitialized values as arguments to the format, at_least, and range
   methods by warning and returning undef [github #22]

v0.02 2013-12-30
 - Bugfix: encoding error for escaped quotes ('') within patterns on
   Perl ≤ v5.8.8 [github #20]
 - Bugfix: require Moo v1.001000 for support of non-reference default attribute
   values [github #21]
 - Docs: minor improvements

v0.01 2013-12-26
 - First non-development release
 - Optimization: preparse and cache patterns and attributes from predefined CLDR
   data [github #3]
 - Add documentation, but more is needed

v0.00_03 2013-12-17
 - Yet another development release
 - Remove clearer methods for primary_grouping_size/secondary_grouping_size
 - Currency: fix minimum_fraction_digits/maximum_fraction_digits bug [github #1]
 - Tests: remove warnings to stderr and test warnings [github #2]

v0.00_02 2013-12-16
 - Yet another development release
 - First public CPAN release

v0.00_01 2013-12-02
 - Development release