Revision history for Perl extension Inline::Java
0.51  Mon Sep 19 20:17:49 EDT 2005
    - Several major speed optimizations
    - Introduction of support for I/O mapping between Perl and Java
    - Applied patches by Andrew Bruno and Tim Bunce for MAC OSX
    - JNI fix for system property passing
        (thanks to Brian Gugliemetti and Jason Stelzer)
    - Other minor bug fixes

0.50  Mon Jan 31 20:14:43 EST 2005
    - Added HOST configuration option to access JVM server remotely
    - Fixed bug with paths in Cygwin
    - Fixed bug with regexp that was badly interpreted under the debugger
    - Extended InlineJavaClassLoader from current thread ClassLoader to enable it to work
      properly under Tomcat
    - Include patch by Ihab Awad that allows running the JVM server inside Tomcat
    - Fixed bug with longs over 32 bits in length and loosened boundary checking in numeric values
      since it was not portable
    - Fixed bug (found by Dean Thayer) with socket not closed properly in Java
    - Other minor bug fixes

    - Added PerlInterpreter: require/eval Perl code directly from Java
    - Reworked type casting: changes are NOT backwards compatible :(
    - Callbacks can now be called in list context using "@function_name"
    - Renamed PerlNatives stuff
    - Added external command line tool to start/stop a SHARED_JVM server
    - Applied JNI memory leak patch by Jeff Janes
    - Removed exports from Inline::Java::Portable
    - Split and updated documentation

0.47  Sat Feb 14 10:00:00 EST 2004
    - Fixed bugs in portability code and added HPUX, AIX and Solaris specifics
    - Tweaked CLASSPATH directory order
	- Changed port numbers for SHARED_JVM tests in order to avoid clashes
      with running installations
    - Made PerlNatives optional
0.46  Web Feb 04 20:00:00 EST 2004
    - Fixed Natives.xs to work with ExtUtils::ParseXS

0.45  Fri Jan 30 20:00:00 EST 2004
    - Fixed Makefile.PL arguments that were getting lost
    - Fixed deprecated require call
    - Fixed support for symbolic links in J2SDK directory
    - Basic support for J2SDK 1.5
    - Added new experimental feature: PerlNatives

0.44  Sun Nov 23 15:47:06 EST 2003
    - Callbacks from multiple threads are now supported
    - Refactored (again...) studying/.jdat/cache stuff
    - Added PRIVATE mode for use with SHARED_JVM
    - Added DEBUGGER mode that launches jdb
    - Fixed memory leak in JNI code (patch submitted by Dave Blob)

0.43  Tue Oct 14 13:18:25 EDT 2003
    - Restored $VERSION in each .pm file
    - Inline::Java now formerly requires Perl 5.6

0.42  Fri Sep  5 13:18:25 EDT 2003
    - Fixed more CLASSPATH issues. CLASSPATH now works like this:
      * CLASSPATH environment variable is global
      * CLASSPATH configuration option is local to the user class loader
    - Added method cache to increase performance and decrease reflection 
      API calls
    - Altered and documented the study_classes() function
    - Added EXTRA_JAVA_ARGS and EXTRA_JAVAC_ARGS config options

0.41  Mon Jul 14 13:18:25 EDT 2003
    - Fixed CLASSPATH bug
    - Possibly (!) fixed test suite problems under heavy load

0.40  Fri Apr 11 11:00:00 EST 2003
    - Patch by Doug MacEachern to allow running under servlet engines.
    - Patch by John Kinsley for handling empty arrays.
    - Custom ClassLoader allows for better isolation of user code and
      dynamic 'CLASSPATH' (multiple sections/clients are now totally
    - Core Java code is now compiled separately (at install time) instead
      of with the user code (for each script). This dramatically improves
      build time.
    - Default port number changed to 0 (next available port number). 
      This allows many multiple users to run concurrently without 
      Note: The default port on systems where this feature is not 
            available has remained 7890.
      Note: The default port for SHARED_JVM mode is now 7891.
    - SHARED_JVM mode now calls release_JVM() automatically.
    - UTF8 support
    - User code can now be a public class and (optionally) inside a package.
    - Callback classes have changed.
      Note: These classes are now in the package.
      Note: PerlException has been renamed InlineJavaPerlException.
      Note: If you presently use callbacks, your code may now no longer compile.
            You will need to apply the changes listed above to fix it.
    - study_classes now returns the package in which the studied classes
	  have been put.
    - Many bug fixes and documentation corrections.

0.33  Mon Jun 17 13:50:14 EDT 2002
    - Improved and more flexible debug output
    - Auto loading of thread libraries under Solaris
	- Basic support for J2SDK 1.4
    - Other minor bug fixes

0.32  Sat Apr  6 11:45:06 EST 2002
    - Restored compatibility with perl 5.005_03
    - Other minor bug fixes

0.31  Mon Feb  4 15:45:06 EDT 2002
    - Exception handling (Perl can 'catch' Java exceptions)
    - Callbacks to Perl from Java
    - More complete test suite
    - Improved documentation and related examples
    - Improved installation script and directions
    - Other minor bug fixes

0.30  Mon Sep 17 15:45:06 EDT 2001
    - JVM server is now multi-threaded
    - Added 'SHARED_JVM' option for mod_perl support
    - Beefed up test suite

0.23  Thu Aug 30 08:41:11 EDT 2001
    - Added support for multiple Inline sections using a special notation
      in the CLASSPATH.
    - Added the 'fix' Makefile.PL option au automatically fix the Makefile
      for Win95/98/Me.

0.22  Fri Jun  1 13:31:35 EDT 2001
    - Fixed up Inline::Java to work with Inline 0.41
    - Added support for java.lang.Number as a primitive numeric type. Any
      Perl scalar passed as a java.lang.Number will instantiate
      a java.lang.Double on the Java side.

0.21  Tue May  8 11:32:28 EDT 2001
    - Added 'studying' of external Java classes
    - Added support for default no-arg constructors for public classes
    - Caching for class information
    - Added error message stating that Inline::Java doesn't currently 
      support multiple sections

0.20  Sat Apr 14 23:00:00 EDT 2001
    - Added optional JNI extension.
    - Added support for arrays.
    - Added support for public member variables.
    - Added support for public static member variables.
    - Added type casting.

0.01  Thu Feb 15 14:01:25 EST 2001  
    - Created Inline::Java.