- Initial release to an unsuspecting world
    - This is mostly a testing release and not yet recommended for normal use.

    - Fix download and self-update command

    - Download less during builds by using `--git-cache-dir` rakudo option on
      newer rakudos
    - Add `rakubrew-version` command to list version and some debug info
    - Fix `download` and `self-upgrade` commands
    - Don't error on startup when a broken version is present (e.g. a failed
    - Fix `shim` mode on Windows
    - Accept "moar-2020.01" style versions in addition to "moar 2020.01" in
      `build` and `download` commands

    - Hopefully make it run on older MacOS as well by switching to a different
      Perl distribution. (#3)
    - Enable building Rakudos on MacOS even though Rakudo currently doesn't
      support building in a folder with spaces. This only works with new enough

    - Change default installation directory to ~/.rakubrew and C:\rakubrew.
    - Better detect Configure.pl options. This should increase compatibility
      with older Rakudo releases.
    - Warn user when installing to a folder with spaces in its path.
    - Add some minimal testing of rakubrew.
    - Fix build version shell auto completion.

    - Move to Dist::Zilla as packaging tool.
    - Tune documentation a bit.

    - Fix `download` and `self-upgrade` commands on Linux when not having
      IPC::Run3 installed.
    - Fix `download` and `self-upgrade` commands on MacOS and Windows.

    - Fix more bugs in `self-upgrade` command. Tested on Linux and Windows.

    - Fix `download` command on MacOS. Now actually tested on MacOS!
    - Default to `moar` backend in `build` and `download` commands.

    - Implement Tcsh support. The implementation includes auto-complete.
    - Fix `test` and `triple` commands.

    - Improve Tcsh detection when the shell is named 'csh'.
    - Be a bit more robust in the Tcsh hook.

    - Fix "Couldn't find a precomp release" with the download command when
      there actually is a matching release but some other release has a higher
      build revision.

    - Add a note to the PowerShell and CMD installation instructions explaining
      that one needs to install rakubrew separately for the two shells.
    - Fix Zsh shell integration.

    - Download command will now honour the specified backend. (mendel)
    - Add some tests for the shell hooks. (JJ)
    - Fix and improve shell completion some more. Now supports completing
      partial matches in the middle of a word and help topics. (vrurg, mendel)
    - Report missing external build tools instead of erroring out.
    - Detect `armhf` and `arm64` architectures, fixing `list-available` and
      `download` commands on arm systems (prominently the RasPi). Note that
      there currently aren't any precompiled rakudo versions for arm available
    - Fix shell hook on PowerShell 7.

    - Fix logic to automatically switch to a version after install.
    - Fix `shim` mode on Windows.
    - Fix `download` when the latest compiled release <> latest release.
    - Allow specifying a version with the `build-zef` command.
    - Improve version completion of the `build` and `download` commands.