0.008   2018-06-13 (PERLANCAR)

        - Add subcommands: ticker, open-orders.

0.007   2018-06-11 (PERLANCAR)

	- [ux] Add coerce rule str_num_en so we can say --price 7,000 etc
	  instead of just --price 7000.

	- [doc] Fix/update Synopsis.

0.006   2018-06-11 (PERLANCAR)


        - Rename subcommands: ls-balances -> balances, get-order-book ->
          orderbook, ls-pairs -> pairs, ls-exchanges -> exchanges, ls-accounts
          -> accounts.


        - Add subcommands: create-limit-order, get-order, cancel-order.


        - list_pairs(): add required record field: base_currency,
	  quote_currency, min_base_size, min_quote_size, quote_increment.


        - Make subcommands modular/pluggable, so later we can create

0.005   2018-06-08 (PERLANCAR)

	- gdax: get_order_book: remove num-orders from GDAX API result.

0.004   2018-06-06 (PERLANCAR)


        - Remove cryptopia for now because WebService::Cryptopia's
	  api_private() doesn't seem to work.


        - Add exchange API function list_balances() and CLI subcommand


        - [doc] Add note about extra arguments to new().

0.003   2018-05-10 (PERLANCAR)

	- Rename bitcoin_indonesia to indodax.

0.002   2018-04-12 (PERLANCAR)

        - [Incompatible change] Change structure of get_order_book() result to
          make it more similar to native result returned by most exchanges
          ({sell=>[...], buy=>[...]}). Make result 2D-table (more viewable from
          CLI) only at the cryp-exchange level.

        - Support cryptopia.

        - bitcoin_indonesia: Replace Finance::BTCIndo & App::btcindo with Finance::Indodax &

        - [Bugfix] Forgot to load module in completion routine.

        - [doc] Add some description.

0.001   2018-04-04 (PERLANCAR)

        - First release.