0.320   2018-10-10 (PERLANCAR)

	- Observe COMPLETE_BASH_TRACE to produce more log statements for

0.31    2016-12-28 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Fix expressing follow-spec prereq relationship with

0.30    2016-12-27 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Moving spec prereq from DevelopRecommends to
	  DevelopSuggests with _SPEC:: prefix.

0.29    2016-12-25 (PERLANCAR)

        - No functional changes.

        - [build] Rebuild to remove extraneous dependencies.

0.28    2016-09-27 (PERLANCAR)

        - [Bugfix] Fix join_wordbreak_words() [GH#3]. Thanks Mary Ehlers.

0.27    2016-02-03 (PERLANCAR)

	- Add join_wordbreak_words().

0.26    2016-02-02 (PERLANCAR)

        - [Incompatible change] Split the rest of the word-breaking characters
          like bash.

        - [Removed] Move parse_options() to Complete-Bash-History because it's
          not generic enough to be in Complete::Bash.

0.25    2016-01-21 (PERLANCAR)

	- [Bugfix] Off-by-one error was still present when current word is not
          the last word.

        - Add utility routine: point().

0.24    2015-12-30 (PERLANCAR)

	- [Bugfix] Fix off-by-one error when truncate_current_word=1.

0.23    2015-12-30 (PERLANCAR)

	- To prevent unnecessary breakages, make the previous change
	  (truncating current word) into a non-default behavior, activated
	  by passing truncate_current_word=>1 option to parse_cmdline().

0.22    2015-12-30 (PERLANCAR)

	- [ux][experimental] Truncate current word to the position of
	  cursor, so completing something like (^ marks the position of
	  cursor) --vers^oo is regarded as --vers instead of --versoo, thus
	  more convenient.

0.21    2015-09-09 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.20    2015-09-03 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- [dist] Move spec prereqs from RuntimeRequires to
	  DevelopRecommends to reduce deps but still allow indicating spec

0.19    2015-04-02 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Skip tests on platforms that do not implement getpwuid [CT].

0.18    2015-03-31 (PERLANCAR)

        - [Internal] Reimplement parse_cmdline() using regex instead of C-like
          char-by-char parsing.

        - [Removed feature] Remove option/parameter 'preserve_quotes' and
          'word_breaks' because they are never used in my applications/other
          libraries (and they complicate the new regex-based parsing
          implementation). Extra word-breaking character used is always '=' and
          that is now the behavior.

        - [ux] Variable syntaxes in word in parse_cmdline() (like
          '$HOME/foo.txt') are now substituted with variable values from
          environment variables, except for the current word. Similarly, tildes
          like '~/todo.txt' is now replaced with user home directory except for
          the current word. This makes completing a command like this works:
          'list-org-todos ~/organizer/todo.org --has-tags <tab>' (the
          applications now see the tildes already expanded so they do not have
          to parse it themselves).

0.17    2015-03-04 (PERLANCAR)

	- Change escmode to esc_mode (Complete 0.12), but old key is still
	  supported (though undocumented).

0.16    2015-01-03 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Rebuild (Generate TODO.md).

0.15    2014-12-29 (PERLANCAR)

	- No functional changes.

	- Avoid PAUSE false positive misinterpreting 'package name' as
	  statement (well, PAUSE is rather liberal with the regex, isn't

0.14    2014-12-29 (PERLANCAR)

        - Add workaround for annoyance when completing word that contains ':'
          (like Perl package/module names) in bash, due ':' being a
          word-breaking character in bash.

0.13    2014-11-30 (PERLANCAR)

        - Add function: parse_options().

0.12    2014-11-28 (PERLANCAR)


        - Comply to Complete 0.04, change 'completion' key in hash-form
          completion answer structure to 'words', and accept each word as
          hashref (to allow for things like fish shell which can have a
          'description' instead of just 'word' for each entry).

0.11    2014-07-26 (SHARYANTO)

        - [tweak] format_completion(): Don't escape '~'.

0.10    2014-07-25 (SHARYANTO)

        - No functional changes.

        - Add documentation about new parse_cmdline() not stripping first word,
          and thus some client code will need to shift @$words + $cword--.

0.09    2014-07-25 (SHARYANTO)


        - Change algorithm to mimic bash more closely. Remove
          break_cmdline_into_words() and merge the code into parse_cmdline().
          Now does not strip first word, because bash also does not in
          COMP_WORDS. Now 'cmd foo ^ bar' works (becomes ['cmd', 'foo', '',
          'bar']. In short, parse_cmdline() should [be able to] produce the
          equivalent of bash's COMP_WORDS and COMP_CWORD.

        - parse_cmdline(): Add option to preserve quotes, like bash. For
          example, 'cmd "foo bar"' becomes ['cmd', '"foo bar"']. Although this
          is not enabled by default.

0.08    2014-07-23 (SHARYANTO)


        - break_cmdline_into_words() now injects word-breaking characters into
          the words array, to follow bash more closely. For example,
          break_cmdline_into_words('--foo 1 --bar=2', ':=') now results in
          [qw/--foo 1 --bar = 2/].

0.07    2014-07-22 (SHARYANTO)

        - No functional changes.

        - Rebuild to fix rendering examples.

0.06    2014-07-19 (SHARYANTO)


        - Remove mimic_dir_completion(). Functionality is now moved into


        - format_completion(): remove 'is_path' key (setting 'path_sep'
          automatically enables path mode), rename 'type' to 'escmode' (rename
          escape mode 'env' to 'shellvar', add 'default' and 'none' modes).


        - format_completion(): Recognize key 'as' to return completion as array.
          Useful for using under Term::ReadLine (e.g. in App::riap).


        - Explain more about path mode.

0.05    2014-07-18 (SHARYANTO)

        - No functional changes.

        - Update Rinci metadata, rebuild POD.

0.04    2014-07-18 (SHARYANTO)

        - Add examples for parse_cmdline().


        - Return 2-element arrayref instead of 2-element list (in general, I
          want to avoid returning list for better interop with Rinci).

0.03    2014-07-18 (SHARYANTO)

        - Forgot to add 'word_breaks' argument to parse_cmdline().

0.02    2014-07-17 (SHARYANTO)


        - Add error message if COMP_LINE is not set.

        - Add argument 'word_breaks' to allow breaking at other characters, like
          bash's COMP_WORDBREAKS.

0.01    2014-07-02 (SHARYANTO)

        - First release, extracted from Complete-Util. format_completion() is
          from Complete::Util's format_shell_completion() but can also accept
          array instead of hash. parse_cmdline() is from Complete::Util's
          parse_shell_cmdline() but with a different return value.