0.006   2021-01-10  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: low

	- No data changes.

	- [doc] Mention WHO::GrowthReference::GenChart.

0.005   2021-01-08  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium; Backward-Compatible: no

        [Incompatible Changes]

        - Rename some result keys to be more consistent, e.g. mean_height ->
          height_mean, mean_weight -> weight_mean.


        - Add and return BMI data.

        - Add option --now to use a certain date as today's date instead of the
          current date.

        - Add option --age to specify age instead of dob.

0.004   2021-01-04  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- Put data in __DATA__ section as CSV instead of as Perl data
	  structure expression, to avoid huge source code.

	- Return potential height & weight.

	- [doc] Update sample output.

0.003   2021-01-03  Released-By: PERLANCAR; Urgency: medium

	- Return various z-scores and percentiles, return z-3, z-2, z-1,
	  z+1, z+2, z+3 results.

0.002   2018-08-22  Released-By: PERLANCAR

	- [doc] Add example and mention App::WHOGrowthReferenceUtils.

	- Accept 'weight' and 'height' to calculate percentiles.

0.001   2018-08-21  Released-By: PERLANCAR

        - First early release.