Revision history for File-Next

0.40    Fri Mar  9 21:32:15 CST 2007

    Minimizing the number of stat calls necessary.  May make some
    teeny speed boost.

    Fixed the constructor example of File::Next->files, which is wrong.

    Updated the examples to show that you need to check definedness
    of the return from the iterator, in case you get a file "0".

0.38    Sun Jan  7 01:23:43 CST 2007

    Added the ability to skip symlinks.  By default, symlinks are
    treated as the files or dirs they point to, but now you can
    tell File::Next to ignore them.

    Added a dirs() function to return an iterator that only finds

    Fixed some little errors here and there.

0.36    Thu Dec 21 15:50:13 CST 2006

    There is no new functionality between 0.34 and 0.36.  It's
    entirely a speedup.

    I sped up the internals of passing around the queue and building
    paths, and it should now be 20% faster than 0.34 in the simplest

    Now it explains what the iterator returns in list context.

0.34    Sat Dec 16 00:21:10 CST 2006

    The reslash() function is now publicly usable, although not via
    export.  This is mostly convenience for ack.

    Minor speedups when there's no file_filter parameter.

    Speedups when there's no descend_filter, too.  We were doing
    checks to see if a given file was a directory, even though we
    didn't do anything with that fact if there's no descend_filter.

0.32    Wed Dec  6 19:36:51 CST 2006

    No functionality changes, except as seen below.  For most of
    you using File::Next, there are no changes in this version.

    Initialize package arrays in BEGIN blocks.  This is so ack's
    standalone version will initialize correctly.

0.30    Fri Nov 10 11:24:50 CST 2006

    Explicitly declare $File::Find::name and $File::Find::dir.

    Made the updir/curdir stuff into a hash.

    Added a sort_files parm to allow you to sort the results.

    Added a perlcriticrc for "make critic".

0.28    Tue Sep  5 23:51:41 CDT 2006

    Wrapped the CORE::die in a real function.  Also added a
    test to make sure that we die properly.

    Using proper File::Spec function to get the list of special

0.26    Sat Sep  2 10:10:12 CDT 2006

    No functionality changes.  Making the tests actually worki
    under Windows this time.  Thanks, Audrey!

0.24    Fri Sep  1 23:38:43 CDT 2006

    No functionality changes.  Only making the tests run under

0.22    Wed Aug 16 14:08:39 CDT 2006

    The file_filter was getting called incorrectly.  I was
    setting $File::Next::file instead of $File::Next::name.

    I've now also added tests to make sure that it's getting
    set correctly.

0.20    Tue Aug 15 02:28:42 CDT 2006

    First real version.  Don't use 0.01 any more.

    Iterator now returns separate file & directory components
    in array context.

    Rewrote internals.

0.01    Sat Jul 29 22:29:46 CDT 2006
    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.