Revision history for File-Next

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problems at

1.18 Tue Aug 27 17:08:38 CDT 2019
    Updated the internals to minimize the number of times that stat()
    gets called on each file or directory.

    t/from_file.t would fail under Windows because File::Temp would
    put a backslash in front of the name of the tempfile.  Thanks,
    Varadinsky. (GH#32)

    Had to specify a minimum version of File::Temp.  Thanks, Justin Mohr.

1.16 Thu Jul  7 22:41:30 CDT 2016
    File::Next::from_file() would ignore the C<warning_handler> argument
    if it was passed in.

1.14 Thu Jun  9 22:33:24 CDT 2016
    No changes since 1.13_02.

1.13_02 Sun Jun  5 23:18:10 CDT 2016

    t/follow.t would cause failures in other tests when running in
    parallel.  Now it correctly uses a temp directory.

1.13_01 Mon May 30 21:45:42 CDT 2016
    File::Next::from_file() was incorrectly using the error_handler parm
    for both error and warning handler.

    Optimized -f/-p calls in files() to not repeat the variable.

    Use File::Temp in tests, not POSIX::tmpnam, so that it works
    on Android.  See
    Thanks, Brian Fraser.

1.12    Sat Dec 22 15:22:31 CST 2012
    Fix detection of named pipes under various flavors of BSD.

1.10    Thu Jun 14 19:55:57 CDT 2012
    Added the warning_handler argument to File::Next::from_file().
    This is so from_file() can throw a warning if a non-existent
    file is in the file it came from.

    from_file() should return undef if the file can't be opened.

    Fixed test failures and made tests more portable.

1.08    Sun May 20 22:43:19 CDT 2012
    Added File::Next::from_file() to get the list of files to iterate
    over from a file, or from STDIN.

    Named pipes are now supported.

    Add more tests, and clean up some Perl::Critic warnings.

1.06    Tue Aug  4 15:10:34 CDT 2009
    Fixed closing =cut in POD.

    There are no functionality changes, but the lack of a closing
    =cut meant that ack would not build properly.

1.04    Fri Jul 31 16:24:36 CDT 2009
    It's never been correct to call File::Next::files() as a method,
    as File::Next->files().  Now, if you do, files() will die with
    an error.  This is also the case with dirs() and everything().
    Thanks to Eric Lyons for reporting.

    Tiny directory reading speedups.

    Updated URLs for support sites.

    Added a little note about the follow_symlinks=>0 being a speed

1.02    Mon Jan 14 14:01:40 CST 2008
    Don't do a directory stat call if we've already done one to
    check for a symlink.

    Be smarter about building a list of candidate files that we're
    going to have to sort anyway.

1.00    Mon Jun 18 10:06:14 CDT 2007

    Added File::Next::everything() to get back everything regardless
    of being file or directory.

0.40    Fri Mar  9 21:32:15 CST 2007

    Minimizing the number of stat calls necessary.  May make some
    teeny speed boost.

    Fixed the constructor example of File::Next->files, which is wrong.

    Updated the examples to show that you need to check definedness
    of the return from the iterator, in case you get a file "0".

0.38    Sun Jan  7 01:23:43 CST 2007

    Added the ability to skip symlinks.  By default, symlinks are
    treated as the files or dirs they point to, but now you can
    tell File::Next to ignore them.

    Added a dirs() function to return an iterator that only finds

    Fixed some little errors here and there.

0.36    Thu Dec 21 15:50:13 CST 2006

    There is no new functionality between 0.34 and 0.36.  It's
    entirely a speedup.

    I sped up the internals of passing around the queue and building
    paths, and it should now be 20% faster than 0.34 in the simplest

    Now it explains what the iterator returns in list context.

0.34    Sat Dec 16 00:21:10 CST 2006

    The reslash() function is now publicly usable, although not via
    export.  This is mostly convenience for ack.

    Minor speedups when there's no file_filter parameter.

    Speedups when there's no descend_filter, too.  We were doing
    checks to see if a given file was a directory, even though we
    didn't do anything with that fact if there's no descend_filter.

0.32    Wed Dec  6 19:36:51 CST 2006

    No functionality changes, except as seen below.  For most of
    you using File::Next, there are no changes in this version.

    Initialize package arrays in BEGIN blocks.  This is so ack's
    standalone version will initialize correctly.

0.30    Fri Nov 10 11:24:50 CST 2006

    Explicitly declare $File::Find::name and $File::Find::dir.

    Made the updir/curdir stuff into a hash.

    Added a sort_files parm to allow you to sort the results.

    Added a perlcriticrc for "make critic".

0.28    Tue Sep  5 23:51:41 CDT 2006

    Wrapped the CORE::die in a real function.  Also added a
    test to make sure that we die properly.

    Using proper File::Spec function to get the list of special

0.26    Sat Sep  2 10:10:12 CDT 2006

    No functionality changes.  Making the tests actually worki
    under Windows this time.  Thanks, Audrey!

0.24    Fri Sep  1 23:38:43 CDT 2006

    No functionality changes.  Only making the tests run under

0.22    Wed Aug 16 14:08:39 CDT 2006

    The file_filter was getting called incorrectly.  I was
    setting $File::Next::file instead of $File::Next::name.

    I've now also added tests to make sure that it's getting
    set correctly.

0.20    Tue Aug 15 02:28:42 CDT 2006

    First real version.  Don't use 0.01 any more.

    Iterator now returns separate file & directory components
    in array context.

    Rewrote internals.

0.01    Sat Jul 29 22:29:46 CDT 2006
    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.