Revision history for Perl extension Module::Starter

1.54    Tue Dec  8 09:11:00 CST 2009

        This release could not have happened without Sawyer X.

        Added more exclusions.  Thanks to Olivier Mengué.

        * [RT #45941] Correcting POD sections for Perl Critic (Sawyer X)

        * [RT #13847] Bail out if load fails, minimum Test::Harness (Sawyer X)

        * [RT #24110] Support for Test::CheckManifest + tests for it (Sawyer X)

        * [RT #22648] Pod::Parser (Pod::Usage) >= 1.21 (Sawyer X)
        (earliest Backpan version tested to work)

        * [RT #48723] Add metadata to META.yml (Sawyer X)
        (Patch provided by Olivier Mengué, thank you!)

        * [RT #39397] Add option to create .gitignore (Sawyer X)

1.52    Mon Jul 27 01:25:03 CDT 2009
        * Support for more licenses.  Thanks to Shlomi Fish.

        * Fix slashing problems for Windows.  Thanks Olivier Mengué.

        * Complains about extra unparsed options to try to detect
        problems that come out of misquoted variables. Thanks to Gunnar Wolf.

        * The list of files to ignore is now called ignore.txt,
        which you can turn into .cvsignore, .gitignore, MANIFEST.SKIP
        or whatever.

        * Handles authors with apostrophes in their names better.
        Thanks to, not surprisingly, Dave O'Neill.

        * Removed module requirements on Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage
        for Module::Starter to be built and installed.  However,
        t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t do still both get created even
        if either of their two main modules are not installed.

1.50    Tue Oct 28 00:27:37 CDT 2008
        * Added Perl Training Australia's getting-started.html

        * Add license setting to default Makefile.PL output (Thanks, Gabor!)

        * Fixed the RT link in the boilerplate. (Thanks, Shlomi)

1.46    Fri Nov  9 18:36 America/New_York 2007
        * add Module::Install compat for ::Template plugin
        * boilerplate.t no longer appears in default MANIFEST
        * META.yml no longer appears in default MANIFEST

        * undo some bugs introduced by changing API of subclassable "guts"
        * remove some duplicated code

1.46    Wed Oct 31 08:49 America/New_York 2007
        * put nearly all of the module-starter program into a module (to test)
        * add license to META.yml

1.44    Sun Oct 11 19:09 America/New_York 2007
        * no changes since 1.43_03

        * pod-coverage.t includes Pod::Coverage version check
        * Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage are now requirements.
            Thanks, David Golden.

1.43_02 Wed Apr 25 09:37-Wed May 09 14:46 PDT 2007	<>
        * broke Module::Starter::Simple's README_guts and module_guts
          methods into smaller, override-able pieces
        * re-factored Module::Starter::Simple's build system; the
          build metadata now lives in Module::Starter::BuildSet.  This
          allows us access to the metadata from the test suite.  It
          also makes it a bit easier to add supported builders.
        * added a test Plugin module (based on Module::Starter::PBP)
        * wrote a test suite for running module-starter
        * wrote a test suite for Module::Starter::BuildSet
        * modified the critic Makefile target to name the policy which
          raised the violation
        * Split most long lines (>80 chars) on whitespace

        * Ensured that perlcritic succeeds without errors or warnings
        * Added perlcriticrc to the MANIFEST
        * corrected build -> builder in module-starter --help docs

1.43_01 Wed Mar 28 12:21:00 EDT 2007
        * Now properly reports on all files in --verbose mode.

        * Add support for Module::Install

1.42    Wed Nov  9 11:25:10 CST 2005
        * Don't build Build.PL or Makefile.PL multiple times
        * Move Test::More from require to build_require in Build.PL

        * Documentation now includes references to search.cpan, AnnoCPAN,
          RT and CPAN Ratings.
        * Email addresses are now obfuscated very basically as
          "andy at".
        * Include boilerplate.t to notice unchanged boilerplate text
        * Experimental new method to handle plugin loading

1.40    Wed Jul  6 19:30:00 CDT 2005
        * Document --dir option to module-starter
        * Proper escaping of $] and $^X
        * Never use \ for path delimiters in {Makefile,Build}.PL
        * Don't always completely ignore --license

1.38    Wed Mar 16 20:28:00 CST 2005
        * Don't allow invalid module names

1.36    Mon Mar  7 08:38:00 CST 2005
        * 00.load.t is now 00-load.t, so VMS and RiscOS folks can use it.
        * Escape apostrophes in author name in Makefile.PL
        * Add a link directly to this dist's queue in RT, not just to RT
        * Don't set configdir to something in $HOME if it's undef

1.34    Mon Sep 20 19:15:00 CDT 2004
        * module-starter now reads a config file

1.30    Mon Aug 16 14:00:00 CDT 2004
        * Module::Starter is now merely a public interface to plugins
        * Module::Starter::Simple, the old M::S is now a plugin
        * Module::Starter::Plugin::Template added
        * module-starter now shows usage if no parms are passed.
        * The t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t files now use tainting,
          and require the appropriate versions of Test::Pod and
          Test::Pod::Coverage, respectively.

1.22    Mon Jul 12 17:05:26 CDT 2004

        * Another fix to inline POD, to cope with brain damage in Pod::Parser

1.20    Sun Jul 11 22:28:57 CDT 2004

        * Moved some data (distro, basedir) from parameters to object data
        * Moved some data (rtname) from routine-local to parameter data
        * Correted lies in POD regarding args to create_distro
        * Every create_file method now calls a file_guts method to get
        * All the quoted POD inline should now not render in perldoc.
        * The module-build script now respects --class
        * Minor refactoring of parameters to create_directory and _module
        * Everything is now an overridable object method.  Thanks to
          Ricardo Signes.
        * Added verbose() method.
        * Added progress() method so subclass can decide how progress
          is reported.

        All of the above is courtesy the diligent work of Ricard Signes.

        * Large expansion of POD ( and module-starter)

1.00    Fri Jun 25 17:57:31 CDT 2004

        * Added a README file.  The README file is somewhat intelligently
          constructed, too.
        * Now you can specify both EU::MM and M::B as your builders,
          so the module can have a double life.

        Thanks to Sébastien Aperghis-Tramonifor the help.

0.04    Mon Apr  5 20:45:58 CDT 2004


        * Added support for Module::Build.  Thanks, Randy Sims.

0.02    Thu Feb 26 00:11:57 CST 2004

        First real version, released on an unsuspecting world.