Revision history for Perl extension Test::Harness

2.27  Sun Sat 23 19:46:00 EDT 2003
    - Handed over to Andy Lester for further maintenance.
    - Fixed when the path to perl contains spaces on Windows
    * Stas Bekman noticed that tests with no output at all were
      interpreted as passing
    - MacPerl test tweak for busted exit codes (bleadperl 17345)
    - Abigail and Nick Clark both hit the 100000 "huge test that will
      suck up all your memory" limit with legit tests.  Made the check
      smarter to allow large, planned tests to work.
    - Partial fix of stats display when a test fails only because there's
      too many tests.
    - Made and WCOREDUMP anti-vommit protection more robust in
      cases where loads but WCOREDUMP() pukes when run.
    - Added a LICENSE.
    - Ilya noticed the per test skip reason was accumlating between tests.

2.26  Wed Jun 19 16:58:02 EDT 2002
    - Workaround for MacPerl's lack of a working putenv.  It will never 
      see the PERL5LIB environment variable (perl@16942).

2.25  Sun Jun 16 03:00:33 EDT 2002
    - $Strap is now a global to allow Test::Harness::Straps
    - Little spelling nit in a diagnostic.
    - Chris Richmond noted that the runtests() docs were wrong.  It will
      die, not return false, when any tests fail.  This is silly, but
      historically necessary for 'make test'.  Docs corrected.
    - MacPerl test fixes from Pudge. (mutation of bleadperl@16989)
    - Undef warning introduced in 2.24 on skipped tests with no reasons 
    * Test::Harness now depends on File::Spec

2.24  Wed May 29 19:02:18 EDT 2002
    * Nikola Knezevic found a bug when tests are completely skipped
      but no reason is given it was considered a failure.
    * Made Test::Harness::Straps->analyze_file & Test::Harness a bit
      more graceful when the test doesn't exist.

2.23  Wed May 22 12:59:47 EDT 2002
    - reason for all skip wasn't being displayed.  Broken in 2.20.
    - Changed the wait status tests to conform with POSIX standards.
    - Quieted some SYSTEM$ABORT noise leaking out from dying test tests
      on VMS.

2.22  Fri May 17 19:01:35 EDT 2002
    - Fixed parsing of #!/usr/bin/perl-current to not see a -t.
      (RT #574)
    - Fixed exit codes on MPE/iX

2.21  Mon May  6 00:43:22 EDT 2002
    - removed a bunch of dead code left over after 2.20's gutting.
    - The fix for the $^X "bug" added in 2.02 has been removed.  It
      caused more trouble than the old bug (I'd never seen a problem
      before anyway)
    - 2.20 broke $verbose

2.20  Sat May  4 22:31:20 EDT 2002
    * An almost complete conversion of the Test::Harness test parsing
      to use Test::Harness::Straps.

2.04  Tue Apr 30 00:54:49 EDT 2002
    * Changing the output format of skips
    - Taking into account VMS's special exit codes in the tests.

2.03  Thu Apr 25 01:01:34 EDT 2002
    * $^X fix made safer.
    - Noise from loading to analyze core files supressed
    - MJD found a situation where a test could run Test::Harness
      out of memory.  Protecting against that specific case.
    - Made the 1..M docs a bit clearer.
    - Fixed TODO tests so Test::Harness does not display a NOK for
    - Test::Harness::Straps->analyze_file() docs were not clear as to
      its effects

2.02  Thu Mar 14 18:06:04 EST 2002
    * Ken Williams fixed the long standing $^X bug.
    * Fixed a bug where Test::Harness::Straps was considering a test that 
      is ok but died as passing.
    - Added the exit and wait codes of the test to the 
      analyze_file() results.

2.01  Thu Dec 27 18:54:36 EST 2001
    * Added 'passing' to the results to tell you if the test passed
    * Added Test::Harness::Straps example (examples/mini_harness.plx)
    * Header-at-end tests were being interpreted as failing sometimes
    - The 'skip_all' results from analyze* was not being set
    - analyze_fh() and analyze_file() now work more efficiently, reading
      line-by-line instead of slurping as before.

2.00  Sun Dec 23 19:13:57 EST 2001
    - Fixed a warning on VMS.
    - Removed a little unnecessary code from analyze_file()
    - Made sure filehandles are getting closed
    - analyze() now considers "not \nok" to be a failure (VMSism)
      but Test::Harness still doesn't.

2.00_05 Mon Dec 17 22:08:02 EST 2001
    * Wasn't filtering @INC properly when a test is run with -T, caused the 
      command line to be too long on VMS.  VMS should be 100% now.
    - Little bug in the skip 'various reasons' logic.
    - Minor POD nit in 5.004_04
    - Little speling mistak

2.00_04 Sun Dec 16 00:33:32 EST 2001
    * Major Test::Harness::Straps doc bug.

2.00_03 Sat Dec 15 23:52:17 EST 2001
    * First release candidate
    * 'summary' is now 'details'
    * Test #1 is now element 0 on the details array.  It works out better
      that way.
    * analyze_file() is more portable, but no longer taint clean
    * analyze_file() properly preserves @INC and handles -T switches
    - minor mistake in the test header line parsing

1.26  Mon Nov 12 15:44:01 EST 2001
    * An excuse to upload a new version to CPAN to get Test::Harness
      back on the index.

2.00_00  Sat Sep 29 00:12:03 EDT 2001
    * Partial gutting of the internals
    * Added Test::Harness::Straps

1.25  Tue Aug  7 08:51:09 EDT 2001
    * Fixed a bug with tests failing if they're all skipped
      reported by Stas Bekman.
    - Fixed a very minor warning in 5.004_04
    - Fixed displaying filenames not from @ARGV
    - Merging with bleadperl
    -  minor fixes to the filename in the report
    -  '[no reason given]' skip reason

1.24  Tue Aug  7 08:51:09 EDT 2001
    - Added internal information about number of todo tests

1.23  Tue Jul 31 15:06:47 EDT 2001
    - Merged in Ilya's "various reasons" patch
    * Fixed "not ok 23 - some name # TODO" style tests

1.22  Mon Jun 25 02:00:02 EDT 2001
    * Fixed bug with failing tests using header at end.
    - Documented how Test::Harness deals with garbage input
    - Turned on test counter mismatch warning

1.21  Wed May 23 19:22:53 BST 2001
    * No longer considered unstable.  Merging back with the perl core.
    - Fixed minor nit about the report summary
    - Added docs on the meaning of the failure report
    - Minor POD nits fixed mirroring perl change 9176
    - TODO and SEE ALSO expanded

1.20  Wed Mar 14 23:09:20 GMT 2001 by Michael G Schwern    *UNSTABLE*
    * Fixed and tested with 5.004!
    - Added EXAMPLE docs
    - Added TODO docs
    - Now uneffected by -l, $\ or $,

1.19  Sat Mar 10 00:43:29 GMT 2001 by Michael G Schwern    *UNSTABLE*
    - More internal reworking
    * Removed use of experimental /(?>...)/ feature for backwards compat
    * Removed use of open(my $fh, $file) for backwards compatibility
    * Removed use of Tie::StdHandle in tests for backwards compat
    * Added dire warning that this is unstable.
    - Added some tests from the old CPAN release

1.18  Mon Mar  5 17:35:11 GMT 2001 by Michael G Schwern
    * Under new management!
    * Test::Harness is now being concurrently shipped on CPAN as well
      as in the core.
    - Switched "our" for "use vars" and moved the minimum version back
      to 5.004.  This may be optimistic.

*** Missing version history to be extracted from Perl changes ***

1.07  Fri Feb 23 1996 by Andreas Koenig
    - Gisle sent me a documentation patch that showed me, that the
      unless(/^#/) is unnessessary. Applied the patch and deleted the block
      checking for "comment" lines. -- All lines are comment lines that do
      not match /^1\.\.([0-9]+)/ or /^(not\s+)?ok\b/.
    - Ilyaz request to print "ok (empty test case)" whenever we say 1..0
    - Harness now doesn't abort anymore if we received confused test output,
      just warns instead.

1.05  Wed Jan 31 1996 by Andreas Koenig
    - More updates on docu and introduced the liberality that the script
      output may omit the test numbers.

1.03  Mon January 28 1996 by Andreas Koenig
    - Added the statistics for subtests. Updated the documentation.

1.02  by Andreas Koenig
    - This version reports a list of the tests that failed accompanied by
      some trivial statistics. The older (unnumbered) version stopped
      processing after the first failed test.
    - Additionally it reports the exit status if there is one.