Revision history for Perl extension WWW::Mechanize

1.18    Thu Feb  2 00:11:26 CST 2006
        * Makefile.PL now takes four new parms:
            * --live/nolive turns on/off the live tests
            * --local/nolocal turns on/off the local tests
            * --mech-dump/nomech-dump installs/doesn't the mech-dump program
            * --all turns on all tests and installs mech-dump

        * Fixed some failures in tests.  Non-existent URLs now have a
          "." postpended to them, so if someone's got a search domain
          with a wildcard (i.e. it'll ignore that.  Also,
          Google's second link is now a https:// link, which some Mechs
          can't handle.  Added a 'url_regex' which now makes it look at
          the second non-https link.  Thanks to Pete Krawczyk.

1.16    Fri Oct 28 17:34:20 CDT 2005
        * Sped up Mech significantly (~20% in some cases).  Images and
          links are extracted from the HTML, and objects are created,
          only when they're actually needed.  This will be a speedup for
          pages where you're only following links, or vice versa.

        * If you've been relying on the $mech->{images} and $mech->{links}
          fields being populated so that you can bypass the $mech->images()
          and $mech->links() accessors, your code will break.  That's OK,
          because you should have been using the accessors all along.

1.14    Tue Aug 30 17:17:40 CDT 2005
        * Added lots of new FAQs.  Thanks to Peter Stevens.

        * Now requires Test::LongString.  That's not too odious.

        * Tests now pass with the shuffling around that Google did.

1.13_01 Tue Apr 12 14:11:18 CDT 2005
        * Now dies if you call submit_form() with a non-existing
          form_number or form_name.  Before, it would just warn.

        * Added an example of using credentials() in the cookbook.

1.12    Thu Feb 24 23:38:44 CST 2005
        * Fixed RT #9026: hang in t/local/back.t under Windows XP.
          Thanks Andrew Savige.  It also should no longer complain
          about being unable to clean up a temp file.

1.11_01 Mon Feb 14 00:12:48 CST 2005
        * Removed deprecated _parse_html() method.

        * Was incorrectly looking for INPUT tags TYPE="SUBMIT" as images.
          Thanks to Abe Timmerman.

        * Calling $mech->set_fields() with no current form now dies.
          Thanks to Julien Beasley.

1.10    Tue Jan 31 11:30pm-ish
        * Fixed bug where images inside of links would not be found.

        * Fixed test failures because of Google changes.  Thanks to
          Offer Kaye and others who sent in patches.

        * More samples in the FAQ.  Thanks to Joshua Gatcomb.


        * Added explanation of running live tests against Google in

1.08    Fri Dec 24 01:01:06 CST 2004
        * Added find_image() and find_all_images().

1.06    Wed Dec  8 14:58:39 CST 2004
        * Now uses the base pragma instead of setting @ISA.

1.05_04 Fri Nov  5 23:35:38 CST 2004
        * Added WWW::Mechanize::Image object for representing images.
        * Improved the regex on the URL for META tags.
        * Added --images flag to mech-dump.

        * When parsing urls out of meta refresh tags, "url" may now be
          uppercase (RT#8230)

        * Behavior of back() fixed in a number of cases (RT#8109 reported
          by Josh Purinton, patched by Dominique Quatravaux)

        * Mark figured out to how to prevent his text editor from
          putting tabs into the code. Andy's blood pressure dropped

1.05_03 Sun Oct 31 20:54:33 CST 2004

        * click_button() has a new input option for HTML::Form::SubmitInput
          objects (DOMQ)

        * content() has new options to return the page formatted
          as text, with a <base href> added. (RT#8087, patch by
          Dominique Quatravaux)

        * update_html() method has been added, which can be used
          to modify the HTML that Mech parses. It should be sub-classed
          instead of _parse_html(), which has been deprecated.
          (RT#8087, patch by Dominique Quatravaux)

        * select() has new option to select an option by number
          (RT#5789, Scott Lanning)

        * WWW::Mechanize::Link now has support providing all the
          attributes of the link through a new attrs() method, which
          returns them as a hashref. This is a replacement for the
          alt() method, added in 1.05_01. It's not backwards
          compatible with that, but, hey, that's what developer
          releases are for. (RT#8092, Rob Casey and Mark Stosberg)

        * Upload <input type="file" ... > does not use the default
          value to prevent attacks, patch by Jan Pazdziora (RT #7843).

        * Improved tests and documentation for select() (RT#5789,
          Scott Lanning)

        * Improve taint-safeness on Perl 5.6.1 (RT#8042, patch by
          Dominique Quatravaux)

        * Added tests for click_button() (RT#8061, by Dominique

        * Require URI 1.25, fixing bug which exposed itself in
          WWW::Mechanize (RT#3048)

        * Move select() to better location in docs. Document and
          test the return values.  The return value is now "1" on
          success instead of the undocumented behavior of returning
          a form value. (RT#6138, spotted by MJD, patched by Mark

        * Possible matching tags for the find_link() 'tag_regex'
          attribute are now documented. (RT#2989, by Mark Stosberg)

        * refactored find_link() to avoid use of eval(). This should
          improve performance a bit and avoid potential security
          issues. (Mark Stosberg)

1.05_02 Sat Oct  2 16:55:59 CDT 2004
        * Added the $mech->save_content( $filename ) function, so you
          can dump stuff to files easily.

1.05_01 Thu Sep 30 21:04:44 CDT 2004

        * set_visible() doesn't stop setting values when it finds a zero.

        * WWW::Mechanize::Link has a new, easier to remember constructor
          interface. The old one is still supported. Support for including
          an 'alt' attribute was added, which is useful for <area> links.
          (RT #3317). Thanks to Mark Stosberg.

        * When links are extracted from <area> tags, the ALT attribute will
          be captured and become part of the WWW::Mechanize::Link object.
          (RT #3317). Patch by Mark Stosberg. 

        * t/mech-dump.t is now more portable (RT #7690)

        * t/local/follow.t has new tests to confirm that 'follow*' functions
          work with characters like o-umlaut, even when the o-umlaut is
          encoded in the HTML, but not in the call to follow(). (RT #2416)
          By Mark Stosberg.

1.04    Wed Sep 15 23:27:53 CDT 2004

        * $mech->get() now accepts a WWW::Mechanize::Link object.

        * $mech->stack_depth(n) lets you set the depth of the mech
          object's page stack.  This way, if you have a Mech that does
          lots of stuff and never/rarely goes back(), you won't be eating
          up memory.  Thanks to BooK and Chi-Fung. (RT #5362)

        * Fixed tests that fail under LWP >= 5.800.

        * Added a workaround for LWP::UserAgent->clone() when ->{proxy}
          is undef. (RT #6443)

        * The Referer was getting passed as a URI object sometimes,
          and that caused sadness.  Eugene Haimov supplied a workaround.
          (RT #6372)

        * Added Ian Langworth's listmod and John Beppu's photobucket
          uploader programs to WWW::Mechanize::Examples.

        * Minor doc tweak for find_link()

        * Finally added a value() func.  Thanks to Spoon,
          who even now, months after his passing, is still contributing
          to Mechanize.

1.02    Tue Apr 13 22:45:10 CDT 2004

        No reason to install if you have 1.00.  Fixes are only in tests.

        * t/referer.t didn't cope with spaces in $FindBin::Bin.  Plus,
          it now forces its URL to localhost.

1.00    Sat Apr 10 00:35:51 CDT 2004

        I figure it's about time we hit 1.00, and this version seems
        like a good place to do it, because of the potential breakage
        described below...

        * Header handling has changed.  There is no more package variable
          %headers that holds all the headers to be added.  They are
          now added on a per-object basis.

          If you were adding a header with add_header(), and the code
          relied on that header still being set later on in a later
          instance of the class, that code will now break, because the
          later instance won't have the header set.

        * You can now prevent a header from being sent by adding it with
          an undef value, as in:

            $mech->add_header( Referer => undef );

        * Now correctly adds Accept-Encoding to all requests that need it.

        * Added new $mech->_modify_request($req) method to do all the
          HTTP header modification before the actual request gets
          sent off.  Subclasses are able to override it if they want.

        * Removed the unused Compress::Zlib stuff.

0.76    Wed Apr  7 22:01:43 CDT 2004

        * Added update_html() to let you update the HTML for the page
          you're on.

        * Test files account for new Google layout.

        * Rearranged the local tests into their own t/local/ directory.

        * Made the standalone tests show what server they're hitting.

        * Checked that it runs under LWP 5.78.

0.74    Mon Mar 22 23:36:46 CST 2004

        * WWW::Mechanize now sends an Accept-Encoding header of "identity"
          to always enforce plaintext responses. Preliminary support for
          Compress::Zlib is also there, but is disabled by default.

        * Added click_button() and select() methods.  The field() method
          can now take an arrayref of values, if appropriate. Thanks,
          Linda Lee Julien.

        * Added url_abs and url_abs_regex parms to find_all_links().

        * URLs in META REFRESH tags are now treated as links.

        * t/taint.t makes sure that things that should be tainted are.

        * Still more fixes if the machine you're on doesn't have
          DNS pointing to it.

        * The local changes use localhost as the local host name, instead
          of whatever host name that might be on the box, but not in DNS.
          Thanks to David Wheeler for letting me play on his box.

        * The http_proxy and HTTP_PROXY environment variables get
          deleted during the tests that access the dummy local server.
          This should let your tests pass, and clear up a lot of RT

0.72    Mon Jan 26 21:07:20 CST 2004
        * Added the set_visible() method, thanks to Peter Scott.

        * Started the Cookbook at WWW::Mechanize::Cookbook.pod.

        * Made the globbing in Makefile.PL a little less command-line
          intensive.  Also fixed the missing files in MANIFEST.
        * Added t/pod-coverage.t for testing POD coverage.

0.71_02 Mon Dec 22 14:29:13 CST 2003
        * Added a 5th, optional parameter to WWW::Mechanize::Link's
          constructor.  In 0.71_01, it was at the beginning of the
          argument list and was required.  Now it's at the end and is
          optional.  If, in the 15 hours since 0.71_01 came out, you
          went and changed all your WWW::Mechanize::Link constructors,
          you'll have to change them around again.  Otherwise, you can
          just ignore this change.

0.71_01 Sun Dec 21 23:48:12 CST 2003
        * WWW::Mechanize::Link's constructor has a new argument
          that needs to be passed in, at the start of the argument

        * WWW::Mechanize::Link object now takes a $base URL, and will
          return absolute URLs with the url_abs() method.  Thanks to
          Ashley Pond.
        * Added another script to WWW::Mechanize::Examples.  It's a
          script that didn't make it into Spidering Hacks.

        [INSTALL & TESTS]
        * Heavy use of the new Test::Memory::Cycle module.
        * Fixed Makefile.PL so that the tests are selected under Win32.
        * Changed t/mech-dump.t so that the test succeeds under Win32.
        * Updated t/referer.t and t/mech-dump.t so they run under VMS.
          Thanks to Peter Prymmer.

0.70    Sun Nov 30 23:45:27 CST 2003
        * Redirects are now handled better by LWP, so the code that
          changes POSTs to GETs on redirects has been removed.

        * Fixed redirect_ok(), which had its API changed out from under
          it in LWP 5.76.

        * New warnings in find_link() for strings that are space padded,
          and for text matches that are passed a regex.  Thanks to
          Jim Cromie.

        * Patches from Mark Stosberg and Jim Cromie.

        * Removed all the checking for Carp.  I don't know why I
          was thinking that Carp wasn't core. RT #4523.

        Also, a big bump in requirements on LWP: We need 5.76.

0.66    Thu Nov 13 14:35:31 CST 2003

        No new functionality.  Fixed up some install bugs and made a
        few documentation tweaks, mostly to plug Spidering Hacks.

0.65    Mon Nov 10 00:11:06 CST 2003
        * Made a _parse_html() method that you can override or call
          manually, per request from Gavin Estey.

        * Made some path naming use File::Spec->catfile so that
          they work correctly under Windows.
        * "make clean" cleans up temp flag files.

        * Uses the new Test::Pod 1.00 for simplicity.

0.64    October 23, 2003  11:15pm
        * Many new tests, based on the excellent coverage reporting
          created by Paul Johnson's Devel::Cover module.

        * The start of JavaScript support, sort of!

          If you have an <A> tag that does an onClick that opens a
          window, Mech will find the URL from that and make that
          be the link for the tag.  This is for things like Movable
          Type that pop little windows to rebuild indexes.

          This is subject to change in the future.  I don't know
          if it will, but I'm not making promises.  It might be so
          buggy I just yank the whole thing.

        * Big jump in requirements, since we'll soon be using Gisle's
          new HTML::Form stuff.  Also, older versions of HTML::Form
          don't give output I'm expecting.

        * Fixed the t/mech-dump.t failure.

0.63    October 13, 2003  2:56pm
        * mech-dump defaults to dumping forms.
        * Added name, name_regex, tag and tag_regex options to find_link()
          and follow_link().
        * Added tests from Jim Brandt.

0.62    October 7, 2003  8:46pm
        * The parms for find_link()'s url_regex and text_regex must now
          be actual regex objects, as in qr// objects.  They can't just
          be little text strings.  If this is a big bummer, let me know.

        * Added autocheck parm, to tell your Mech object to die on
          any error.  This saves you from having to check yourself.
          This closes RT #3056.
        * Renamed the internal _carp() method as warn().
        * Added a die() method.
        * Can now override the warn() and die() handlers in the
        * find_link() now complains if it gets a *_regex parm that isn't
          actually a regex.  See RT #3032.

        * mech-dump.t no longer runs if you're not installing mech-dump.
          See RT #3724.

        * More FAQs.  Thanks to Gavin Estey.

0.61    October 6, 2003  6:30pm
        No new functionality here.  It's mostly to get the new tests
        into the pipeline so the CPAN testers can run 'em.

        * Missing dependency on File::Temp.  Thanks, Ask.

        * Added the test case for the form processing problem as a .t
          file, since I spent so long getting it down to a simple case.
        * Internal code uses accessors instead of direct hash entries.
          Prepare for deprecation of existing hash entries!

        * The FAQ is now its own document at WWW::Mechanize::FAQ.

0.60    September 22, 2003  10:00pm
        * Changed how t/failure.t tries to fail.  It used to hit
          a bogus hostname in .com, but with Verisign doing its
          SiteFinder crap, even bogus addresses in .com succeed.

        * Added _make_request() to let WWW::Mechanize::Cached easily
          hook into the request chain.

0.59    September 3, 2003  11:56pm
        * Squelched a warning in follow() where it tries to do a regex
          match against an undef value.
        * The page stack functionality, including the back() button,
          was entirely broken.  Now it works.  Thanks to the mighty
          Iain Truskett for help.

        * Added the mech-dump script, which replaces mech-forms.
          It will dump forms and lists of links.  Eventually it will
          do lists of images, too, but not yet.

0.58    August 14, 2003  11:30pm
        * $mech->uri() now returns a plain string, not a URI object.
          The automatic stringification of the URI object was
          causing problems on Win32 and/or threaded Perls, and I
          didn't feel like figuring out why.  If the non-objectness
          of the uri() method is a problem, let me know.
        * form(), form_name() and form_number() now return the
          HTML::Form object of the form that was chosen.  They used
          to return a 1 or 0.  This means that if you're explicitly
          checking for 1 or 0, instead of evaluating the return
          code in a boolean context, your code will break.

        * The <AREA>-handling in extract_links() was incorrectly
          building the text.
        * uri() now returns a string, not a URI object.
        * form(), form_name() and form_number() now return the
          HTML::Form object of the form that was chosen.

        * Determination of live vs. local tests is now done in
          Makefile.PL, and we don't have to set those silly semaphore
          files any more.
        * Made other cleanups in Makefile.PL, like using
          ExtUtils::Command instead of rolling my own touch().
        * Moved all the *-live.t tests into t/live/*.t, and renamed
          the *-local.t files to not be -local.
        * Added more tests for <AREA> tags.

0.57    July 31, 2003  11:21pm
        * Added <AREA HREF=...> tags to those that are links per

0.56    July 24, 2003  12:15pm
        * Created agent_alias() method to do the browser string
          translation.  Passing "Windows IE 6" to agent() will get
          you back exactly that string as the agent.  You have to call
          $a->agent_alias( "Windows IE 6" ) to get the translation.

          Fortunately, unless you used the new functionality of agent() in
          the past two days since I released 0.55, it won't be a problem.

        * Removed the dependencies on Carp and Test::Builder.  There still
          is a dependency on Test::Builder for Test::More, but it's no
          longer explicit in the Makefile.PL.  Mech will use Carp if
          possible, but it's no longer a requirement.

        * Added _carp method for handling conditional warnings, rather
          than checking quiet() all the time.

0.55    July 22, 2003  12:10pm
        * Added WWW::Mechanize::Link object to encapsulate what used to
          be an array reference of stuff from find_link().  This replaces
          having to know that $link->[0] was URL and so on.  However,
          since WWW::Mechanize::Link is a blessed arrayref, it's backwards
          compatible with existing code.

        * The WWW::Mechanize::Link object now tracks what tag the link
          came from (<A>, <FRAME> or <IFRAME>).

        * No longer loads Carp unless and until it's necessary.

        * submit_form() now uses the currently specified form if a
          form_name or form_number parm is not specified. (RT #2768)

        * Added a translate table of handy browser strings that the
          agent() method recognizes.  These strings may be one of the

             * Windows IE 6
             * Windows Mozilla
             * Mac Safari
             * Mac Mozilla
             * Linux Mozilla
             * Linux Konqueror

          For example, "Windows IE 6" gets replaced with
          "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)".
          Thanks to Ed Silva for the list.

        * Moved the deprecated methods to their own section.

        * Removed the TODO list, since it's all in RT.

0.54    July 20, 2003  12:47am
        * See the enhancements on extract_links() and failures.
          Also, see the note about #2811 below.

        * find_all_links() and find_link() can specify multiple
          text or url parameters, which will be anded together.
          Before, there was a pecking order in which parm took
          precedence, and any extras were ignored.  To find the
          first link with text of "news" and with "" in the
          URL, use:

            $a->find_link( text => "news", url_regex => qr/cnn\.com/ );

          Thanks to Greg Davies for the idea. (RT #2973)

        * extract_links() is now an internal-only method, named
          _extract_links().  If you're using it, don't.  Use
          find_all_links() instead, which is more flexible.

        * Now, when there is a failure of some kind, certain fields
          like title, forms and links are cleared out.  Before, you'd
          have leftover links from the previous page.  I suspect that
          at least one person out there has been mistakenly relying
          on this behavior, and his code will now break, but that's
          a good thing.  See t/failure.t for more.

        * No longer tries to tech mech-forms if you're not installing
        * Fixed #2811: The definition of the link text contents
          did not match the documentation.

        * Added a sample CPAN search from Ed Silva.
        * Added link to the Perl Advent Calendar.

0.53    July 16, 2003
        This version ONLY fixes some test-file problems.  There are no
        functionality enhancements or bug fixes in WWW::Mechanize itself.

        * Explicitly stringifies URI::file objects in the *.t files,
          in hopes of getting the thread bummers fixed.  See RT
          #2874 and #2880.

0.52    July 7, 2003
        * mech-forms now handles local files.
        * Added t/mech-forms.t to test the app
        * Added some parm-checking to submit_form()
        * All the warns are now carps.  Thanks to MJD for pointing
          it out during his "Tricks Of The Wizards" talk.

        * Bumped up the Test::Builder requirement to 0.17, which
          I hope will get rid of the thread problems with t/tick.t.
          Thanks to Autrijus Tang for pointing out the note in

0.51    June 29, 2003
        * Added the "mech-forms" command to list all the forms on
          a given page.

        * Made the tick.t test not rely on

0.50    June 24, 2003
        * Mech now does what most browsers do when they handle a
          redirect: It changes the POST to a GET.  This doesn't match the
          RFC, but it's what browsers do.  Thanks to Stuart Children.

0.49    June 23, 2003
        * Added a fix a while ago that tracks redirect history.  That fix
          had the bad side effect of always allowing a redirect.
          That has now been fixed.

0.48    June 22, 2003
        * Added find_all_links() as the counterpart to find_link().

        * get() wasn't passing through its parms to LWP::UserAgent::get(),
          so you couldn't use the :content_file parm.  Now it
          behaves like a good little subclass.

0.47    June 21, 2003
        * find_link() now lets you pass n=>"all" to get back a list
          of all links that match the other criteria.  NOTE: Outdated!  See
          v0.48 for the preferred way.
        * find_link() and follow_link() now complain if you pass
          invalid parms to them.

        * Tracks URI history properly after redirects.

0.46    June 20, 2003
        * Added tick() and untick() functions for handling checkboxes.
          Thanks to Mark Fowler for this patch.
        * The uri() will only be the URI of the requested page if it worked.
        * Oh yes, I forgot to mention: We're on Sourceforge now.

0.45    June 11, 2003
        * Added response() method, which is identical to res().
        * Added a convenience method success(), which is just a wrapper
          around $agent->res->is_success().
        * Passes along a Referer: header.  It can still be overridden
          with the %Headers hash, though.  Thanks, Corion.
        * We now have a set of localized tests that run for machines that
          aren't connected to the Net.  There's now a t/lib/ directory for
          those helper files, and the previous has been dropped.
          Again, Corion to the rescue.

        * Added to the FAQ
        * Rearranged all the functions in the file so they are now
          logically grouped.

0.44    June 5, 2003
        * Now follows redirects after a POST.  By default, LWP::UserAgent
          does NOT follow redirects after a POST.  This matches the
          official RFC.  However, since WWW::Mechanize is meant to be a
          browser clone, and browsers follow the redirects after a POST,
          I've changed this behavior.  If this causes bummers, let me
          know and maybe I'll throw in a switch.

        * The package now includes the WWW::Mechanize logo in the etc/
          directory.  I have no idea what I'll do with it, but thanks
          to Meng Wong for making it!

0.43    May 29, 2003
        * Now uses request() instead of send_request().  This should
          solve all of our redirection and cookie bummers.
        * Added reload() method.  Thanks, Corion.

0.42    May 26, 2003
        * Renamed _do_request() to send_request(), so it's now a
          proper overload of LWP::UserAgent.  Thanks to Philippe Bruhat.
          Recorded in RT ticket #1708.
        * Removed the req() method, and tests that used it.
        * extract_links() now checks for <IFRAME> tags along with the
          existing <A> and <FRAME>.
        * Now explicitly requires HTML::HeadParser.
        * Doesn't load Carp unless it's actually needed.

0.41    May 22, 2003
        * There are no enhancements in functionality.
        * Testing suite getting more network-independent.

        * Started a FAQ section.
        * New SYNOPSIS section.  Thanks to Uri Guttmann.
        * Documentation fixes.  Thanks to Mark Stosberg, Mike Fragassi.

0.40    April 18, 2003
        * Three new methods.
          * find_link() for finding a specified link
          * follow_link() for following a specified link
          * submit_form() for all-in-one form submission.
          All three owe a great deal to Uri Guttmann.  Thanks, Uri!
        * Split out the examples into WWW::Mechanize::Examples.pod
        * Added t/back.t
        * Documentation fixes from Abigail

0.39    April 1, 2003
        * No functional enhancements.  Everything is docs.

        * Added a new example from Dan Rinzel, for posting to Movable Type

        * Started playing with having the test suite not have to have
          live net access.

0.38    March 24, 2003
        * The %WWW::Mechanize::Headers hash is officially deprecated.
          It will be removed pretty soon.  I'm not sure what the
          replacement will be, but it won't be a package-level hash.

        * The submit() method is no longer an alias for click("submit"),
          because some forms don't have a button called "submit".
          In fact, some may not have any buttons at all if they're

        * RT #2056: $agent->field() wasn't returning proper input field,
          because of an incorrect call to the underlying HTML::Form.
          Thanks to Prakash Kailasa.

0.37    March 4, 2003
        * Added an is_html() method
        * Added a title() method
        * No longer requires the Clone module.
        * No longer requires the Test::Pod module, although it's nice
          to have.

0.36    February 4, 2003
        * Added form lookup by name.  Thanks to Jan Ivar Pladsen and
          Iain Truskett for their patches.
        * Added new functions form_name() and form_number().  Existing
          form() function calls each of these as appropriate.
        * Explicitly requires LWP 5.69 because of the form naming.
        * Added new POD section "Examples" for user-submitted sample code
          of how to use WWW::Mechanize.
        * Quieted the warnings in the test suite, so that you don't get
          expected, but disconcerting, warnings to the screen.

0.35    January 22, 2003
        * Now creates an internal cookie_jar by default.
        * Beefing up the test suite
        * Don't forget, direct access to internal members is deprecated.
          Use the accessors starting now.

0.33    January 15, 2003
        * Added accessor methods
        * Deprecated the direct accessing of object contents.  You can
          no longer rely on the names of any of the hash elements.
        * Added a quiet() method to suppress warnings to the screen.

        * More documentation fixes.  (Thanks to Briac Pilpré)

0.32    September 23, 2002
        * Now correctly calls the LWP::UserAgent constructor.  (Thanks to
          Philippe "BooK" Bruhat)

        * Fixed doc on what get() method returns.  (Again thanks to BooK)

        * Now uses as the basis for
          testing, since non-US users apparently get redirected to
          country-specific sites when they hit

0.31    September 13, 2002
        * get() now returns the HTTP::Response object.
        * Prepended push_page_stack(), pop_page_stack() and
          do_request() with underscores, to emphasize that they
          are for internal use only.

0.30    September 10, 2002
        * Fixed the stack popping problem.

        * Put all the inline tests into t/*.t

        * get() doesn't work w/relative URLs

        * The arrays returned by extract_links()
        now have a third element, which contains
        the name attribute of the link (undef
        if the link has no name attribute).

Code before this point is forked off from WWW::Automate 0.20b.