Revision history for ack

1.25_01 Wed Aug 16 18:16:19 CDT 2006

        * Added .css support.
        * Added .yml as YAML

        * Now uses File::Next as the file finder.  Not surprisingly,
          File::Next was based on ack's file finder.

1.24    Sun Jul 16 01:10:44 CDT 2006
        * Now ignores files beginning with a dot, unless the -a/--all
          flag is specified.
        * Removed all the symbol exporting in App::Ack, so should
          be microscopically faster.  Of course, if I really wanted
          it faster, I'd have the entire app in one file.

        * Smarter about detecting shebang lines in extensionless
        * The -a/--all flag now is indeed EVERY file.  Until now,
          it would still have ignored files ending with a tilde.

1.22    Tue Jul  4 22:04:38 CDT 2006
        * t/filetypes.t would fail under 5.6.1

        * Added -c to show number of lines match

1.20    Wed Jun  7 22:17:39 CDT 2006
        * Added --yaml
        * Added --thpppt flag

1.17_02 Tue Jun  6 14:32:38 CDT 2006
        * The -v flag would print out empty blank lines when it
          shouldn't.  Now it works.

        * Added the -H flag to always print filenames

        * Filenames no longer have "./" prepended unless you specify
          "." as a directory to search.

1.17_01 Mon Jun  5 12:04:38 CDT 2006
        * Starting points for files can be files, not just directories.
          This broke in 1.16.

        * ack can now read from STDIN as a filter, like any good program.

1.16    Fri Jun  2 23:50:10 CDT 2006
        * The -n flag was not working.  Using -n would find no files
          at all.  And added some more unit tests to make sure I don't
          screw it up again.

1.14    Tue May 30 23:12:43 CDT 2006
        * Added -f flag to only show the files that would be searched,
          instead of actually searching them.  This means that you can
          get an easy way to get a list of all the Perl files in the
          current directory, for example, by doing

            ack -f --perl

          Or in multiple directories

            ack -f --perl thisdir thatdir

        * Added back -a as a synonym for --all.

1.12    Wed May 10 11:13:42 CDT 2006
        * Was not skipping directories it should have been.  Now it does.

1.10    Thu May  4 16:11:38 CDT 2006
        * Added --parrot support.  Thanks, Jerry Gay.

        * No longer defaults to ANSI highlighting on Windows.  Thanks
          again, Jerry.

        * Added support for ACK_SWITCHES environment variable.

1.08    May 01 2006
        * Now supports argument bundling.  "ack -i -l" can now be done as
          "ack -il".  Thanks, Pete Krawczyk.

        * Added --javascript support, plus a --js version to save your
          weary fingers.  Thanks, Ask.

1.06    Tue Mar 28 08:37:02 CST 2006
        * Now handles filenames that start with ">" or "<".
        * Failing to open a file is now a warning, instead of fatal.

1.04    Wed Jan 25 22:51:11 CST 2006
        * Now skips blib and RCS as well as CVS and .svn directories.
        * Added support for Python and Ruby.

1.02    Wed Dec 14 13:13:19 CST 2005
        * Fixed a mind-blowingly dumb bug.  The --all flag would search
          no files at all.

1.00    Wed Dec  7 09:30:25 CST 2005
        * Added support for finding C programs (--cc)

        * Removed the --only option.  It's now smart enough to know
          that if, for example, you say --perl, you only want Perl stuff,
          and that if you say --noperl, you want everything BUT Perl.

        * Removed the --exec option, which is irrelevant if you use
          xargs like you should.  I added --exec before I understood what
          xargs did.

0.90    Fri Dec  2 11:12:44 CST 2005
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.  It's been
        used at FLR for years, but I'm now releasing it in the wild.