Revision history for ack

1.36    Sun Dec 10 23:59:57 CST 2006

    The ACK_SWITCHES environment variable must now be ACK_OPTIONS.
    You'll be warned if you have ACK_SWITCHES set.

    Adding long variants of options a la GNU grep.  Now you can
    use --ignore-case as well as -i.  You shouldn't be surprised that
    that's the same as in GNU grep.

    Now there's a real man page.

1.34    Thu Dec  7 23:06:39 CST 2006

    The standalone version of ack was not getting built correctly.
    Now we require File::Next 0.32 to handle it.

    Added --java support.  What took me so long?

    Made the error messages from opening the file more normal.

1.32    Tue Nov 21 23:27:07 CST 2006

    Added the -Q flag for treating the search string as a literal.

    Will no longer ignore case distinctions in options.

    The -h flag wouldn't work in conjunction with -c.  Now it does.
    Thanks, Rick Scott.

1.30    Fri Nov 10 19:25:23 CST 2006

    Tests should pass on Win32.  Thanks, Jerry Gay.

    A new make target, "crush", will create a "crushed" version of Ack
    with App::Ack and File::Next inlined, so that you can install it
    standalone in your own ~/bin directory.

    Added --cpp for .cpp, .h and .m files.

    Improved test coverage.  Thanks, Jim Keenan.

1.28    Mon Sep 11 14:10:57 CDT 2006

    Now requires File::Next 0.28, because previous versions wouldn't
    die correctly.

    Added --mason switch

1.27_01 Mon Aug 28 17:02:35 CDT 2006

    Certain files won't get their contents checked, such as vi and emacs
    swap files.  Sometimes those files would come up as matching their
    shebang line, which isn't what we want.

1.26    Thu Aug 24 20:28:05 CDT 2006

    Added Haskell, HTML, elisp, lisp, OCaml, Ruby, Scheme, Template
    Toolkit, Vim.

    Made the extensions system EVEN MORE EXTENSIBLE

1.25_03 Sat Aug 19 01:01:01 CDT 2006

    Added --binary support.

    Fixed docs for --[no]color.  Thanks, Mark Stosberg.

    Checks files with non-matching extensions for correct filetype.
    For example, a foo.cgi file will now be checked for a shebang line.

1.25_02 Thu Aug 17 22:41:28 CDT 2006

    Stopped supporting the --javascript option.  I assume that everyone
    just uses --js.  Tell me if I'm wrong.

    Fixed bugs in 1.25_01 where it wouldn't skip directories correctly,
    and wouldn't autodescend into the current directory.

    -o option now hanldes any given Perl expression for the
    output.  Thanks to Leland Johnson for the idea.

    Now supports --asm, and ignores SCCS directories.

1.25_01 Wed Aug 16 18:16:19 CDT 2006

    Added .css support.

    Added .yml as YAML

    Now uses File::Next as the file finder.  Not surprisingly,
    File::Next was based on ack's file finder.

1.24    Sun Jul 16 01:10:44 CDT 2006
    Now ignores files beginning with a dot, unless the -a/--all
    flag is specified.

    Removed all the symbol exporting in App::Ack, so should
    be microscopically faster.  Of course, if I really wanted
    it faster, I'd have the entire app in one file.

    Smarter about detecting shebang lines in extensionless files.

    The -a/--all flag now is indeed EVERY file.  Until now,
    it would still have ignored files ending with a tilde.

1.22    Tue Jul  4 22:04:38 CDT 2006
    * t/filetypes.t would fail under 5.6.1

    Added -c to show number of lines match

1.20    Wed Jun  7 22:17:39 CDT 2006

    Added --yaml

    Added --thpppt flag

1.17_02 Tue Jun  6 14:32:38 CDT 2006

    The -v flag would print out empty blank lines when it
    shouldn't.  Now it works.

    Added the -H flag to always print filenames

    Filenames no longer have "./" prepended unless you specify
    "." as a directory to search.

1.17_01 Mon Jun  5 12:04:38 CDT 2006

    Starting points for files can be files, not just directories.
    This broke in 1.16.

    ack can now read from STDIN as a filter, like any good program.

1.16    Fri Jun  2 23:50:10 CDT 2006

    The -n flag was not working.  Using -n would find no files
    at all.  And added some more unit tests to make sure I don't
    screw it up again.

1.14    Tue May 30 23:12:43 CDT 2006

    Added -f flag to only show the files that would be searched,
    instead of actually searching them.  This means that you can
    get an easy way to get a list of all the Perl files in the
    current directory, for example, by doing

        ack -f --perl

    Or in multiple directories

        ack -f --perl thisdir thatdir

    Added back -a as a synonym for --all.

1.12    Wed May 10 11:13:42 CDT 2006

    Was not skipping directories it should have been.  Now it does.

1.10    Thu May  4 16:11:38 CDT 2006

    * Added --parrot support.  Thanks, Jerry Gay.

    No longer defaults to ANSI highlighting on Windows.  Thanks
    again, Jerry.

    Added support for ACK_SWITCHES environment variable.

1.08    May 01 2006

    Now supports argument bundling.  "ack -i -l" can now be done as
    "ack -il".  Thanks, Pete Krawczyk.

    Added --javascript support, plus a --js version to save your
    weary fingers.  Thanks, Ask.

1.06    Tue Mar 28 08:37:02 CST 2006

    Now handles filenames that start with ">" or "<".

    Failing to open a file is now a warning, instead of fatal.

1.04    Wed Jan 25 22:51:11 CST 2006

    Now skips blib and RCS as well as CVS and .svn directories.

    Added support for Python and Ruby.

1.02    Wed Dec 14 13:13:19 CST 2005

    Fixed a mind-blowingly dumb bug.  The --all flag would search
    no files at all.

1.00    Wed Dec  7 09:30:25 CST 2005

    Added support for finding C programs (--cc)

    Removed the --only option.  It's now smart enough to know
    that if, for example, you say --perl, you only want Perl stuff,
    and that if you say --noperl, you want everything BUT Perl.

    Removed the --exec option, which is irrelevant if you use
    xargs like you should.  I added --exec before I understood what
    xargs did.

0.90    Fri Dec  2 11:12:44 CST 2005
    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.  It's been
    used at FLR for years, but I'm now releasing it in the wild.