Changelog for ack

1.56    Wed Jan 17 12:55:38 CST 2007

    Now correctly handles filetypes of files with multiple periods.

    Added .xs to the list of --cc files.

    Warning messages now include the name "ack" at the beginning
    of them.

    Now skips .git directories.

1.54    Sun Jan  7 22:34:57 CST 2007

    ack no longer follows symlinks by default, except for starting
    points specified on the command line.

    Added the --follow/--nofollow switches for following symlinks.

    Added .sty and .cls to the --tex files.  Thanks, Uwe Voelker.

    t/filetypes.t would fail sometimes based on hash order.

1.52        Fri Dec 22 00:41:45 CST 2006

    In 1.51_01, I changed how we check the -B of a file, but it's
    not reliable.  Perl's -B operator acts differently if you call
    -B $filename vs. -B $fh.

    I changed some internal code to figure out a file's extension.
    By using my own, instead of File::Basename, I cut out over 50%
    of the run time on my test of acking through a large tree.

    When using -a, it's not necessary to determine the filetype
    before searching, only if we should ignore the file or not.
    This cut out an additional 10% or so of execution time when
    doing -a searces.

    We no longer need to build a list of all used suffixes.  This
    makes startup quicker.

1.51_01     Mon Dec 18 12:59:28 CST 2006

    Development version.  I'm putting this out so hardcore ack users
    can test out some new features.

    Tests now pass under Windows.

    You can now set the colors for display with the ACK_COLOR_MATCH
    and ACK_COLOR_FILENAME environment variables.

    ack-standalone now builds with a shebang line of "#!/usr/bin/env
    perl", which is more compatible.  Of course, you're welcome to
    change it to whatever you like.

    I now check for binaryness on the already-open file, rather
    than reopening it from the filesystem.  This gave me about a
    1% speedup in my tests.

    Started adding sanity checks to the options.  For instance, it
    doesn't make sense to use -l and -C together, so ack will
    complain about that.

    Added a --sort-files option.

    More testing on XML and PHP detection courtesy Bill Ricker.

    Lots of refactoring of search() in preparation for showing
    context around matches.