Revision history for Syntax-Keyword-Finally

0.03    2021-03-03
         * Add Syntax::Keyword::Defer for `defer` syntax alias
         * Document and test that caller() inside FINALLY does not see the
           finally block at all
         * Forbid `return` out of a FINALLY block
         * Forbid the use of `goto` or `next/last/redo` in a FINALLY block at
         * Detect the use of nonlocal flow control out of a FINALLY block and
           at least turn the otherwise-segfault into a panic message
         * Added cross-module integration tests to check the behaviour with
           Syntax::Keyword::Try and perl 5.33.7's feature 'try'

0.02    2021-02-03
         * Implement FINALLY blocks as basic blocks, not full anonymous subs
         * Test and document that exceptions can now be thrown from them

0.01    2021-01-31
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.