Revision history for Tangence

0.18    BUGFIXES:
         * Handle void-returning method signatures correctly

0.17    CHANGES:
         * Minimal minor version 2
         * Expose ->class and ->can_method / ->can_event / ->can_property
           on both Tangence::Object and Tangence::ObjectProxy

0.16    CHANGES:
         * Bumped wire protocol minor version to 3:
            + Support GETPROPELEM operation
            + Support WATCH_ITER for queue property iteration
         * Internal rewrites to some unit tests for neatness

0.15    BUGFIXES:
         * Fix Tangence::Message on clientside when dealing with minor
           version 2 servers, by actually 'use'ing classes it requires

0.14    CHANGES:
         * Bumped wire protocol minor version to 2:
            + Provide wire-level struct record serialisations
            + Encode classes as structs rather than use introspection dict
         * Recognise struct definitions in the tanfile parser
         * Minimum supported minor protocol version is now 1; minor version 0
           is no longer supported

0.13    CHANGES:
         * Bumped wire protocol minor version to 1:
            + Encode strings on the wire (dict keys and class names) as
              Tangence strings
            + Give classes ID numbers to refer to in CONSTRUCT messages,
              rather then full class name every time

0.12    CHANGES:
         * Defined MSG_INIT for server/client version negitiations
         * Implement it in the server, but not yet in the client as it crashes
           pre 0.12 servers
         * Implement types as first-class metadata values

         * Implement respondERROR since it is actually being used

0.11    BUGFIXES:
         * Handle UPDATE messages on objset properties correctly

0.10    BUGFIXES:
         * Fix memory cycle testing bug

0.09    CHANGES:
         * Renaming/reworking of internal metadata classes
         * Optionally use Sub::Name to apply names to subscription / watch

0.08    CHANGES:
         * Optionally use Sub::Name to name generated property
           accessor/mutator methods
         * Further improvements to metadata layer

0.07    CHANGES:
         * Redesign of metadata layer to use real objects rather than
           unblessed hashrefs for structural information
         * Optionally parse (but currently ignore) argument names in methods
           and events
         * Created a parse+dump script to test the parser

0.06    CHANGES:
         * Look up Tangence interface metadata from a specified file, rather
           than per-class package variables.
         * Added Tangence::Compiler::Parser

0.05    CHANGES:
         * Added documentation to some of the classes
         * Moved the Net::Async::Tangence tree into its own module

0.04    CHANGES:
         * Properly split out lower-level abstract Tangence code, from
           IO::Async-based Net::Async::Tangence wrappers
         * Added some initial documentation to Tangence::Stream, ::Client and

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Weaken references between objects and connections to remove
           memory cycles
         * Move all the IO::Async-based code into its own namespace tree of

0.02    CHANGES:
         * New Meta::Class introspection objects
         * Bugfixes for test reliability due to the way stream writes/reads
           get split

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.