Revision history for Circle

0.132860  2013/10/14 15:00:44
         * Connect IRC using Futures
         * Allow networks to be deleted
         * Support SSL
         * Added /reconnect command to IRC

0.132150 CHANGES:
         * Implement a /disconnect IRC command
         * Added /dumpevents and associated event log formatter
         * Allow /topic alone to redisplay the full text of a channel topic
         * Bugfix to 'on_enter' handling of channel topic Entry widget
         * Configurable use of mIRC colouring hints

0.131390 CHANGES:
         * Allow circlerc location to be overridden by an env.var.
         * An attempt at IRC reconnect logic
         * Allow widgets to declare a set of style classes
         * Longer ping times
         * Load channel keys on startup
         * Bugfix: IO::Async::OS has ->socketpair now
         * Use new named server numerics from NaIRC 0.07
         * Handle a few more channel information numerics

0.130560 CHANGES:
         * Bugfix to user ident string setting
         * Bugfix to server name display on server-forced MODE changes
         * Updates for Tangence 0.18

0.130330 CHANGES:
         * Support channel join keys
         * Display user ident string above the main event scroller in user
           query windows
         * Bugfix "channel()" rules engine condition
         * Bugfixes to IRC network disconnect handling

0.123420 CHANGES:
         * Implement tab-completion groups
         * Provide tab-complete for IRC channel names, and occupants in each
         * Added /tab goto command to raise a window on all the FEs
           + TODO: Consider only for one FE

0.123270 CHANGES:
         * Maintain a network status display for IRC networks in the tag name
         * Handle ping timeout
         * Avoid harmless "lvalue in substr()" warning from IO::Async

0.122910 CHANGES:
         * Added /rules condition of isaction (for IRC)
         * Added /rules actions of rewrite (globally) and chaction (for IRC)
         * Added /rules chain for output on IRC and Raw networks

0.122820 CHANGES:
         * Switched to date-based version numbering scheme

         * Added --help option
         * Added some unit testing
         * Ensure that CommandInvocation objects don't hold the underlying
           Tangence connection
         * Cleaner handling of configured-vs-running nick
         * Require --stdio flag to listen on STDIO
         * Display IRC network name on network and channel tab status bars
         * Parse IRC formatting for actual-italics and RV

0.04    CHANGES:
         * Initial attempt at real unit tests
         * Send application-level warnings to root object as 'warning' events
         * Install circle.tan into sharedir
         * Allow setting a local host name to bind for IRC connections

         * Add NaIRC to Loop at construct time
         * Make stdin/stdout connect scheme actually work
         * Remove kickee on IRC KICK, not kicker

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Updated for Tangence 0.06
         * Persistance of sessions in config

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Updated for Tangence 0.03
         * Added '/kick' command
         * Persistance of IRC channels in config

         * 'use strict; use warnings;' in all files
         * Declare dependency on String::Tagged

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.