Revision history for Circle-FE-Term

0.132840  2013/10/12 22:32:37
         * Quiet the experimental::smartmatch warnings
         * Updated to use Tickit::Widget 0.35's ->render_to_rb and not the
           now-deprecated ->render

0.132180 CHANGES:
         * Fix Entry widget's Tab complete logic for Tickit 0.37

0.131670 CHANGES:
         * Theme templates for new IRC events
         * Display a 'pending' counter display until BE confirms sent commands

0.131340 CHANGES:
         * Updated for Tickit 0.32:
            + Widget attributes from Tickit::Style
            + Fix for new Tickit::on_key handling logic
         * Allow an initials-only ribbon mode
         * Bugfix for tab-complete logic when possibilities include prefixes
           of each other

0.130560 CHANGES:
         * Bugfix for datestamp display when backfilling
         * Use new circle-be's irc.mode $moder argument
         * Updated for Tangence 0.18

0.130290 CHANGES:
         * Fetch window backfill in the background, from the bottom upwards.
         * Set terminal window title to window item name
         * Bugfix to tab-complete

0.123420 CHANGES:
         * Handle tab-completion hints from BE
         * Handle window raise requests

0.123380 CHANGES:
         * Handle slow Alt+letter or separately typed Escape letter
           combinations by some currently-hacky logic around the on_key
           handler and an on-screen indicator.
         * Display a scrolling indicator showing the number of lines scrolled
           and whether more content has been added since scrolling.

0.122910 CHANGES:
         * Handle mouse input on activity ribbon
         * Futher bugfixes to ribbon label compression logic
         * Configurable label format - name_and_number, or just number

0.122820 CHANGES:
         * Switched to date-based version numbering scheme

         * Connect NaTangence before starting Tickit, in case ssh wants to
         * Declare dependency on other Tickit::Widget:: classes
         * Attempt to dynamically compress activity ribbon labels, so it fits
           on smaller screens
         * Removed erroneous 'use Error' line that ought not have been
         * Added --help

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.