Revision history for FunctionalPerl

0.72.18 2019-12-2
    - some doc improvements
    - website: link modules to CPAN url (over Github) if available;
      fix bug due to sub prototype
    - Predicates: add `is_string_not_number`, but is probably of no

0.72.17 2019-12-2
    - tests: avoid the word 'failed' in messages checking dependencies
    - tests: fix(?) for Windows: do not use -x
    - tests: more "make Inf properly version independent"
    - dependencies: htmlgen/gen: depend on Trap only if --trap given
    - documentation improvements (markdown files)
    - Predicates: fix: remove hand inlining of 'force'; add `is_seq`
    - Repl fix accessing values in boolean context
    - Show,Lazy: show location information in unevaluated promises
    - Show: do not show sub/promise details when running in test suite
    - avoid using PFLANZE:: namespaces (there are still some in meta)
    - create (beginnings of) FP::PureHash, FP::Abstract::Map
    - export `pointer_eq`
    - create FP::Docstring
    - htmlgen: cleanups, docstrings, pod snippets, use PXML::XHTML
      (making code more worthy to look at)
    - htmlgen: add capability to use PerlTidy
    - Sequence: add `split_at`; Stream: make `append` n-ary
    - create meta/update-pod

0.72.16 2019-11-29
    - declare dependency on new example script (d'oh)

0.72.15 2019-11-29
    - documentation improvements, add functional-classes example
    - fix test failure involving TailExpand's pod snippets
    - rename method fp_interface_method_names ->

0.72.14 2019-11-28
    - fix test failure with "Inf" vs. "inf"
    - add FP::Mixin::Utils with a `F` utility method, added to Show
      protocol and FP::Lazy-derived promises
    - Makefile.PL: increase minimal Perl version to avoid Perl bugs
    - Lazy: overload to error-describing exception to prevent
      accidental use
    - some docs

0.72.13 2019-11-27
    - documentation improvements
    - fix for Windows
    - Chj::TEST run_tests_ fix
    - handle missing module dependencies in pod snippets correctly

0.72.12 2019-11-26
    - More Windows support work
    - add relaxedequal to FP::Equal
    - change Chj::TEST to use FP::Equal'relaxedequal instead of
    - add `string` function to Ops
    - create FP::BigInt
    - change examples/fib to bigint to solve test failures due to
      unreliable number implementation in base Perl
    - workaround for failed TEST TAP location hack

0.72.11 2019-11-26
    - reimplement repl+ in Perl for Windows
    - clean up tail expansion dependencies during testing, hopefully
      fixes test failures when run out of alphabetic order
    - fix for #131081 (t/skip-leak.t fails on BSD systems)
    - change Chj::TEST to use TAP so that subtest failure details can
      be seen in CPAN tester reports

0.72.10 2019-11-24
    - fix #131073 (Can't exec /bin/bash at website/gen line 1.)
    - fixes for Windows (; more system calls)
    - more curing of unnecessary loading of FP::Repl
    - FunctionalPerl: do not die on module load errors
    - Chj::TEST::run_tests returns an object now with success number
      as well; can't manage to merge numbers with Test::More's though.
    - fix deletion: re-introduce $ENV{TEST}=1
    - move csvstreams.t to t-slow/ (will look into how to do this
      properly later)

0.72.9 2019-11-24
    - fix handling of autobox dependency (both making it optional in
      tests as well as making it a hard dependency for now)
    - hopefully fix "Bug #131047 for FunctionalPerl: Some tests run
      with the wrong perl"
    - do not use tail-expanded files from meta/ in t/pod-snippets.t
      (there might be more such breakage, todo check)

0.72.8 2019-11-24
    - use proper pod formatting with links

0.72.7 2019-11-24
    - add FP::autobox
    - clean up Windows skipping, eliminate top-level script
    - add group import feature to FunctionalPerl module
    - fix in Array: report out of range errors (todo: there are more of these)

0.72.6 2019-11-22
    - attempt to fix CPAN testers issues missing even "Test::Requires"

0.72.5 2019-11-22
    - improved regex_*substitute, eliminate line numbers from tests
    - more Windows fixing
    - Lots of updating in intro/basic
    - enable more tests
0.72.4 2019-11-21
    - more "fix skipping over tests that require missing dependencies"
    - exclude some tests on Windows
    - other test fixes
    - silence a load time warning on Windows
    - docs fixes and improvements

0.72.3 2019-11-21
    - renames for better names of packages, config and settings files
    - fix skipping over tests that require missing dependencies
    - fix some warnings at testing time
    - Makefile.PL improvements
    - more improvements for CPAN indexing

0.72.2 2019-11-20
    - rename some modules to fix unauthorized namespace use
    - other improvements for CPAN indexing incl. POD fixes
    (Deleted again to prevent old Chj::HTTP::Daemon from being
    preferred due to higher version.)

0.72.1 2019-11-20
    - first release to CPAN
    (Deleted again to free up namespaces that weren't intended to be