- Added ReturnTrue and ReturnFalse
    - Added CaseValid
    - Added OnEvenElements and OnOddElements
    - Catch unknown Constraints
    - Added OnArrayElements
    - Minor POD corrections.

[0.02] Sun Sep 10 23:22:55 CEST 2006
    - Added IsEq scalar constraint.
    - Added Scope, SetResult and IsValid.
    - Fixed error in Or. Correct results are returned now.
    - Fixed error in OnHashKeys. Hash key constraints are now processed
      in the order they are defined.
    - Custom libraries are now possible.
    - Much better constraint POD.
    - Interior of Message constraint is now in the _with_message sub.
    - Introduced use D:C:S-Library import for libraries.
    - Split of the Library into Sub-Libraries. The Library package itself
      is now just a bundle of all shipped libraries. It's POD serves as
      docmap for the constraints.
    - Corrected minor POD typos.
    - Stack info now escapes [ and ].
    - General TODO updates.
    - Split of the USAGE section into subsections.
    - Added a Custom constraint to the TODO list.
    - Forgot to add date to Changes file. /me slaps self.

[0.01] Sat Sep  9 18:22:08 CEST 2006
    - Initial Release.