Revision history for Perl extension NetAthlon2::RAW

0.30 Sat Dec  5 17:22:10 EST 2009
	- Added na2gd script.
	- Require GD::Graph perl module.
	- Fix documentation bug WRT Heart Rate in the Check Points section.
	- Added more test cases.

0.20 Sat Nov 21 14:12:04 EST 2009
	- Added Max Speed, Max Cadence, Max Heart Rate and Max Watts keys.
	- Add debug option to new(). 
	- Add checking of time conversion.
	- Start of support on MSWin32 platforms.

0.13 Mon Nov 16 08:43:16 EST 2009
	- Open file in read only mode.
	- Change some croaks to carps in the parse() routine.
	- Better checking of data file.
	- Change Archive::Tar from recommends to build_requires.

0.12 Mon Nov  9 08:58:16 EST 2009
	- Fix am/pm conversion for the noon hour.
	- Remove the NetAthlon::RAW::maxWatts variable, check for a zero Speed
		value instead.
	- Fix make test to round off test results to 4 significant digits.

0.11 Sun Nov  8 15:20:07 EST 2009
	- Fix make test, set TZ to be EDT so Start Time values are correct.

0.10 Sun Oct 25 18:09:10 2009
	- Add NetAthlon::RAW::timeDelta variable to adjust the slop between
		the time in the filename and the start time within the file.
	- Add NetAthlon::RAW::maxWatts variable to ignore unrealistically large
		values in the Average Watts calculation.
	- Add Calculated Distance keys in both the Check Point and summary
	- Recalculate the Average Speed based on the Calculated Distance in
		the summary level and the Elapsed Time.  This is because the
		Elapsed Time is based on only the race time, whereas the 
		Distance is based on the race time and warmup time.

0.01	Sun Aug 30 15:31:30 2009
	- original version