Revision history for autodie

1.998 Sat Jan  3 11:19:53 AUSEDT 2009

        * BUILD: Removed Module::AutoInstall, which previously
          was loaded but not used, but currently doesn't actually
          do what we want.

        * TEST: We manually stringify $@ for one test in
          exception_class.t to avoid a bug involving overloaded
          classes containing apostrophies.

        * TEST: unlink.t and mkdir.t avoid changing directories,
          which could cause spurious failures when @INC includes
          paths relative to the current working directory.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Spurious "used only once" messages are
          documented in Fatal's documentation (as well as autodie's).

        * TEST: truncate.t has been updated to avoid incorrect
          test failures on VMS machines.  Many thanks to Craig A
          Berry for the bug report and fix.  (RT #42110)

1.997 Thu Dec  4 15:14:00 AUSEDT 2008
        * TEST: Test::More 0.86 (and possibly 0.85) appears to
          dislike package names that contain the apostrophe
          character (these occur in some tests for Klingon
          localisation).  We now skip these tests on systems
          with Test::More >= 0.85 installed.

1.996 Thu Dec  4 09:07:39 AUSEDT 2008
        * FEATURE: Child classes can now provide an exception_class()
          method that returns the desired exception class, rather
          than over-riding the whole throw() method.  Existing classes
          that over-ride throw() will still work as before.

        * BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where multiple autodie-derived classes
          would share the same subroutine cache.  This could result
          in excptions from the wrong class being thrown.

          This bug did not affect programs which used only autodie,
          or a single autodie-derived class.

        * BUGFIX: Missing 1.995 version tag added to export list.

        * TEST: Make sure that we always have a working version tag for
          our current version.

1.995 Sun Nov 30 17:30:16 AUSEDT 2008

        * FEATURE: Errors from 2-argument open now have more human
          friendly error messages for reading, writing, and appending.

        * FEATURE: autodie will never print unsightly references to
          GLOB(0x...) structures in error messages; instead it uses
          the placeholder '$fh'.

        * BUILD: Bundled Module::AutoInstall makes it clear to users
          they need to install IPC::System::Simple for autodying
          system() support.

        * TEST: truncate.t provides more diagnostics on failure.

        * TEST: Tests for better formatted reports from connect().

        * TEST: New 'open.t' contains specific tests for well-formatted
          messages from open().

1.994 Thu Sep 25 16:18:56 AUSEST 2008

        * BUGFIX: flock(), ioctl() and truncate() are now part of
          the :file tag.

        * BUGFIX: link(), mkdir(), rmdir(), symlink() and umask()
          are now part of the :filesys tag.

        * BUGFIX: The new :msg tag contains msgctl(), msgget(), msgrcv(),
          and msgsnd().

        * BUGFIX: The new :semaphore tag contains semctl(), semget()
          and semop().

        * BUGFIX: The new :shm tag contains shmget(), shmread() and

        * BUGFIX: The new :ipc tag contains :msg, :semaphore, :shm and pipe().

        * BUGFIX: The read(), seek(), sysread(), syswrite() and sysseek()
          methods have been added to :io.

        * BUGFIX: autodie produces more detailed messages on internal
          faults, and is more aggressive about stopping code compilation.

        * FEATURE: flock will not die on failure when called
          with the LOCK_NB option and would return false
          due to an EWOULDBLOCK.  See function specific notes
          in autodie documentation for more details.

        * FEATURE: Stringified exceptions from flock() are significantly
          nicer to read.

        * FEATURE: use autodie qw(:1.994) can be used to specify the
          :default tag from a particular version.

        * DOCUMENTATION: flock() is documented as being in the :file tag.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Added function-specific notes in

        * TEST: New tests for rmdir(), mkdir(), and unlink(), thanks
          to Jacinta Richardson.

        * TEST: Added author-only perlcritic tests.

        * META: META.yml has more correct author information.

1.993 Sun Sep 14 11:15:36 AUSEST 2008

        * DOCUMENTATION: The :dbm tag is now correctly documented
          in autodie/CATEGORIES.  Thanks to Darren Duncan for spotting
          this.  (RT #39172)

        * DOCUMENTATION: The README file has been updated to reflect
          current minimum Perl versions (5.8.0) and current resources.

        * DOCUMENTATION: The closedir() function is properly
          documented as being included in the :filesys tag.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Feedback section added to the autodie
          documentation.  If you find the module useful, consider
          saying so on, or dropping me a note.

        * BUILD: Upgrade to Module::Intstall 0.77

1.992 Sun Sep  7 15:51:32 AUSEST 2008

        * BUGFIX: unlink(), rename(), chdir() and closedir() functions
          are now included in the :filesys tag.

        * BUGFIX: binmode() is now checked for failure as part of
          the :file tag.

        * BUGFIX: Using an unopened filehandle in an autodying
          built-in no longer triggers a spurious warning.

        * BUGFIX: RT #38845, corrected a missing space in the error
          produced by autodie when called with the ':void' switch.
          Many thanks to Matt Kraai for the patch!

        * FEATURE: The dbmopen() and dbmclose() functions are now
          supported in their own :dbm tag.  This is part of :io
          (and hence :default).

        * FEATURE: The dbmopen() built-in has its own formatter,
          which ensures errors always display the mask in octal,
          not decimal.

        * DOCUMENTATION: The :filesys tag is properly documented.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Added link to Perl tip on autodie.

        * TEST: RT #38845, t/internal.t updated to detect malformed error
          messages involving the mixing of ':void' and autodie.

1.991 Fri Aug 22 23:57:24 AUSEST 2008

        * BUGFIX: RT #38614, stringified autodie::exceptions objects
          now always end with a newline.  Thanks to Offer Kaye for the

        * BUGFIX: Makefile.PL is no longer executable.

        * BUGFIX: 'chdir' added to defaults, and the :filesys group.

        * BUGFIX: RT #38598, the errno attribute on autodie::exception
          objects is now correctly set.

        * BUGFIX: RT #38066, exceptions from system() now report
          the correct line number.

        * TEST: Internal tests changes to ease integration with core.

        * TEST: Checks added for empty 'errno' string in basic_exceptions.t

        * TEST: Errors should end with a newline.

        * TEST: fork tests should no longer mysteriously fail
          on Solaris.

        * TEST: backcompat.t should no longer give strange failures on
          old versions of 5.8.3 or earlier.

        * TEST: system.t ensures the correct file is reported.

        * BUILD: Upgrade to Module::Install 0.75

1.99 Mon Jul 21 02:25:23 PDT 2008

        * RELEASE CODENAME: "jarich", in thanks for her giving
          up pretty much a whole week of her life to do nothing
          but help me work on my talks for OSCON.

        * BUGFIX: autodie will now check open() for returning
          undef, not merely false, as open() can legimiately
          return zero for open(my $fh, '-|') || exec(...) style

        * TEST: Added t/lethal.t, a test for basic subclassing.

        * TEST: Added t/usersub.t, a test for correct handling
          of user subroutines.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Noted in that user subs can
          only be made Fatal/autodying if they've been declared

        * FEATURE: Conflicts between 'no autodie' and 'use Fatal'

        * FEATURE: Added sysopen() and fcntl() to :file, and
          exec() and system to :system.  exec() doesn't yet work
          due to its prototype;

        * FEATURE: Vanilla 'use autodie' now implies
          'use autodie qw(:default)'.  This excludes system(),
          which depends upon an optional module, and exec(),
          which breaks its exotic form.

        * TEST: Internal tests moved from Fatal.t to

        * FEATURE: Added support for fileno.

        * FEATURE: Addded support for exec (although this
          breaks the exotic form while autodie is in scope).

        * BUGFIX: 'no autodie' now plays nicely with user subs.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Added a brief mention of the category
          system that autodie provides.

1.11_01 Fri Jul  4 12:53:11 AEST 2008

        * RELEASE CODENAME: "Aristotle", in thanks for the many
          long and detailed discussions about the autodie interface
          and how it should interact with Fatal.  Aristotle was
          instrumental in ensuring autodie has the clean and
          simple interface that it does now.

        * FEATURE: 5.8 now has the ability to differentiate between calls
          that return false to indicate failure, and those that
          only return undef to indicate failure.  CORE::send and
          CORE::recv are examples of these.

        * FEATURE: You can now 'use autodie qw(fork)' to make sure your
          forks are successful (they must return defined).

        * TEST: t/todo.t removed.  We have passing tests (recv.t)
          for the reminder I had stuffed into here.

        * TEST: t/fork.t added, for testing autodying fork.

        * INTERNAL: The internal subroutine _remove_lexical_subs has been
          renamed to a much less misleading name of _install_subs,
          since that's what it actually does now.

        * BUGFIX: Found and fixed a nasty bug where autodie's internal
          subroutine cache was being too agressive.  This could result in
          handles from the incorrect package being used.  Scalar filehandles
          have never been affected by this bug.

        * BUGFIX: Autodying subroutines will no longer leak into other
          files if they are used/required/done in the same lexical scope.

        * BUILD: Fatal and autodie now install themselves with a
          INSTALLDIRS=perl target, meaning they will now correctly
          override (and possibly overwrite) your installed
          on 'make install'.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Documented the 'used only once' bug when
          using Fatal/autodie with package filehandles.  This has
          always existed in Fatal, and as far as I know it incurable
          (but harmless).

        * FEATURE: autodie and its exceptions can now be subclassed!

        * TEST: Added t/crickey.t as an example of using fair dinkum
          subclasses of autodie.  Mate, I reckon it's time for a beer.

        * INTERNAL: Moved exception architecture from inside-out
          objects (which need lots of extra work under 5.8) to
          regular hashes (which don't need extra work).

        * INTERNAL: Inlined relevant portions of Scope::Guard, meaning
          autodie can be installed with no dependencies.  (It still
          recommends IPC::System::Simple.)

1.10_07 Sun Jun 29 15:54:26 AEST 2008
        * RELEASE CODENAME: "ikegami", in thanks for solving the problem
          of getting lexical replacement of subroutines working for real
          under Perl 5.8.  As this works better than my 5.10 implemenation,
          it forms the foundation for this release.

        * Removed inappropriate diagnostics about :lexical from

        * Moved can't mix lexical and void diagnostics to

        * Added some basic tests for sysopen()

        * Removed the 5.10 only way of tracking lexical hints with
          %^H.  Our code now exclusively uses the more portable
          5.8 code that employs Scope::Guard (and has less side-effects).

        * Exotic system is no longer clobbered under 5.10 outside of
          autodie's scope.

        * autodie::exception::match is better exercised in the 5.8
          test suite.

        * Re-enabled 'use autodie' vanilla tests.

        * t/backcompat.t no longer fails under Devel::Cover

        * Repeating function names in arguments to autodie no
          longer causes those functions to become 'stuck' in
          autodying mode.

        * Wrong-version of support added, along with basic
          hints on how to get it working.

        * Expanded documentation on autodie, particularly for
          exception handling under Perl 5.8.

        * Less warnings from t/exceptions.t when running under 5.10.

        * All releases now really depend upon Scope::Guard, not just 5.8.

1.10_06 Sun Jun 22 21:50:39 AEST 2008

        * RELEASE CODENAME: "Chocolateboy", in thanks for his wonderful
          insights, and for letting me sound off way too many ideas
          about how things may be done.

        * Fixed speeling errors in context.t, thanks to Stennie.

        * Fixed minor pod errors and omissions.

        * Fixed bug in recv.t which resulted in an incorrect number
          of skipped tests on systems using socketpair emulation.

        * Fixed a bug that would cause unwanted interactions between
          autodie and autobox.  Thanks to chocolateboy. (5.8)

        * Wrote a (failing) test case demonstrating that the
          autodie pragma could leak across files.  Many thanks to
          chocolateboy for bringing this to my attention.

        * t/system.t checks to see if exotic system has been injured
          in the same package as 'use qutodie qw(system)'

        * Calling filename reliably reported in 5.8 error messages
          and error objects.

        * User subs can be made autodying under 5.8, but they leak
          over the entire package (which is very bad!)

        * Context-checking tests split into package-scope tests and
          lexical scope tests.

        * Lexical user-subs are disabled under Perl 5.8.  They were
          leaking everywhere and not being lexical at all.  Attempting
          to use a lexical user-sub under 5.8 now causes an error.

        * Bugs found in interaction between autodie and Fatal in
          5.8.  When used together, we can't reliably replace a
          Fatalised sub with an autodying one, and then switch it
          back again at the end of block.

        * Bugs described above fixed, thanks to ikegami!

        * Overhauled _remove_lexical_subs, based on ikegami's
          input.  This routine would now be better named
          "_install_lexical_subs", since it can now both
          install and remove.

        * Surpressed some warnings under 5.8 about uninitialised
          hints hashes.

        * Added support for backwards compatible Fatal calls in
          5.8.  These are currently a little *too* backwards compatible,
          possessing the same bugs as the old Fatal (clobbering

        * Improved caching of pre-generated subroutines.  We now
          cache the compiled subroutine, rather than the uncompiled

        * Added more tests to ensure Fatal throws backcompat
          strings, whereas autodie throws exception objects.

        * Support for lexical user-subs enabled, tested, and working
          in 5.8!

        * Added resources to Makefile.PL / META.yml

1.10_05 Sun Jun 15 15:46:38 AEST 2008
        * Kludgy support for Perl 5.8 using Scope::Guard and dark
          and terrible magicks taken from namespace::clean.

        * Rudimentary caching of generated code, to avoid having
          to regenerate the same code every single time Fatal/autodie
          is used on the same function.

        * Nuking subroutines at end of lexical scope moved into
          own subroutine.

        * Perl 5.8 support working!  Backcompat mode not yet
          supported, nor is autodie with user defined subs.
          The 5.8 support that is there is rather kludgy, and
          still needs a lot of work.

        * Perl 5.8 code no longer gets executed under 5.10 when
          executing write_invocation().

        * lex58.t tells the user that we'll get warnings under
          Win32, and these are to be ignored.  This is due to
          a Perl behaviour where it always calls the shell under
          Win32, even when multi-arg system is used.

        * lex58.t no longer fails to compile on Perl 5.10 which
          is still clobbering exotic open.  Perl 5.8 does not
          clobber the exotic form.

        * Backcompat tests are all marked as TODO under perl 5.8

        * Makefile.PL moved back to saying autodie works under 5.8

        * Context/user-sub tests skipped under 5.8, which does
          not yet support autodying of user subs.

        * lex58 tests now skipped if IPC::System::Simple not installed.

        * Squished a spurious warning from lex58.t

1.10_04 Sat Jun 14 15:02:17 AEST 2008
        * Made all $VERSION numbers more friendly to static code
          analysis tools (including CPAN).
        * Added a test to make sure all version numbers are incremented
          in lock-step.

        * Started 5.8 support
                * Removed dependencies on 5.10 'use feature'.
                * Removed dependencies on 5.10 fieldhashes.
                * a::e::match no longer uses smart-match or //
                * %^H init doesn't use // anymore.
                * 5.8 won't try to use // in fatalised subs (kludge)

        * recv.t corrected to use a custom socket (closed for writing)
          and to ignore SIGPIPEs.

1.10_03 Fri Jun 13 11:04:17 AEST 2008
        * Updated backwards compatibility tests to work on
          non-Enligh systems.

1.10_02 Fri Jun 13 10:55:00 AEST 2008
        * Tweaked boilerplate test to remove windows-only paths.

1.10_01 Thu Jun 12 17:19:13 AEST 2008
        * First beta release of module.

        * Many changes not documented here.
        * Fatal is now fully backwaards compatible again.
        * system() can be fatalised/autodying if IPC::System::Simple
          is installed.
        * Rationlisation of autodie::exception API.
        * autodie::exception->function() now always returns the
          full function name as best we can find it, and not
          what may be getting replaced (eg, CORE::open instead of

1.08    Sat Mar 29 10:54:20 AEDT 2008
        Dual-lifed module internally from work I was doing on p5p.