Changes for Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
NOTE: Do NOT "tidy" or change the indenting here, or we break svn annotate

0.82 2011.02.15
    - Remove methods that are not used any more: check_syntax_in_background and
      check_syntax (ZENOG)
    - Fixed a stupid bug in the save file as check for a file extension.  Hardly
      worth noting, however it's here in case anyone was caught by such a silly
      bug and wondered if they were going mad (PLAVEN)
    - Make sure that default buttons like "OK" and "Cancel" are displayed
      when locale is set to something different than the system locale (ZENOG)
    - Padre::TaskManager now rigourously avoids the assumption that it is
      implemented using threads. Of course, it always IS implemented with
      thread at present, but these changes purify and simplify the Task Manager
      and allows someone else (NOT me) to write a non-thread backend (ADAMK)
    - Fixed incosistent use of both $COMPATIBLE and $BACKCOMPATIBLE, which was
      potentially returning false positive plugin compatibility (ADAMK)
    - Ignore .build directories in "Open Resource" dialog (ZENOG)
    - Many more classes now have $COMPATIBLE tracking (ADAMK)
    - Fix #1100: "Dies when hitting F3" (ZENOG)
    - Search: when there is no match, also give out the search term (ZENOG)
    - Update German translation (ZENOG)
    - Show the 'help' field of the configuration options in the advanced
      config dialog and one sample 'help' entry (SZABGAB)
    - First version of "filter through Perl source" (SEWI)
    - translate error message in (ZENOG)
    - fix swapping of window title and content strings for "New Perl Module"
      name prompt (ZENOG)
    - Remove Remove menu item Perl/Automatic Bracket Completion #1102 (SZABGAB)
    - Intuit project root from version control checkout directories and
      classify them as an ordinary vanilla Padre::Project, before we give up
      and treat something as a Null projects (ADAMK)
    - Getting the project for a document was accidentally path-searching for
      Makefile.PL-etc and destroying/creating the project object every single
      time. Fixed project caching, and files now path-match to opened projects
      before touching the filesystem. Many operations much faster (ADAMK)
    - Added the internals for a proper Project Manager abstraction to replace
      the current ad-hoc storage in the main IDE object (ADAMK)
    - Added version control system intuition via the ->vcs method in
      Padre::Project (ADAMK)

0.81 not released
    - Padre::TaskManager now uses the term "worker" exclusively in API methods
      instead of "thread" (e.g. start_thread becomes start_worker). This
      future-proofs the API against a future alternative task manager backend
      implementations that do not use threads. All existing Padre::Task code
      should continue to work, but plugin authors may be impacted by the
      $COMPATIBLE bump. An unchanged new release with the dependency version
      updated to 0.81 should resolve the incompatibility (ADAMK)
    - A number of methods relating to GUI and visualisation were moved from
      Padre::Document to Padre::Editor. This may impact some language
      plugins. (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Util::get_project_dir was deprecated (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Util::get_project_rcs was deprecated (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Document::project_find was deleted (ADAMK)

0.80 2011.01.29
    - use Text::FindIndent 0.10 to eliminate some warnings #1089 (SZABGAB)
    - Update German translation (ZENOG)
    - Added a dwell timer via Padre::Wx::Role::Dwell (ADAMK)
    - The directory tree search box now has a 1/3rd second dwell (ADAMK)
    - Find in Files results convert tabs to 4 spaces to avoid the ugly
      squares in the results (ADAMK)
    - Delay loading some modules and removed some other entirely, reducing
      startup memory cost and IO by 10-15% when few features are on (ADAMK)
    - Upgraded Plugin compatibility detection to avoid having to load the
      dependencies and read variables from the files instead. Saves 2-3meg
      of RAM and allows better scaling of the plugin system (ADAMK) 
    - Fixed Padre::Util::parse_variable so we no longer need to make use
      of ExtUtils::MakeMaker and ExtUtils::MM_Unix->parse_version (ADAMK)
    - Support for more extensive Padre::DB customisation via ORLite 1.48
      and its new shim => 1 option (ADAMK)
    - Completed first-generation Portable Perl support for Padre (ADAMK)
    - Add support in Padre::Project for intuiting project versions (ADAMK)
    - Prevent history boxes writing a history entry for every character
      instead of every search in Find/FindInFiles dialogs (ADAMK)
    - Port the Find Dialog as is to wxFormBuilder (ADAMK)
    - Prevent directory tasks running on bad or missing paths (ADAMK)
    - Found a workaround to weird Win32 window Raise/Lower bugs, so now
      Padre always raises to the foreground correctly when using the
      single instance server (ADAMK)
    - Save Intuition is disabled in null projects to prevent creating files
      like ".../My Documents/lib/Foo/" (ADAMK)
    - The Task Manager will now attempt to maximise background worker
      specialisation so we need to load less total modules, hopefully
      reducing memory consumption (ADAMK)
    - Closing files is faster (and the task manager is stressed less) as
      we no longer accidentally do a full refresh twice when closing
      documents other than the last one (ADAMK)
    - Enhancement, ticket #1027 When saving a file without a file extension 
      you are now prompted and provided a list of suitable extensions to 
      name your file. (PLAVEN)
    - Restored radio select indicator to Style and View Document As...
      menus, they were lost in the move to the ActionLibrary (ADAMK)
    - Fixed #1093. The natural zoom of a scintilla window is around the wrong
      way, hijack ctrl-scroll and reverse it to the right way (ADAMK)
    - Find in Files directory recursion now happens ordered (ADAMK)

0.79 not released
    - Padre::Util::parse_version is now Padre::Util::parse_variable (ADAMK)

0.78 2011.01.14
    - The nytprof.out and nytprof HTML report directories are added to the
      default ignore logic for Perl project (ADAMK)
    - Fix a rare crash condition when TaskHandle had no task (SEWI)
    - Fix #833: Syntax error crash padre when trying to debug (AZAWAWI)
    - Perl error diagnostics is properly shown in a help panel instead
      of being a child of an issue (AZAWAWI)
    - On a slow filesystem where the directory browser is slow to fill
      directory expansion controls, the fill will no longer be aborted if
      you quickly expand a subdirectory. Both will occur in parallel (ADAMK)
    - FindInFiles was using path objects incorrectly when communicating
      between the task and the parent (ADAMK)
    - FindInFiles was trying to use a directory node, but wasn't merging the
      file nodes together under it. Removed directory nodes until a better
      implementation is written (ADAMK)
    - Created Padre::Wx::TreeCtrl::ScrollLock to abstract the workaround
      you need to use to update trees without them snapping to nodes
      that you ->Expand, and applied it to the directory tree and
      the Find in Files result tree (ADAMK)
    - When closing panels that do background tasks, do a last-minute task
      reset operation to cancel any active background tasks (ADAMK)
    - The Find in Files and directory tree background tasks now supports
      cancel messages properly, both per-directory and per-file (ADAMK)
    - The directory tree background search now correctly clears the status
      bar when it is cancelled (ADAMK)
    - Additional fixes for maximise-at-startup issues on Windows, which
      now should FINALLY work properly everywhere (ADAMK)
    - When shutting down the task manager, force-empty the queue early and
      send a 'cancel' message to any workers still actively running before
      we send the final 'stop' message (ADAMK)
    - Fixed a massive performance bug in directory tree ->refill method,
      which was triggering one background thread for every expanded tree
      node. This was leading to thread storms, major leakage, and hanging
      of the editor when changing between projects (ADAMK)
    - When exiting directory tree search mode, we now restore the tree
      correctly from the stashed results instead of scanning again (ADAMK)
    - Open selection can now find executable programs in the current PATH
    - Update German translation (ZENOG)
    - If open selection finds a Module/ in the lib of your current
      project, it stops looking for other possibilities since the version
      in your project is almost certainly the one you want. (ADAMK)
    - Updated the Copyright notice to reflect the new year. (PLAVEN)
    - Added additional test to copyright.t to check all copyright notices
      have the current year. (PLAVEN)

0.75 not released
    - No incompatible API changes during the 0.78 release cycle

0.76 2010.12.08
    - Fix #636: Filter too strict (Padre CPAN module installer) (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1032: Regex Editor: Escape sequences don't work in
      "Result from replace" (ZENOG)
    - Next/previous file now use Ctrl-Page Down/Up instead of Alt-Right/Left
    - Find in Files results panel now uses a tree instead of a text area and
      clicking n a result opens the file at the specified line number
      as expected (AZAWAWI)
    - Updated the experimental Padre wizard API and integrated it with the
      wizard selector dialog. This is still disabled by default and can be
      enabled by the 'feature_wizard_selector' configuration setting (AZAWAWI)
    - Fix the bug of lost user selection when searching a big project directory
      and typing fast in "Open Resource" dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed "Open Resource" and "Quick Menu Access" dialogs to display recently-
      used resources by last usage being first instead by filename (AZAWAWI)
    - consider script and interpreter parameters when debugging Perl scripts
    - Fix #814: Find-in-files result window, clicking on filename does not do
      anything (ZENOG)
    - Document::get_command now has two named arguments: 'trace' for diagnostic
      output, and 'debug' for enabling a debugger. Plug-ins that use
      get_command(1) need to change this call to get_command({ trace => 1})
    - remove configuration option 'find_quick' (not used any more) (ZENOG)
    - Fixed #881 "Find In Files" results window should be prettier 
    - As the user types the search term in the "Find in Files" dialog, make
      sure the find button enabled status is correct (AZAWAWI)
    - Fix #1051: Syntax checker does not return the correct error message 
    - By removing -Mdiagnostics (which enabled 'use warnings') from syntax
      checker, we now get a more correct syntax checking behavior (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed custom parsing of Perl's standard error in syntax checker and
      reused Parse::ErrorString::Perl to get better error parsing and diagnostic
      information via perldiag (AZAWAWI)
    - "Error List" window has been removed since it is redundant to
      "Syntax Check" window (AZAWAWI)
    - In "Open Resource" and "Quick Menu Access" UP arrow shifts focus to
      the results list when the focus is on the filter field (AZAWAWI)
    - Moved from the simple 0 and 1 age of error 'severity' to the actual way
      Perl classifies errors as in perldiag. The syntax task now passes upon
      completion a reference an array of Parse::ErrorString::Perl::ErrorItem
      objects (AZAWAWI)
    - "Syntax Check" window is now a tree instead of a list. First-level nodes
      represent the error/warning messages and the second-level nodes are the
      perldiag diagnostics for them (if available) (AZAWAWI)
    - "Select Next Problem" is now working again after it was broken since Padre
      0.57. Removed Copy Selected/All features until requested again (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed "Errors" window and moved its only useful feature: Perl
      diagnostics help to "Syntax Check" window (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed tooltip from margin error markers as it was broken since Padre
      0.65+ (AZAWAWI)
    - Fix #957: Syntax Check should use perl given in Preferences (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1059: Padre 0.74 build failure on 5.8.9 (AZAWAWI)
    - Regex editor: insert complete substitution operator, including modifiers;
      underline match results so that matching whitespaces are also highlighted;
      add tooltips to modifiers; only update regex description if visible (avoid
      require if not necessary) (ZENOG)
    - Fix #922: Regex editor keeps first language after language change (ZENOG)
    - Update German translation (ZENOG)
    - Update Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Update Dutch and Spanish translation (CLAUDIO)
    - Update Russan translation (Vladimir)
    - Fix #1064: Build failures on Padre 0.74 Perl 5.8.9 (AZAWAWI, ADAMK, MDOOTSON)
    - Added feature_restart_hung_task_manager configuration setting to enable
      automatic restart of the currently hung task manager. This is enabled by
      default (AZAWAWI)
    - Fix #1068: Padre Task manager fails to run tasks after stress testing it
    - No more redirecting words under the cursor that are Perl symbols to
      perldata help topic (AZAWAWI)
    - Changes or Changelog files are now detected as text instead of CSS files
    - In F2 help search, core module since-Perl-version string is now a v-string
      (e.g. v5.8.9 instead of v5.008009) (AZAWAWI)
    - Correctly start up maximized if we were closed maximized (ADAMK)

0.73 not released
    - No incompatible API changes during the 0.76 release cycle

0.74 2010.11.14
    - Fix #926 completely: Esc key does not always work in regex editor (ZENOG)
    - automagic MIME type detection: check first for XHTML, then XML, then
      HTML; more flexible XML detection (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1023: Outline view creates multiple "main" on Windows (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Perl 6 Outline support (AZAWAWI)
    - Directory tree right-click refresh now triggers a "rebrowse" task to
      synchronise all filesystem changes from disk to the tree (ADAMK)
    - The plug-in menu is properly refreshed after closing the key bindings
      dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Added the experimental wizard selector dialog which is enabled by
      the 'feature_wizard_selector' configuration setting (AZAWAWI)
    - Fix #1029: '"delete trailing spaces" puts the cursor to the start of
      the document' (ZENOG)
    - Find in Files sets the default search text properly (ADAMK)
    - Quick fix feature is now disabled until it is stable again. You can
      enable it again by using the 'feature_quick_fix' configuration setting
      in the Tools/Preferences/Advanced dialog and then restart Padre (AZAWAWI)
    - The default editor font should be Consolas 10pt on Vista and Windows 7
    - Fix #982: '"open file" from directory window has no effect' (ZENOG)
    - Directory tree: "browse" after creating directories and deleting files
    - Updated wxwidgets.pod to include a copyright and license section for
      Debian compatibility (AZAWAWI)
    - Bumped Locale::Msgfmt dependency to 0.15 (AZAWAWI)
    - Moved wxwidgets.pod to Padre::Plugin::WxWidgets. Please install it if you
      need such support (AZAWAWI)
    - Added win32 version information to padre.exe. This enables the task manager
      to display a better descriptive name of the padre.exe process. (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre version is now patched into the win32 executable's manifest and
      resource files during build time (AZAWAWI)
    - Directory tree: support deletion of directories (ZENOG)
    - Update German translation (ZENOG)

0.73 not released
    - No incompatible API changes during the 0.74 release cycle

0.72 2010.10.10
    - 'Quick Menu Access' and 'Advanced Preferences' dialogs now completely
      translated (ZENOG)
    - The directory tree search now prints each directory it is
      searching in the status bar. This helps you see where the
      search is up to, and identify when it is finished (ADAMK)
    - Recognize XML files by their content, without knowing the filename
      extension (ZENOG)
    - Fix #749: Recognize shell/Python/Ruby/Tcl scripts from shebang (ZENOG)
    - Fix #898: "Find in Files" dialog: buttons too small (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1007: Output window buffering issues (GARU)
    - Fix #947: Toggling comments does not work for XML (ZENOG)
    - Fix #579: (Un)commenting comments the last unselected line (ZENOG)
    - Fix: deactivate menu entry "File->Save as" when there are not open
      files (ZENOG)
    - Fix #988: Recent files menu contains currently opened files (ZENOG)
    - Fix #1010: Grey out comment toggling in menu if necessary (ZENOG)
    - Bumped PPIx::Regexp to 0.011 removing 2 dependencies (ADAMK)
    - Bumped Format::Human::Bytes to 0.07 removing 8 dependencies (ADAMK)
    - Fix #926: Escape key does not always work in the regex editor (ZENOG)
    - Fixed keyboard (tab) navigation in the regex editor (ZENOG)
    - Fix #452: focus order in Replace dialog (ZENOG)
    - Updated German translation (ZENOG)
    - Mime type for C# added (CHORNY)
    - The help search dialog now uses the latest perlopquick.pod instead
      of the old perlopref.pod (AZAWAWI)
    - Additional refactoring shortcut: Change the style of a given variable
      lexically from/to CamelCase with two clicks. (SMUELLER)
    - Fixed crash when closing the debugger panel (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed crash of "Join Lines" feature on an empty document (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed #1002: "Quick fix" feature on plain text document leads to
      error output on console (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed #1006: F2 help does not know about 'given' (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed key bindings dialog to remember cursor position when setting,
      deleting or resetting a shortcut (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed key bindings dialog to highlight overriden shortcuts with a
      bold font (AZAWAWI)
    - Always load the shortcut from its configuration setting otherwise we
      will have false duplicate shortcut warnings (AZAWAWI)
    - Reflect both changed key shortcuts when overridden (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed the extra warning about duplicate keyboard shortcuts for a
      Padre action (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed the shortcut overriding logic to actually work as
      expected (AZAWAWI)
    - Upgraded Find in Files to use Task 2.0, replacing the original
      ack-based implementation (ADAMK)
    - Removed ack dependency, and related File::Next dependency (ADAMK)
    - Purged all code and mention of ack from the Padre codebase. Thanks
      a ton for getting us through our first couple of years Andy, but
      we've outgrown it now (ADAMK)
    - Fixed an "Open Session" crash when there is not any session (AZAWAWI)
    - Make the use of external window for running scripts the default. (SZABGAB)
    - Save Intuition now understands that modules named t::Foo are for
      testing, and will save them into your t/ directory (ADAMK)
    - Find in Files now integrates with Project Intuition. The same
      manifest/ignore/skip logic used to generate the directory tree is
      also used to prevent Find in Files searching into your version
      control, build/make/blib files, and anywhere else your project
      doesn't like. (ADAMK)
    - Add "Create directory" and "remove file" to the directory browser. (SZABGAB) 
    - Aff "Goto Last position" (SZABGAB)

0.71 not released
    - No incompatible API changes during the 0.72 release cycle

0.70 2010.09.09
    - The Task 2.0 API now supports full birectional communication for all
      task classes out the box. (ADAMK)
    - Directory search now runs incrementally via background task (ADAMK)
    - Directory browse no longer infinitely recurses (ADAMK)
    - Directory tasks all support cancellation, preventing expensive tasks
      building up and killing your Padre instance (ADAMK)
    - Subroutines declared using syntax provided by Method::Signatures
      ("func", "method"), MooseX::Method::Signatures ("method"), and
      MooseX::Declare ("method") are now supported in the Outline and
      Functions view (DAPATRICK)
    - Updated German translation (ZENOG)
    - Updated Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Fixed typos in share/languages/perl5/perl5.yml (ZENOG)
    - Added keyboard shortcuts to refactoring features "rename variable"
      and "extract subroutine" (ZENOG)
    - Fixed small translation problem in ActionLibrary (ZENOG)
    - Fix #411: working version of the keyboard shortcut editor (ZENOG)
    - The startup splash is now disabled by default. Padre starts up very
      quickly these days, and delaying image loading should reduce the
      per-thread memory cost more (ADAMK)
    - Fix MIME type setting via menu (ZENOG)
    - mark nl_be as not supported (ZENOG)
    - partial fix for #452: 'focus order in Replace dialog' (ZENOG)
    - Fix focus order in Find dialog (ZENOG)
    - Close replace dialog on Escape key in all cases (ZENOG)

0.69 2010.08.17
    - Landed ConfigSync branch (MATTP)
    - Task 2.0 restores support for having tasks send unlimited messages
      back to the main application while they are running (ADAMK)
    - Added Padre::Task::Run for background process execution with STDOUT
      lines streaming as events back to the main window. (ADAMK)
    - Fixed test failure in t/93-padre-filename-win.t under win32 (SEWI)
    - Devel plugin now has the option to dump the Task Manager (GARU)
    - Refactored, reskinned and polished ConfigSync functionality (ADAMK)
    - Added ->status to ::Main to allow rapid transient messages to be
      presented in the status bar, as fast as 100/sec (ADAMK)
    - Fixed the file-changed-on-disk dialog: Show "Reload" button instead
      of "Close" (SEWI)
    - Adding a ton of additional $BACKCOMPATIBLE variables so that every
      class consumed by the current family of plugins has them (ADAMK)
    - Nudging up the default background thread count now that we will
      start to see long-running threads looking after background
      processes (ADAMK)
    - Allow the opening of files exceeding the editor_file_size_limit of
      500_000. The file is opened if the user answers Yes to the
      dialog (MULANDER)
    - The Task Manager now records per-worker statistics on which tasks they
      have run in the past. This is needed to support various worker
      optimisation strategies to be implemented in the future (ADAMK)
    - Added a simple initial Task Manager optimisation strategy to favour
      workers which have run a task at least once before (ADAMK)
    - "Find method declaration" will not find forward-declaration (CHORNY)
    - Task manager now has separate maximum and minimum thread counts (ADAMK)
    - Minimum thread count set to zero. Padre starts up 600ms faster, at the
      cost of the directory tree appearing 200ms slower if you use it (ADAMK)
    - Command line switch to select locale (CHORNY)
    - Added configuration option to modify the cursor blink rate in Padre
      as requested via the padre-dev mailing list closes ticket number
      983 (PLAVEN)
    - Added Padre::Task::Daemon for bidirectional communication support in
      tasks. When the task is launched, messages to the chlid can be sent
      down the worker thread's message queue, and they will be tunneled
      through to the task, which can retrieve them Erlang-style via a
      dequeue method (ADAMK)
    - Don't re-scan a project dir while changing tabs within one
      project (SEWI)
    - Show the file-changed-dialog only once per file update (SEWI)

0.68 2010.07.28 - Unstable - Post Birthday Hackathon Weekend
    - Fixed rare bug in t/23_task_chain.t (CHORNY)
    - Refactored the Action subsystem into a simpler model. The old layout
      artificially broke it up based on menu structure. The new layout
      also makes it simpler to do further refactorings (ADAMK)
    - Removed half the usages of Wx::Perl::Dialog (ADAMK)
    - Use a hyphen to a separate the current vs native names of the languages
      in the View menu, as the bracing looked weird with the bracing of some
      of the languages themselves (ADAMK, ZENOG)
    - Don't show a additional translated string for the language that is
      currently active (ADAMK, ZENOG)
    - When the advanced setting "feature_fontsize" is disabled, Padre will
      remove the Font Size menu, disable Ctrl-+ and Ctrl--, and (most
      importantly) will not change the font size in an editor on
      Ctrl-Scroll (ADAMK)
    - Added integration with the PPI::Transform API for modifying Perl
      documents, so the transform objects can modify Padre documents (ADAMK)
    - Added the "Move POD to __END__" refactoring that lets you extract all
      the POD scattered through a document, merge it together, and move it
      to the bottom of the file after an __END__ statement (ADAMK)
    - If the Open Selection expression only matches one file, immediately
      open it without showing a pointless dialog (ADAMK)
    - Removed Wx::Perl::Dialog by inlining it into Padre::Wx::Dialog, this
      will remove the need to import ':everything', saving 50-100k (ADAMK)
    - Actions now only need to be declared once, and are all declared in one
      place in advance (ADAMK)
    - Directory Tree sort order is now (advanced) configurable between
      directory-first and directory-mixed (ADAMK)
    - Moved the Padre::Action* classes to Padre::Wx::Action* as they are now
      much more tightly dependant on Wx (ADAMK)
    - Plugins will now do full compatibility testing, which means that when we
      change an internal API we can just update $COMPATIBLE in that package
      and any impacted plugins will be automatically disabled until they do a
      new release. That is far better than "They just crash blindly" (ADAMK)
    - Create a new main_directory_root settting distinct from the existing
      default_projects_directory one, specifically for setting the default
      root of the directory tree. It will continue to be pointed to
      my_documents by default (the original may change) (ADAMK)
    - Made Padre::Wx::Dialog::ModuleStart configuration translation-safe (ZENOG)
    - Updated German translation (ZENOG)
    - Add Java and BibTeX to MIME types (ZENOG)
    - Ack ("find in files") output is now more 'clickable', but still not
      perfect (ZENOG)
    - Fix File::Open3::open3() call to be IPC::Open3::open3() (BRICAS)
    - Fix #969: crash when switching language after using Ack (ZENOG)
    - Remove unnecessary Wx::gettext calls from Padre::Wx::Dialog::Preferences
      that lead to missing translations (ZENOG)
    - Description field is hidden by default in the regex editor dialog.
      A checkbox now optionally toggles its visibility (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre::Wx::FindResult: Get rid of global variable, shorter column
      titles, both columns now wxLIST_AUTOSIZE (ZENOG)
    - Call relocale() for all elements of the Bottom panel (ZENOG)
    - Remember sorting order in session manager (SEWI) 
    - Nicer workflow for renaming variables: Now we check for some conditions
      before prompting the user for a name; renamed function
      'lexical_variable_replacement' to 'rename_variable' (ZENOG)
    - Simplify the code for the Bottom pane a bit (-1 method), no warnings
      any more (ZENOG)
    - Fixed #970: Switching language removes plugin menus (ZENOG)
    - Padre::MimeTypes: Fixed some Wx::gettext handling problems, switched
      keys of menu_view_mimes() so that the names (not the MIME types) of
      file types are shown in the View menu (ZENOG)
    - Documentation of Padre::Current (SEWI)
    - Include only changed files in changed-file-list (SEWI)
    - Added wxwidgets.pod which contains the method documentation of all Wx
      classes (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre has wxWidgets method documentation in F2 help search (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Padre::Wx::Nth to group first/nth-time startup magic (ADAMK)
    - Fixed #781 : Unicode should not be used for accessing file system on
      Win32 (CHORNY)
    - The New Installation Survey now only appears on the third time that
      Padre starts, so it doesn't confuse people with locale issues (ADAMK)
    - Split Padre::Wx::Dialog::WhereFrom into main and FBP classes to try
      out the designer-based approach experimentally (ADAMK)
    - Tab width is configurable for opened file too (CHORNY)

0.67 2010.07.27
    - 0.67 never made it to public release.  All changes listed for 0.68 are what 0.67
      would have had.

0.66 2010.07.01
    - Improved the quality and integration of the default window size (ADAMK)
    - The non-blocking IO upgrade in 0.65 meant that Padre could no longer
      open files on Windows. Fixed (ADAMK)
    - Minor improvements to the About dialog (ADAMK)

0.65 2010.07.01
    - Task 2.0 API landed on trunk (and everything breaks) (ADAMK)
    - Converted the FunctionList GUI component to work via a task (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Role::Task role added to allow any object in Padre
      to be the "owner" of task and automatically handle which
      tasks are still relevant to the UI state at the time the task
      is completed, and ignore the ones that aren't (ADAMK)
    - New compulsory Padre::Wx::Role::View for editor GUI componants
      that want to live in the left/right/bottom tool panels (ADAMK)
    - Renamed a number of classes to simpler names. Because we are
      breaking everything anyway, this is an opportune time to lump
      in these low-importance changes (ADAMK)
    - Padre::DocBrowser --> Padre::Browser (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Wx::DocBrowser --> Padre::Wx::Browser (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Wx::Role::MainChild --> Padre::Wx::Role::Main (ADAMK)
    - Language-specific task sub-classes now live under the document class
      instead of under the Padre::Task tree, to encourage concentration
      of language-specific code within the document tree (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Task::Perl::Syntax --> Padre::Document::Perl::Syntax (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Task::Perl::Outline --> Padre::Document::Perl::Outline (ADAMK)
    - Startup config file now uses a custom hyper-minimalist format
      which avoids the need to load YAML::Tiny before the first thread
      spawn, saving about 400k per thread (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Logger now allows the PADRE_DEBUG environment variable to be
      set to a specific class name, enabling logging only for that class.
      This simplies tracing around a specific problem now that the number
      of classes with debugging hooks is getting large (ADAMK)
    - Moved the startup tool enabling of the syntax check and error list
      from the startup timer to the constructor, and prevent them from
      writing back to the config. We no longer need to write the config
      at all during startup, making startup faster (ADAMK)
    - Scroll the output window down on outputs (kthakore)
    - Directory browser rewritten to operate in the background (ADAMK)
    - Improved directory tree search to take advantage of new background
      file scanning. It is now instantaneously quick (ADAMK)
    - Added the PPI::Cache API to provide a simple common mechanism for
      stashing GUI model data such that all cache data can be cleaned up in
      one go when the relevant project or document is released (ADAMK)
    - Fixing some new bugs or adding temporary workarounds for them (SEWI)
    - Rebuild History using non-blocking IO on Padre start (SEWI)

0.64 2010.06.12
    - Last Stable before merge of new Task 2.0 API
    - zh-cn translation updated (jagd)

0.63 2010.06.02
    - Autocomplete "sub new" for Perl modules (SEWI)
    - fixed ticket #956: crashes if Outline is active (ZENOG)

0.62 2010.05.21
    - Any 3 column table layout in the preferences dialog now has a 
      stretched middle column. (PLAVEN)
    - Add a warning for versions of with broken HTML rendering
    - Mousing over a sub/method name with ctrl pressed now highlights it
      to indicate it can be clicked on (Sam Crawley) 
    - Regex editor: Support global flag for substitute (ZENOG)
    - Updated Turkish translation (Burak Gürsoy)
0.61 2010.05.12
    - MIME types: added a few C++ file extensions, added LaTeX .sty files
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - About dialog: increase height of the window so that the translated
      licensing terms also fit in without a scrollbar (Zeno Gantner)
    - Debugger: improved variable detection in the document (Zeno Gantner)
    - Menu: More consistent capitalization of menu entries (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated German translation (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #538: "outline view info takes too long to refresh" by
      adding an outline cache (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #541: "wrong outline can get displayed for a document"
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #940: "crashes when right clicking in code editing area"
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #878: "Tabs like 'Outline', 'Functions'... should have
      a close button, just like the documents tabs" (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed behaviour of the close button for the bottom tabs (Output,
      Errors, Syntax Check): closing a tab now toggles the corresponding
      menu and config items (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated German translation (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated Chinese translation (Chuanren Wu)
    - fixed ticket #939: "Padre 'help' depends on POD2-Base on Strawberry
      Perl on Windows XP" (ADAMK)
    - Updated Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (GARU)
    - Updated Dutch translation (Dirk De Nijs)
    - Updated Spanish translation (ENELL)

0.60 2010.04.20
    - Add FTP connection caching/sharing (SEWI)
    - Add interactive template functions (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #900: opening binary files may crash Padre (Zeno Gantner)
    - Improved some menu entries: added missing "...", better labels, better
      comments (Zeno Gantner)
    - Clearer error message if debugger is not started yet (Zeno Gantner)
    - Complete language/locale switch on Unix platforms: also correctly
      translate the Wx default labels (Zeno Gantner)
    - Fixed ticket #921: regex syntax error in Regex Editor
      (reported by leprevost)
    - Updated German and Turkish translation (Zeno Gantner, SEWI and Burak
    - Added licensing information to About dialog (Zeno Gantner)
    - Skip '.' when indexing installed modules in @INC (dam)
    - Fixed bug related to search history (Sam Crawley)
    - Added file type filter "script file" (which includes Unix shell scripts
      and Windows .bat files) to the Open dialog (Zeno Gantner)
    - MIME types: added .mo to the list of binary file extensions, 
      improved/gettext-ified some descriptions, changed LaTeX extension from
      latex to tex (Zeno Gantner)
    - Autocomplete no longer displays the dialog when only one option is
      available (unless 'Autocomplete while typing' is on) (Sam Crawley - #927)

0.59 2010.03.31 
    - Don't crash open file list dialog on unsaved files or without
      files (SEWI)
    - Added a small survey for new Padre installation (SEWI)
    - Resolved the clash between threads and SQLite by temporarily
      disconnecting from SQLite during a thread spawn (ADAMK)
    - Slave master quick-spawning in Padre::Startup, so that
      we get smaller thread spawn memory penalty from the
      interpreter copy. On Win32 the per-thread cost drops from
      34.1meg to 20meg with a reduction in total memory use for a
      typical user of about 20% (ADAMK)
    - Add language names/translated texts to select_language list (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #865 Wrong document type in View Document As (PLAVEN)
    - New Padre::Wx::Display screen geometry library for handling multiple
      screens, weird geometry setups and other weird stuff that coders
      have on their development setups. Padre's main window uses this to
      calculate an elegant golden-ratio uniform-margin default position
      and size (ADAMK)
    - When showing a toolbar panel for the first time, make sure it's lock
      state is consistent with the main_lockinterface config setting (ADAMK)
    - Local file and remote file installation switched from pip to
      cpanm (ADAMK)
    - Completed the 'Insert Special Value' functionality (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated German translation (Zeno Gantner)
    - When refresh_windowlist was sped up, sorting regressed. Fixed (ADAMK)
    - Fixed ticket #889: Padre saves non-ASCII characters as \x{XXXX} (AZAWAWI)
    - New Win32 launcher #677: the Padre process is now named "padre.exe"
      in the Task Manager (instead of wperl.exe) and it embeds the Perl
      interpreter instead of being just a launcher (DOLMEN)
    - On Win32 the manifest file (which tells Windows to use new Vista/7
      styles on such systems) is now embedded as a resource in the binary, so
      any wperl.exe.manifest containing the string 'name="Padre"' is obsolete
      and must be removed (DOLMEN)
    - Fixed ticket #904: Win32 taskbar icon is only 16x16 (Windows 7 may uses
      48x48) (AZAWAWI)
    - Small improvements/fixes to some dialogs: Refactoring, Open URL, Goto,
      Save as, Preferences, Insert File, New Perl Distribution (Zeno Gantner)
    - New document statistics dialog, faster computation of document statistics
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - Added missing File::pushd Padre dependency (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #894: search for non-ASCII characters (Zeno Gantner)

0.58 2010.03.08  **WARNING Still not stable**
    - Fixed "Open File In Existing Padre" for non-win32 (PDONELAN)
    - In advanced preferences, display the storage backend name when it is
      default and 'User' is now called 'Overriden' (AZAWAWI)
    - In advanced preferences, display preferences options for non-boolean
      settings (AZAWAWI) 
    - In advanced preferences, display a True/False radio button for boolean
      settings (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed an incorrect default value display bug in advanced preferences
      when it is toggled (AZAWAWI)
    - In advanced preferences, hide bottom controls at startup (AZAWAWI)
    - In advanced preferences, Set button is hidden when it is a boolean. 
      True/false radio buttons handle the switch instead (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #858 Recent files does not display anything on Padre startup
    - Refresh all menus at startup. This prevents "nothing" open mode (i.e. no
      document) from incorrectly showing an enabled menubar (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre::Util::share() can now get the name of a plugin (e.g. 'Perl6') and
      return the share directory of that plugin (SZABGAB)
    - Removed the unused concept of user-configurable menus, which was slowing
      down a ton of different operations that needed a menu refresh (ADAMK)
    - Removed ->refresh calls during the initial menu construction, as we
      will be refresh'ing again anyway at the end of the startup, and thus
      any work done in the menus is completely wasted CPU (ADAMK)
    - Removed the very expensive window list refresh code from the main menu
      refresh method into it's own dedicated refresh method. We can fire
      this directly in the limited number of situations that the notebook
      adds, removed, or renamed documents (ADAMK)
    - Speed up status bar updates (ADAMK, SEWI)
    - Warning editor markers are now actually orange on win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Landed new and much much faster refresh_windowlist (ADAMK)
    - Fixed ticket #860: Configurable key bindings dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Browse Buttons to External Tools Preference Dialog (PLAVEN)
    - Fixed ticket #863: Continous warnings or prints kill Padre
    - Bumped Wx::Perl::ProcessStream version requirement to 0.25 (AZAWAWI)
    - Added promised PPI lexer configurable max-length limit for azawawi (ADAMK)
    - Fixed ticket #867: Padre dies when hitting Ctrl-. (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #807: F2 is broken (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #835: Function list not populated on initial panel showing
    - Added Turkish translation.

0.57 2010.02.18 - **WARNING Contains new threading code**
    - Spawn a master thread very early in the startup process. Use that
      master to create worker threads as necessary. Cuts down on memory
      usage and fixes the "Leaked Scalars" warning (BRAMBLE, SMUELLER)
    - Fix pluginmanager error dialog for plugin-event failure (BRAMBLE)
    - Add status messages for Padre::File operations (SEWI)
    - Select some files to close (SEWI)
    - Select some files to reload (SEWI)
    - GotoLine is now called Goto dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Goto dialog is now non-modal lazy single instance dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Goto dialog has a current positon/line number field (AZAWAWI)
    - Regex editor dialog is now more compact and it includes regex helper
      buttons (AZAWAWI)
    - Regex editor dialog can now highlight matched text (AZAWAWI)
    - Regex editor dialog can now display regex description (AZAWAWI)
    - Implemented Replace (aka substitution) in Regex editor (AZAWAWI)
    - Right click "Edit with Regex Editor" now works on user-selected
      text (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "headline" method to Padre::Project, which allows a project
      to try and intuit the "primary" file in the project (for a CPAN
      distribution of Foo::Bar this will be lib/Foo/ (ADAMK)
    - Removed the final usage of the "Provider" phrasing, and made more
      of the modules used by the Perl help provider run-time loaded (ADAMK)
    - Moved padre.exe build from bin to win32-loader folder since bin is a
      bad path for putting the Padre win32 launcher code (SMUELLER, AZAWAWI)
    - Added "Open in File Browser" in the File and right-click menu (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "Find in Files" to right-click menu (AZAWAWI)
    - No need to launch a command shell to execute explorer.exe on
      win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "Open with Default System Editor" in "File -> Open..." (AZAWAWI)
    - Implemented padre --reset to flush and reset the current Padre
      configuration in otherwise unrecoverable situations, such as now
      when the Swarm plugin causes the slave-driver code to instantly
      segfault at startup (ADAMK)
    - Add mimetype detection for Template::Toolkit and CSS files (SEWI)
    - Added plugin menu refreshing to the resource locking system (ADAMK)
    - Fixed three cases where code was still manually calling ->Freeze
      and ->Thaw on the main window, breaking the resource locked (ADAMK)
    - Fixed ticket #847: "Implement Mozilla-style about:config for Padre"
    - Fixed ticket #845: Fix relative filenames from commandline (SEWI)
    - Added "Open In Command Line" to File menu (AZAWAWI)
    - Renamed Plugins menus to Tools and moved Preferences into it (ADAMK)
    - Re-implemented the mechanism for generating a human-oriented list of
      window names (ADAMK)

0.56 2010.02.01
    - Plugins may now add their GUI elements to the view menu (SEWI)
    - Padre now displays a dynamic to-do list generated from comments
      in your source code (CORION)
    - Landed new Padre::Startup module which is dramatically faster
      when loading files into an existing Padre via the single instance
      server, and finally provides a mechanism for allowing configuration
      to disable the startup splash image (ADAMK)
    - Changed a few configuration settings to create a more consistent
      naming pattern for them (ADAMK)
    - Audited dependencies and updated a variety of them (ADAMK)
    - Ctrl-Shift-W is now bound to "Close This Project" (ADAMK)
    - Added an option for traceing Padre subroutine calls to the
      developer plugin (SEWI)
    - Uses correct make from for the run menu item -> Build and
      run tests (KTHAKORE)
    - Speedup and less false-shows for autocomplete (SEWI)
    - Speedup while changing tabs (use the correct project dir) (SEWI)
    - Simple refocus on document after command run (KTHAKORE)
    - Fixed ticket #822: main window could be off screen on start (BLAKEW)
    - padre-client allows you to use Padre for commit messages and other
      synchronous edit events (CORION)
    - WIN32, Converted the --desktop registry code to Win32::TieRegistry 
      and removed hardcoded strawberry paths (AZAWAWI)
    - WIN32, padre.exe will run with the same UAC privileges as same as
      the invoker (AZAWAWI)
    - Disable debugger menu items when there is no document (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed a Padre debugger crash when unsaved document is debugged (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed Padre no-document crash with Find Next/Find Previous functionality
    - Make sure that windows context key shows the refactor menu 
      items in the right-click pop-up menu (AZAWAWI)
    - Used Module::CoreList::is_deprecated to display deprecated CORE modules
      in help search title (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre::Util::Win32::ExecuteProcessAndWait doesn't automatically inherit
      the same Cwd as the parent process. Added support for explicit cwd
      parameter and make the syntax checker pass the cwd to it. Syntax checking
      of test scripts and such should now work as intended on Win32(ADAMK)
    - Audit uses of Padre::Util::Win32 to only load it via require. Added a
      TRACE warning to verify it never gets loaded on non-Win32 (ADAMK)
    - Tuned the locking for ->close_where, which should make a variety of
      functions like "Close This Project" and "Close Other Projects"
      noticably faster (ADAMK)
    - Changed func_foo config variables to feature_foo, in anticipation of
      of a future equivalent to the Mozilla "about:config" control (ADAMK)
    - Added feature_cursormemory to allow disabling of Padre's feature to
      remember the location in the file you were scrolled to (ADAMK)
    - Added a fast ascii shortcut to the very slow encode detector. Opening
      files all of a sudden gets much faster if you have ascii files (ADAMK)
    - Bumped ORLite to 1.38 to get faster ARRAY object support and
      Class::XSAccessor acceleration support. If they cause problems,
      these changes can be safely backed out. (ADAMK)
    - Fixed the mass-error-popups on mimetypes without help provider (SEWI)
    - During DB locks (which are the most likely place for things to make
      changes to the database) disable synchronous SQLite writes. This will
      reduce the time that Padre blocks, at the risk of config.db corruption
      if there is a hardware failure or operating system crash. (ADAMK)
    - Fixed ticket #837: padre.exe should be able to be placed in
      c:\strawberry\perl\site\bin (AZAWAWI)
    - Improved "Goto Line" dialog to be smarter with better validation/error
      messages (AZAWAWI)
    - Open Resource can now display Perl package names for matching resources
    - Fixed #838: Author tests should all check RELEASE_TESTING and/or
    - Fixed Regex Editor dialog destruction bug where multiple ->Show and
      ->Destroy could lead to a Padre crash on WIN32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Project detection differentiates between four different subclasses
      of Perl build systems (three of those correctly) (ADAMK)
    - Function List has resource locking around it and properly triggers a
      refresh when we show it for an already open document (ADAMK)
    - "Goto Line" dialog now supports going to lines and positions (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed perl to refactor action prefix for refactor menu for 
      consistency (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #841: Quick Menu Access should show the location of the 
      menu item on the menu system (AZAWAWI)

0.55 2010.01.21
    - Add full list of file types to the View Document As menu (SZABGAB)
    - dist-zilla projects detection finally fixed (#489) (JQUELIN)
    - The directory tree refresh method will shortcut if nothing has
      changed, which should fix a number of bugs relating to the
      directory tree "doing things" when it shouldn't be (ADAMK)
    - Saving files to somewhere other than the current project will now
      correctly flush the document project state, and triggers a directory
      tree flush so that we communicate the change in project (ADAMK)
    - Cloned ORLite::Migrate to a private version as Padre::DB::Migrate
      so we have a better chance of fixing bug #796 (ADAMK)
    - Tentatively fixed #796 by spawning migration scripts in a manner which
      does NOT assume the pre-existance of STDOUT. This is at best a
      short-term hack, because this STDOUT problem is going to come back and
      bite us in other ways in the future, for sure (ADAMK)
    - Tuned the directory tree refresh logic to improve startup speed when
      launching Padre with specific named files to open (ADAMK)
    - Tuned the creation and management of tool widgets to remove the need
      to load or construct tools at startup time that are turned off in the
      user's configuration.
    - Tuned lock-release refresh execution to remove low-level refresh
      methods that are also contained in higher level refresh methods.
    - Removed a superfluous AUI Update from the refresh method (ADAMK)
    - Delay loading some additional GUI classes and objects until they
      definitely needed (ADAMK)
    - Suppress warnings that occur during plugin loading (ADAMK)
    - 'Simple' possible fix for #331 to update the tabs when 'save all' is 
      run in Padre. (PLAVEN)
    - Fixed #819: Don't crash on missing project dir (SEWI)
    - Upgrading --desktop option from VBScript to a new Win32::Shortcut-based
      Padre::Desktop. Desktop link creation works on Vista and newer
      operating systems again (ADAMK)
    - Tuned menubar refresh to only fire if we change document mimetype,
      which saves a ton of CPU and seems to reduce flicker (ADAMK)

0.54 2010.01.07
    - Added experimental support for clickable filenames in Output panel.
      Currently only matches: <error> at <file> line 5. (PDONELAN)
    - If all files are closed, the function list would ->Hide itself
      permanently and never come back. Resolved (ADAMK)
    - Fix perl interpreter selection (SZABGAB)
    - Updated DBD::SQLite dependency to 1.27 and ORLite dependency to 1.30.
      This should now correctly throw an exception on a corrupt padre.db file
      which will cause an immediate crash at startup with a SQLite-related
      error message instead of a secondary error message complaining about
      missing Padre::DB classes (ADAMK)
    - Moved Padre::HelpProvider::Perl to Padre::Document::Perl::Help to
      prevent plugin classes from being scattered all over the namespace
      tree (ADAMK)
    - Moved Padre::QuickFixProvider::Perl to Padre::Document::Perl::QuickFix
      to prevent plugin classes from being scattered all over the namespace
      tree (ADAMK)
    - During shutdown, be more precise about the order in which we clean up
      and be more careful to ensure that ->Update is NOT disabled, to prevent
      segfaults on Windows from the "disabled update at exit" bug (ADAMK)
    - Added the first PROJECT-backend config_perltidy setting, so that
      projects can for the first time define a project tidy policy. This
      project-specific policy isn't being used by the plugin itself yet,
      but this change clears the way for that kind of functionality (ADAMK)
    - Added config_perlcritic configuration setting, so that projects can
      define perlcritic policies (ADAMK)
    - All tests now run without the need for a visible Padre window (ADAMK)
    - Ticket #756: Wx::Perl::ProcessStream 0.24 solved this issue
      Changed the dependency to 0.24 (SEWI)

0.53 2009.12.23
    - Add initial version of a debugger using Debug::Client (SZABGAB)
    - Fix crashes when running refactor actions when there
      is no document (AZAWAWI)
    - Open resource searches now for user selections (AZAWAWI)
    - The Open resource's OK button is disabled when the 
      search results list is empty (AZAWAWI)
    - Help search (F2) now supports *ALL* installed CPAN modules (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed "Syntax Check" focus loss bug while switching tabs quickly
      and a syntax error is in one of them (AZAWAWI)
    - Help search does not block when loading a long help topics
      list (AZAWAWI)
    - Ticket #787: Add a test for breakpoints to testsuite (SEWI)
    - Fixed missing mime type guessing that caused new Padre documents to
      default always to Scintilla (AZAWAWI)
    - Landed new multi-resource locking subsystem. Many operations are now
      prevented from refreshing the GUI multiple times. Startup, shutdown,
      open and close multiple files, session changing all much faster (ADAMK)
    - In Open resource, path is now cleaned from slashes on win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed Padre crash when closing a Perl 5 script tab quickly while syntax
      check is on (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "No errors/warnings to $project-relative-filename" to syntax
      checker. (AZAWAWI)
    - Quick Menu access now displays Padre action label, name and comments
      in an HTML window instead of a static label (AZAWAWI)
    - Make the focus on "Find in files" work when called from Quick menu 
      access dialog (AZAWAWI)
    - Help Search dialog is now bigger in size and fonts. (AZAWAWI)
    - HTML output in help search dialog for Perl variables and functions has now
      bigger bold fonts for title (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed #758: Autocomplete now also works with backspace (SEWI)
    - Ctrl-Tab behaviour is now configurable (SEWI)
    - Rename Padre::Debug to Padre::Logger (SZABGAB)
    - Reuse the comment field of the menu actions and show them in
      the toolbar (SZABGAB)
    - Add comment field to all the menu items that did not have yet (SZABGAB)
    - Integrated Padre::DB into the Padre::Locker API, so that we can do
      (very basic) nested transactions (ADAMK)
    - Audited the startup process for database operations that either weren't
      being done in a transaction, or were doing crazy bizarre things. Startup
      is now noticably faster (ADAMK)
    - Added Preference setting to control autocomplete when editting a
      script rather than a Module. (PLAVEN)      

0.52 2009.12.14
    - Add a plugin hook on change of current editor tab (SEWI)
    - Show the svn revision of Padre's start time at the title bar&about dialog,
      not the current one (SEWI)
    - Fixed: Padre command line arguments work again when using (SEWI)
    - Fixed: Menu options get disabled/enabled as needed again, this also
      fixed ticket #742, #762, #764 and #771 (SEWI)
    - Alt-Left and Alt-Right switch to the neighbor panels which Ctrl-Tab
      uses the last-used order (SEWI)
    - Fix: Double click on the function list jumps to the sub (again) now (SEWI)
    - Added "Save Intution" to the File menu, to automatically save a new
      file wherever Padre is confident it is appropriate (ADAMK)
    - New file creation is now driven by Template Toolkit templates (using
      Template::Tiny). This should allow even basic new file creation to be
      somewhat adaptive to the user or project context (ADAMK)
    - Padre speedup: Limit number of menu bar refreshs (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #790: Ctrl + Caps Lock reduces font size (AZAWAWI)
    - Re-enabled toggle status bar on win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #750: Ctrl-Tab works again (PLAVEN, SEWI)
    - Fixed Padre crash in Module Tools/Install Locale/Module/CPAN config (AZAWAWI)
    - Open Resource restarts search now when project directory or Padre's 
      current directory changes (AZAWAWI)

0.51 2009.12.06
    - Find all option showing all matches in bottom tab (CODE4PAY)
    - Improved FTP error handling (SEWI)
    - Open URLs from command line (SEWI)
    - Configurable location of the 'perltags' file for autocompletion (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #419: find variable declaration does not work at the end of
      a variable (PATRICKAS)
    - Fixed ticket #654: Lexical Rename of Variable - Can't highlight the
      whole variable (PATRICKAS)
    - Improved "Find Method Declaration" based on perltags (SMUELLER)
    - Basic XS-Document support as needed for the full monty in a plugin (SMUELLER)
    - XS (perlapi) calltips based on the perlapi of 5.10.1 
      by default. Can be configured to show the perlapi of any release of
      perl back to 5.6.0 if Padre::Plugin::XS is installed. (SMUELLER)
    - Padre::Action::Queue for auto-processing of Padre actions (SEWI)
    - Perl autocompletion is much more configurable now (SEWI)
    - Indentation auto-detection now skips POD for ::Perl documents (SMUELLER)
    - Find in Files now has a checkbox that shows files that do not match (GARU)
    - Tests which are not needed for end-user installation now in xt (ADAMK)
    - Added a test for actions (SEWI)
    - Re-enabled the beginner error check tests (SEWI)
    - Better focus transitions during search/replace, which should make
      them easier to work with quickly (ADAMK)
    - Rolled back function list improvements that were causing regressions (ADAMK)
    - Added project sub-path intuition when saving new files (ADAMK)
    - Fixed a number of search/replace related bugs (ADAMK)
    - Fixed ticket #421: crash: no documents, F3/F4 (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #678: VACUUM the configuration database at shutdown 
      to keep it small and fast (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #714: [Windows] Have a script to make binary. (AZAWAWI)
    - Styles now allow configuring of the selected text (ADAMK)
    - Upgraded tracing to new Padre::Debug that compiles out when not
      being used. (ADAMK)
    - Make Capture::Tiny a test prereq in order to eliminate a strange 
      test failure (SZABGAB).  
    - Added an initial simplistic mime-type + detector for Template Toolkit (ADAMK)
    - Change Directory label to Project to hint to the user that Padre does
      actually understand the concept of a project, it's just subtle (ADAMK)

0.50 2009.11.08
    - Fixed #686 DocBrowser launching Padre help (BRAMBLE)
    - Add initial version of a regex editor. (SZABGAB)
    - Fixed ticket #728: Changing locale crashes Padre (AZAWAWI)
    - Menubar is now configurable but still lacks a dialog for this (SEWI)
    - Beginner error checks are now configurable (turn each single one on
      or off) (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #710: share/doc/perlopref.pod missing author/license (AZAWAWI)
    - Added basic FTP-remote-editing capability (SEWI)
    - Initial version of "Find Method Declaration" (SZABGAB)
    - Timeouts an other options for Padre::File::HTTP and ::FTP are now
      configurable (SEWI)

0.49 2009.11.02
    - Fixed #691: Extract subroutine does not work for a script without
      subroutines (PLAVEN)
    - Bugfix: The split-beginner-error check got false positives (SEWI)
    - Moved more menu actions to independent actions (SEWI)
    - Added a readonly flag to the taskbar (AGN)
    - Fixed #698: Syntax checker leaks files in tmpdir (SEWI)
    - Syntax checker now also shows a successful check (SEWI)
    - Added menu option to reload all open files (SEWI)
    - The current selection or document may be filtered through an external
      command now (SEWI)
    - Low-priority popup messages could be moved to the status bar by setting
      a preferences option (SEWI)
    - require IPC::Open2 and IPC::Open3 as they are both used in the code (SZABGAB)
    - Improved autocomplete (always) results (SEWI)
    - Run make and TDD-tests in one step (KTHAKORE)
    - Padre is now an XP-themed win32 application (AZAWAWI)
    - Auto-save session state is now possible (SEWI)
    - Auto completion usability fixes (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre syntax images are now 16x16 transparent PNG images instead of 14x7 
    - Fixed ticket:372 "window list should be sorted alphabetically" (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "shorten common path in window list" to preferences (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket:709 "Show editor window listed by project, then project-
      relative path" (AZAWAWI)
    - Added a test to run Padre's beginner error checks on the Padre source (SEWI)
    - Config option for auto-cleanup of files during save for supported
      document types (SEWI)
    - Modules/Plugins could now add their panels to the global preferences (SEWI)
    - Workaround for Test::NoWarnings hiding issue which lead to missing
      prerequisites or upgrades (#646 SZABGAB)

0.48 2009.10.12
    - "Last session" now restores the last state even if Padre crashed and not
      the last stated saved by a planned exit (SEWI)
    - Fixed Wx::Perl::ProcessStream installation failure on vista/win7 by
      upgrading to 0.16 (AZAWAWI, Mark Dootson - mdootson)
    - Fixed the error dialog so that it displays the error icon (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #292: "Split window" command does not work by removing
      the non-working feature (AZAWAWI)
    - Added examples for Perl newbies (SEWI)
    - Added a search field for functions list accessible via ALT-N (AZAWAWI)
    - Added random instance ID (SEWI)
    - Added multiple events per action (SEWI)
    - Fixed win32's context menu key to work exactly as the right click behavior 
      or ALT-/ (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #598: CTRL-L kills clipboard (AZAWAWI)
    - Case sensitive was labeled case insensitive in replace, fixed. (SEWI)
    - Windows filename test doesn't run on darwin (Mac) any longer and runs as TODO
      because a failure must not stop the Padre installation. (SEWI)
    - Padre::File::HTTP uses environment settings for proxy (SEWI)
    - First real working version of the PopularityContest - module (SEWI)
    - Smart highlighting works now in realtime as you select text (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #611: File | Open does not support UNC path (AZAWAWI)
    - Save session now suggest the name of the last opened session for saving (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #627: Suggestion: Make it possible to copy 'Syntax Check'
      messages (AZAWAWI)
    - Require version 0.20 of Wx::Perl::ProcessStream to fix #628 (AZAWAWI, SZABGAB)
    - Fixed ticket #493: splash image license not suitable for Debian (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed t/86-service.t to work again on win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #314: Padre broken on MS Vista when starting with no file
      to be opened (AZAWAWI)
    - Added a 'padre --desktop' option that improves Padre-Windows integration.
      This creates a desktop shortcut and an "Edit with Padre" in the shell 
      context menu (AZAWAWI)
    - Made beginner error checks report the line where an error was located (SEWI)
    - Fixed: Syntax checker now only shows errors from current file (SEWI)
    - padre --version displays a MessageBox under wperl.exe (AZAWAWI)
    - Option to continue on beginner errors (SEWI)
    - Made title bar configurable (SEWI)
    - Autocomplete on every char (enable it in the preferences) (SEWI)
    - Add logfile so the developer debugger of padre will print there
      and not on STDERR. (SZABGAB)
    - Show file size on disk in statistics (SEWI)
    - Under Linux and BSD, 'padre --desktop' adds a Padre.desktop inside
      /usr/share/applications (AZAWAWI)
    - When saving a module for the first time, Padre will attempt to guess the
      name of the file so you don't need to type it (ADAMK)
    - Added "Dump Expression" to Developer Plugin to evaluate and dump a single
      expression within the Padre context (ADAMK)
    - Perl interpreter for running scripts is now configurable (SEWI)
    - Added MIME type count to PopularityContest, but it's still not sending
      anything (SEWI)
    - Added a runnable-flag to Padre::File and it's current modules (SEWI)
    - Syntax check now doesn't slow down typing (SEWI)
    - Add autocomplete feature for new methods (SEWI)
    - Update directory tree on load session (SEWI)
    - New Padre launcher for Windows (DOLMEN)
    - Fixed Open Resource status text display on Linux (AZAWAWI)
    - Added configuration version checking and prepared auto-config-upgrades (SEWI)
    - The Perl help search (F2) destroyed the code refernce calling it, so F2
      was usable only once per Padre start, may also apply to other actions.
      Fixed. (SEWI)
    - Ticket #660 - Moved Perl Refactoring tools to it's own Refactor Menu (PLAVEN)
    - Added the ability to select where to place the "extracted subroutine" in the current
      document (PLAVEN)

0.47 2009.09.25
    - Bundled more Perl Operators documentation [perlopref.pod] (AZAWAWI, COWENS)
    - Fixed crash when inserting a special value without any document (AZAWAWI)
    - Improved StatusBar - speed (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #573 ESC does not close About window (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #578 Padre's Splash screen should not get in the way (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #579 Commenting/uncommenting comments the last unselected 
      line (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #576 common (beginner) error check has no feedback if no
      errors found (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Padre::File as a API for all operations on edited files (SEWI)
    - Added 13-eol.t to detect non-UNIX EOL-ed files in Padre (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "Open URL" menu option (SEWI)
    - Added Padre::File::HTTP (SEWI)
    - No more "WIN32" as a line ending indicator only "WIN" (AZAWAWI)
    - The status bar provides more space to display longer mime-type names (AZAWAWI)
    - The status bar reflects now the current document's line endings as
      follows (AZAWAWI):
        - WIN (CR/LF), MAC (CR), UNIX (LF)
        - Mixed, a mixture of the above which is usually an error
        - None which is a one-liner/empty script
    - Beautified the about dialog so that it is includes the splash image. (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #589 Pasting in a UNIX document in win32 corrupts it to
    - Added more beginner-error-checks (SEWI)
    - Improved Perl menu to be more consistent (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #504 and ticket #586 which are basically about being able to
      lexically rename a variable when the cursor is over its declaration (AZAWAWI)
    - Added "Dump PPI Document" to "Padre Developer Tools" core plugin (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Run/Stop icons to the toolbar per ticket #529 (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #595 F6 (Stop Executing of script) doesnt work with Output
      window in Windows (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #597: Merged OS detection in Padre::Constant (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #594: F1 key doesn't work (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #593: On Windows, files with / and \ are now the same
      and files are treated case-insensitive (AZAWAWI, SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #591: Save/Save as decision was corrupt (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #582: Run this test/Run Tests are broken on win32 when there
      is a space in the test file (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #553: Directory browser's "Move to trash" feature is not
      working on Vista/win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Massive refactoring of Plugin Manager. Looks almost exactly the same
      but now the status information actually updates properly (ADAMK)
    - Added a padre.exe launcher on win32 (SEWI, GETTY, AZAWAWI)
    - Reformat filenames to correct OS-dependend syntax (AZAWAWI, SEWI)
    - Moved add Win32 API functions to one module (AZAWAWI, SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #488: allow script to recognize when executed by Padre (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre now uses cperl() console instead perl() for compatiblity with
      wperl (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Perl version, uptime and process information to about box (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #603: Background tasks fail to work under wperl win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Added option to open a saved session on startup (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #580: On win32, Perl 5 syntax checker is invoked in strange 
      situations (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre now warns about the running process at exit and asks whether to kill 
      it and exit or cancel the shutdown (AZAWAWI)
    - Removed false warnings about duplicated actions/shortcuts when changing 
      Padre's language (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #394: Close DocBrowser with Escape key (AZAWAWI)

0.46 2009.09.13
    - Fixed Smart highlighting to show a pale green round box instead of an 
      ugly squiggle (AZAWAWI)
    - Run script waits now after completion for key to continue when run in an
      external win32 window (AZAWAWI).
    - Padre now supports the following extensions:
        - For Perl 5, .pmc and .plx (AZAWAWI, SZABGAB)
        - For Perl 6, .pl6, .pm6, .p6l and .p6m (AZAWAWI)
    - Help search handles now http:// and perldoc:// links (AZAWAWI)
    - Enabled "Syntax Check" tab is now shown when there is a problem without
      losing editor focus (AZAWAWI)
    - Handle "Recent files" Padre crash when it is called with a file that no 
      longer exists. The entry is deleted and a message box is shown (AZAWAWI)
    - Added a "extract subroutine" function (RHEBUS)
    - Handle "Open all Recent Files" Padre crash when setup_editor is called 
      with a file that no longer exists (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #536 Padre auto converts EOLs automatically (AZAWAWI)
    - Pod::Perldoc 3.15 is required now. Allowing help on $. and similar. (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed Arabic/Hebrew developer/translator names in Padre's about box (AZAWAWI)
    - Bundled more Perl Operators documentation [perlopref.pod] (AZAWAWI, COWENS)
    - Made beginner-error-checks work (SEWI)

0.45 2009.09.02
    - Disabled 'Test Plugin From Local Dir' menu option until it's properly fixed (GARU)
    - Fixed PluginManager Pod glitch for deprecated Perl5 plugin (ADAMK)
    - Fixed various open bugs which exist on Gnome but not on Windows (SEWI)
    - Several translation updates (thanks to all translators!)

0.44 2009.08.24
    - Help Search now supports perlopref.pod parsing - Perl operator reference 
    - Fixed various "Help Search" dialog bugs for perlvars and CORE modules 
    - "Directory Browser" stability fixes (AZAWAWI)
    - Refactored "Help Search" to use document help providers. This will make it
      faster (AZAWAWI)
    - Help Search looks up words selected or under the cursor (AZAWAWI)
    - allow the use of $main->open_file_dialog($dir) (SZABGAB)
    - Moved Ecliptic's Quick Fix to Padre core under the Edit menu (AZAWAWI)
    - Enable the F12 Save as shortcut again (SZBAGAB)
    - Added Perl 5 Quick Fix for 'use strict; use warnings;' (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Insert submenu and dialog, moved snippets into insert submenu (TEEJAY)

0.43 2009.08.16
    - Revised nice splash screen slightly. Move original artwork
      to Padre-Artwork (BRAMBLE)
    - Added a (hopefully) nice splash screen for Padre (GARU)
    - Added a Padre::Perl API for discovering the location of the system
      Perl in a way smart enough to handle people that specifically need a
      command line Perl, or specifically need a windowing Perl (ADAMK)
    - Temporarily remove PAR support (ADAMK)
    - Upgrade the plugin internals to support arbitrary class names,
      simplifying the implementation and clearing the way for
      Acme::Padre::Plugin::* modules. (ADAMK)
    - Updated PPI dependencies. Padre now supports 5.10 syntax in PPI-based
      features (ADAMK)
    - Find dialog now uses the Padre::Search API. (ADAMK)
    - New multiple-tabbed About box (ADAMK)
    - F3 with sub-line selected text converts it directly into an active
      search without needing to invoke the Find dialog (ADAMK)
    - Moved Perl 6 Help dialog to Padre core as "Help/Help Search" (AZAWAWI)
    - Help/Help Search now supports Perl 5 (AZAWAWI)
    - Moved Ecliptic's Open Resource to Padre core as "Search/Open Resource" 
    - Moved Ecliptic's Quick Menu Access to Padre core as "Search/Quick Menu 
      Access" (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed run command in a separate window bug on win32 (AZAWAWI)
    - Moved Ecliptic's "Open in file browser" to Padre core as "File/Open in 
      File Browser" and integrated it with Directory browser (AZAWAWI)
    - Moved functionality in Perl 5 plugin to Plugins -> Module Tools (ADAMK)
    - Implemented "Edit / Next Problem" (AZAWAWI)
    - Force setting of document (MIME) type when using New->Perl 5 test 
      (#476) (KARL.FORNER) (SZABGAB)
    - Make sure coloring is update when save-as file or when opening a new
      file from template. (SZABGAB)

0.42 2009.07.31
    - Fixed a bug that crashed Padre while moving panels with outline
      enabled (GARU)
    - The Directory browser hidden files support now automatically
      recognises intermediate directories (blib etc) in Perl distributions,
      and correctly ignores them (ADAMK)
    - Various performance improvements to directory tree (ADAMK)
    - New search engine coupled to directory tree with some regex
      characters support (GABRIELMAD)
    - Initial Padre actions support which means an action can be re-used 
      by anything running on Padre. Keyboard shortcut conflict warnings are
      implemented (AZAWAWI)
    - Added the "Artistic" and "COPYING" (GPLv1) files as well a note to the
      "README" about licensing per the request of the maintainers. (SHLOMIF)
    - Added a "right margin" option which will show a line at the specified
      column (BRICAS)
    - Now new files belong to the project from where they were created till
      they are saved (GABRIELMAD)
    - Directory Tree shows the project directory or if none file is opened
      the default projects directory (configurable in Preferences > Behavior
    - none configured, default is user's documents directory) (GABRIELMAD)
    - Install some of the examples in the share directory and add an
      Open Example menu option (SZABGAB)
    - Adding Padre::Wx->add_pane_info convenience method to prevent the need
      for the stupid ugly Wx::AuiPaneInfo method chaining (ADAMK)
    - Create the Left panel and moved the Directory tool into it (ADAMK)
    - Upgrade Wx tree navigation to handle detached floating panels (ADAMK)
    - Implemented Smart Highlighting. Double click on a word to select it
      and a green squiggle will be shown for each matching word (AZAWAWI)
    - Now users can choose which is the project directory that Directory
      Tree must show (GABRIELMAD)
    - Moved close operations into Close... submenu (ADAMK)
    - Added "Close This Project" to close all open files in the same project
      as the current file (ADAMK)
    - Added "Close Other Projects" to close all open files in projects other
      than the project of the current file (ADAMK)
    - Changed a bunch of documentation from using items or comma-separation
      to using =head3 pod entries (ADAMK)
    - Adding new Blue Morpho logo (ADAMK)
    - Removed dependency on, it was only there to shut up the
      DIE: warnings (ADAMK)
    - Removed dependency on Test::Most, and with it about 5-10 other excessive
      test-related dependencies (ADAMK)

0.41 2009.07.23
    - Remove Experimental mode.
    - Fixed a bug in Plugin config_write where ->selectrow_array was used 
      instead of ->do to SQL update (Thanks to tlbdk++). (AZAWAWI)
    - run_command in a separate window now works in win32 to support 
      prompt('...') in Perl 6 and <STDIN> in Perl 5. (AZAWAWI)
    - Now Padre can find/replace inside selections (GARU)
    - New Syntax highlighter configuration system. Plugins now can add more
      syntax highlighters and users can pick one per mime-type. (SZABGAB)
    - Directory browser new artwork and drag and drop support (GABRIELMAD)

0.40 2009.07.17
    - Removed about 10 dependencies, including several with lots of FAIL
      reports in CPAN Testers (ADAMK)
    - Complete refactoring of the Directory Browser, gaining a lot of 
      performance improvements and new features such as sorted output
      and context menu options (GABRIELMAD)

0.39 2009.07.09
    - Some of the refactoring code was moved to PPIx-EditorTools (MGRIMES)
    - Detection of Moose attributes in Outline view (JQUELIN)
    - Detection of MooseX::POE events in Outline view (JQUELIN)
    - Added keywords to META.yml (via Makefile.PL.) (SHLOMIF)
    - Bumped the required Test::More version to 0.88 - needed for note().
    - Open Selection (ctrl-Shift-O) now displays all the files it finds
      and lets the user select (SZABGAB)
    - Eliminate crash when pressing F3/F4 while there are no open
      files (#421) (SZABGAB)
    - Enable/Disable Window menu options when there are (no) open
      files. (#417) (SZABGAB)
    - For Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All, use the focused textctrl instead
      of the editor textctrl (RSN)
    - Autoupgrade ascii files to be utf-8 on save if user types in wide
      characters (#304) (SZABGAB)
    - Allow the user to use external (xterm) to run the scrips. (SZABGAB)
    - Add menu option to show selection as hexa or as
      decimal. (#36) (SZABGAB)
    - Switch to Locale::Msgfmt and generate the .mo files at install
      time (RSN)
    - Add number of lines to GoTo line dialog (#439) (SZABGAB)

0.38 2009.06.27

    - Replace regex that needs 5.10 by a split (SZABGAB)

0.37 2009.06.25
    - "Introduce Temporary Variable" refactoring tool (SMUELLER)
    - Added a friendly icon on the toolbar to toggle comments (GARU)
    - Crazy Win32::API AllowSetForegroundWindow hack to allow the
      Single Instance Server to correctly foreground itself (ADAMK)
    - Added Padre::Search search and replace API (ADAMK)
    - Switching to last edited file is now Ctrl-Shift-p (SZABGAB)
    - Be compatible with older version of File::Path (RYAN52)
    - Links to Mibbit were replaced by links to our irc.html (SZABGAB)
    - Merged the code of Padre::Plugin::Encode into Padre (SZABGAB)
    - Update directory only when switching to new editor (SZABGAB)

0.36 2009.05.30
    - DocBrowser::POD resolver is now Pod::PerlDoc with benefits
      DocBrowser attempts to use current padre locale as language hint
      DocBrowser reuses tabs for same/similar documents (#323) (Andrew Bramble)
    - Make DocBrowser suck less. Quieter and faster (#322) (Andrew Bramble)
    - Output should be blank by default at startup (#351) (JQUELIN)
    - No padre version in window title (#349) (JQUELIN)
    - Added generic HTTP task support with Padre::Task::LWP (ADAMK)
    - Implemented first-generation Popularity Contest task (ADAMK)
    - Reorganized and differentiated Find and Replace dialogs (#348) (THEREK)
    - Add a set of filename wildcards to filter directory listing in Open File dialog (#343) (THEREK)
    - Add Chinese (Traditional) translation (BLUET)
    - Show Perl menu on a Project as well as Document basis (ADAMK)
    - Disable all Perl 6 code unless the Perl 6 plugin is enabled (ADAMK)
    - Reshuffle and relabel of some menus to improve asthetics (ADAMK)
    - Fix no_refresh during multi-file operations (ADAMK)
    - Added "Live Support" entries to the Help menu (ADAMK)
    - Removed the use of Class::Autouse, it was slowing down PPI (ADAMK)
    - Various performance improvements, load cost down by 12Mb (ADAMK)
    - Fixed the cut/copy/paste problem (#332) (ADAMK)

0.35 2009.05.08
    - Add Japanese translation (ISHIGAKI)
    - Implemented experimental Single Instance support (#117) (ADAMK)
    - Implemented context-sensitive right-click menu for Perl documents (SMUELLER)
    - Ctrl-left-click on a Perl variable will jump to its definition (SMUELLER)
    - Ctrl-left-click on a Perl function callwill jump to its definition (SMUELLER)
    - Left-clicks into documents can now be hooked by the document class (SMUELLER)
    - Fix to the thread-status display (SMUELLER)
    - Fixed ticket #300: disabled EVT_SET_FOCUS in preview (THEREK)
    - Fixed ticket #289: Scrolling in preference window (PZSCHMIDT)
    - Fixed ticket #301: Fix wx assertion failures (JQUELIN, SMUELLER)
    - Launching a browser now happens in the background (ADAMK)
    - Add Czech translation

0.34 2009.04.28
    - Fix crash in plugin manager when changing locale while window opened (#298) (JQUELIN)
    - Support for plugin l10n in place (JQUELIN)
    - Added Preferences->Run Parameters panel instead of Perl->Run Parameters menu option. (THEREK)
    - Stop refreshing the menues on every keystroke. Instead when the menu is being accessed. (SZABGAB)
    - Sessions support (#123) (JQUELIN)
    - Enable tooltips on the toolbar on Windows as well (SZABGAB)
    - Fix localization change in the Syntax window (#198) (SZABGAB)
    - Plugin manager correctly localized at startup (JQUELIN)
    - Plugin manager displaying full plugin names (JQUELIN)
    - Set file size limit to 500_000 to avoid loading too big files. (#186) (SZABGAB)
    - Double-clicking on an error now selects the line (#214) (JQUELIN)

0.33 2009.04.04
    - Fix bug in relative path showing in the Windows menu. (GARU)
    - Fix the swicthing between ppi mode and none-ppi mode (SZABGAB)
    - Stop forking at startup. (SZABGAB) 
    - Skip the win32 subtests if the locale is not English. (SZABGAB)
    - Added debug logging that can be turned on/off via the Developer plugin. (SZABGAB)
    - Simplified Chinese translation turned on. (FAYLAND, SZABGAB)
    - Added Polish translation. (THEREK)
    - Revamped plugin manager. (JQUELIN)

0.32 2009.03.29
    - Trying to fix again the skipping of Padre::CPAN under the CPAN shell.

0.31 2009.03.29
    - Avoid creating the ~/.padre during testing by two more tests. (SZABGAB, thanks to AYILMAZ)
    - Skip testing Padre::CPAN as it cannot be loaded under CPAN. (SZABGAB, thanks to AYILMAZ)
    - Fix the Directory browser to switch between projects. (SZABGAB)
    - Add "Run Tests" menu options to, err run tests. (SZABGAB)
    - Work around painful segmentation faults from multiply freeing
      AuiManagers (SMUELLER)
    - Lexical variable replace works for arrays and hashes in all their
      ugly incantations now (SMUELLER)
    - Re-enable the taskmanager tests after fixing them. (SMUELLER)

0.30 2009.03.27
    - Remove Test::Compile from the prereqs as well as it is not in use. (SZABGAB)
    - New GUI for selecting and installing CPAN modules. (SZABGAB)
    - CPAN related menu items moved to new Perl5 plugin (SZABGAB)
    - (Re-)Storing cursor position in file (#206) (JQUELIN)
    - Reload file keeps cursor position (#220) (JQUELIN)
    - Preferences windows title should match its menu invocation (#270) (JQUELIN)
    - Fix error if passed a non-existent filename on command-line (#155) (JQUELIN)
    - New task_warn/task_print methods in background tasks to easily
      print to the output pane (SMUELLER)
    - Fix bug in lexical variable declaration search that would prevent
      it from finding variables declared in the main doc scope (SMUELLER)
    - Lexical variable replace works for foreach my $foo too. (SMUELLER)

0.29 2009.03.13
    - Initial support for directory browser based on the Outline code (SZABGAB)
    - Improving Padre::Util::get_project_dir (SZABGAB)
    - Eliminate a test failure on non-English locale. (SZABGAB)
    - Internal cleanups & documentation for configuration subsystem (JQUELIN)
    - Require Test::Most for the testing and bail_on compilation errors. (SZABGAB)
    - Eliminated a huge memory leak by not updating the plugin menu on every keystroke. (SZABGAB)

0.28 2009.03.04
    - Move Wx::Perl::Dialog back to the Padre tree. (SZABGAB)
    - Allow the shortening of the the file list in the Window menu. (SZABGAB)
    - Fix Ctrl-TAB and Ctrl-Shift-TAB. (SZABGAB)
    - List the available perldiag translations and allow the user to change. (SZABGAB)
    - Fix a few missed cases of the API change. (SZABGAB)
    - Some sharedir improvement. (SMUELLER)
    - List of available perldiag translations. (SZABGAB)
    - Add prompt method to be used by plugins as well. (SZABGAB)

0.27 2009.02.10
    - Copyright changed to "The Padre development team as listed in" (SZABGAB)
    - Some fixes in the search menu.
    - Improve file type (Perl 5 / Perl 6 ) recognition. (SZABGAB)
    - Fix the Windows menu to be able to jump to files. (SZABGAB)
    - Statusbar visibility kept accross startup (#200). (JQUELIN)

0.26 2009.02.01
    - On X11 based platforms, selecting text using the mouse and pasting it
      via middle mouse button now works (HJANSEN)
    - Unifying Padre->inst and Padre->ide (ADAMK)
    - Complete rewrite of the configuration layer. All access to configuration
      data is now via methods so that we can add support for project-level
      customisation of the interface. (ADAMK)
    - Completely refactored all of the config setting names (ADAMK)
    - Added first-class configuration support for Plugins (ADAMK)
    - Moved config data on bookmarks, plugins and historical search/replace
      strings out of the config file and into the database. (ADAMK)
    - The output window now understands the color and font-face
      related ANSI control sequences (SMUELLER)
    - The long-awaited -> (ADAMK)
    - Heavily modified many variables and method names to bring a greater
      simplicity and consistency to various APIs. Only possible because
      we were already breaking the config system and (ADAMK)
    - Removed some classes and other code that had (astonishingly for such a
      young application) become useless and bit-rotten (ADAMK)
    - Added styles for text/x-patch, text/x-makefile, text/x-yaml,
      text/css, text/plain(apache conf) file types (KEEDI)
    - Now style config file supports foreground, background, bold,
      italic, eolfilled, underline properties (KEEDI)
    - Output window now uses mono-spaced font by default (SMUELLER)
    - The 'Crashed' button in the plugin manager dialog is now
      clickable if an explanation for the failure is
      available (SMUELLER)

0.25 2009.01.09
    - Added Chinese (Simplified) translation (FAYLAND)
    - Various subtle tweaks to the look and feel of the toolbar and
      the panels. The GUI now looks noticably "sharper" (ADAMK)
    - Expanded the variety and depth of functionality available in the
      bundled "Padre Developer Tools" plugin (ADAMK)
    - Our unattributed redistribution of tango was probably illegal,
      and made us incompatible with Debian. Switch to gnome for
      now. They are as ugly as sin, but at least they're legal (ADAMK)
    - All big MainWindow gui elements are now in their own classes,
      which should help us spread out feature logic properly (ADAMK)
    - Moved Padre::Plugin::CPAN functionality into the core so that
      we can do various sorts of tighter CPAN integration (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Wx::DocBrowser now uses Padre::Task::DocBrowser (let's 
      hope properly) (Andrew Bramble)
    - Class correction Padre::Wx::Menu -> Padre::Wx::Menubar (ADAMK)
    - Class correction Padre::Wx::Submenu -> Padre::Wx::Menu (ADAMK)
    - Now that Padre::DocBrowser has landed, delete the Padre::Pod
      family of modules (ADAMK)
    - Automatic indentation style detection now the default (SMUELLER)
    - User interface now "locked" by default (SMUELLER)
    - Updated Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Addition of contextual (un-) commenting (CLAUDIO)

0.24 2009.01.06
    - Double-clicking an entry in the function list now faithfully
      matches the behaviour of the Ultraedit implementation (ADAMK)
    - Updated German translation (HJANSEN)
    - Replace Padre::Pod::Frame with Padre::Wx::DocBrowser, hopefully
      making help more helpful. (Andrew Bramble)
    - Moving to the glorious RFC4646-based second-generation Padre::Locale
      implementation. "Portugese" is no longer Brazilian :) (ADAMK)
    - Added a friendly icon to the ToolBar that displays the status
      (idle, running, high load) of the background tasks (SMUELLER)
    - Created Padre::Current, which should simplify everything that needs
      to know about the current whatever (ADAMK)
    - Used Padre::Current to kill off the slightly out of place non-class
      Padre::Documents (ADAMK)
    - View Document As... (FAYLAND)

0.23 2009.01.04
    - Updated Italian transation.
    - Refactored the plugin state hash out into a standalone
      Padre::PluginHandle class (ADAMK)
    - Add naive way to locate some of the annoying errors beginners
      might make that perl does not catch. (SZABGAB)
    - Makefile.PL tricks EU:MM into not loading every single dependency,
      making our dependency-heavy Makefile.PL far saner (ADAMK)
    - Portuguese (Brazilian) translation added (GARU)
    - Spanish translation added (PacoLinux)
    - Shutdown process now delays saving the session until after the
      interface phase (ADAMK)
    - Shutdown process now disables all the plugins, so they have a
      change to shut down elegantly too (ADAMK)
    - Plugins now reload correctly (ADAMK)
    - Created a basic stub Padre::Manual and moved the information in
      HACKING.txt into Padre::Manual::Hacking and
    - Padre::Manual::Translation (ADAMK)
    - Moved more bits of GUI code out of MainWindow and into their own
      classes (ADAMK)

0.22 2008.12.23
    - Various Perl6 and Parrot related snippets of code and
      functionality have been moved to the respective
      plugins (SZABGAB and others)
    - Extended preference dialog with tabs (HJANSEN)
    - Syntax checker now running in the background (SMUELLER)
    - Background Tasks can now prevent execution in the prepare
      hook (SMUELLER)
    - Added interface for passing events from worker threads to the
      main thread (SMUELLER)
    - Added simple example of a Task that sends events to the
      main thread (SMUELLER)
    - Tab/Space conversion only converts at the start of each
      line now (SMUELLER)
    - Improved comment/uncomment_lines for HTML/XML (FAYLAND)
    - Rewrote Padre::Wx::Dialog::PluginManager to interact directly with
      Padre::PluginManager (and not talk to Padre::Config) (ADAMK)
    - Migrated Padre::DB to use ORLite::Migrate instead of the
      (increasingly slow) ->setup method (ADAMK)
    - Allow several coloring styles, add style called 'night' (SZABGAB)
    - Right-click menu in margin column for code folding now
      allows to fold/unfold all foldable areas (HJANSEN)
    - Error list window for run-time errors and diagnostics (PSHANGOV)
    - Arabic translation added (AZAWAWI)
    - Italian translation updated (SBLANDIN)
    - Improved Ack (FAYLAND)
    - Allow selection of editor font and current line background 
      color (HJANSEN)
    - Hebrew translation updated (SHLOMIF)
    - Upped Encode requirement to 2.26, fixes some fatal errors with unicode (TEEJAY)
    - binmode fix for File::Temp" in (TEEJAY)

0.21 2008.12.14
    - Note: If you are having issues running Padre after upgrading to 0.21,
      ("Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_window_set_modal: assertion `GTK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed")
      try moving or deleting your $HOME/.padre directory and check
      whether that fixes the issues. YMMV and let us know about any
    - Now using Module::Install for building (ADAMK, SMUELLER, SZABGAB)
    - Fixed bookmark-related crash (#172) (SvenDowideit)
    - Fixed syntax-checker related focus glitch (#173) (SvenDowideit)
    - Removed JavaScript plugin from the main distribution (SZABGAB)
    - Major menu refactoring. Each menu is now implemented in a seperate
      class, with independant ->refresh methods and much improved
      encapsulation as a result. (ADAMK)
    - Rewrote the Padre bootstrap sequence. Not only does Padre start in
      a more sane order, but with some additional tweaks using
      ->Show, ->Freeze and ->Thaw, Padre LOOKS like it starts up
      and shuts down much much faster (ADAMK)
    - Reorganised the order and seperators for the View menu (ADAMK)
    - The Plugins menu no longer shows separators that don't separate
      anything (ADAMK)
    - Padre's lib directory now passes all of the rules in Perl::Critic's
      default Severity 5 policy. (ADAMK)
    - Changed the names of a number of Padre::Wx::*** classes to more-closely
      match the underlying Wx::*** classes that they subclass. (ADAMK)
    - Option to always auto-detect indentation style and adapt for each
      open document. (SMUELLER)
    - Default to showing functions in alphabetical order. (SMUELLER)
    - Option to show functions in alphabetical order, except private methods
      go last. (SMUELLER)
    - A bunch of autoindentation fixes. (SMUELLER)
    - AUI updates to the syntax-checker/output-window GUI elements (HJANSEN)
    - Various portability and miscellaneous fixes to the syntax checker
    - Add new Perl-specific feature: "Jump to variable declaration"
      and the experimental "replace lexical variable". (SMUELLER)
    - The Perl-specific "find unmatched brace" feature now processes
      the document in the background. (SMUELLER)
    - Generic Padre::Task::PPI class with tools for PPI-related
      background tasks. (SMUELLER)
    - Experimental implementation of the Padre::TaskManager thread pool
      and Padre::Task background-task-interface for running blocking
      tasks in additional threads. (SMUELLER)
    - Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Show methods in abc order. Allow user to set preference to 'abc' or 'original'
      ordering of methods. (#163) (SZABGAB)
    - Open selection prompts user if nothing selected. (#143) (JQUELIN)
    - Russian translation added (Andrew Shitov)
    - Dutch translation added (Dirk De Nijs)
    - Lots and lots of encoding tweaks.

0.20 2008.12.02
    - Separate tab-width from indentation-level preference (SMUELLER)
    - Expend auto-detection of indentation style to include the
      indentation level (SMUELLER)
    - Apply automatic tab-compression if tab-indentation is used with
      an indentation-width != tab-width (SMUELLER)
    - Reworked the autoindentation: Now with auto-de-indentation on
      closing brace (SMUELLER)
    - Now using Class::XSAccessor for generating accessors (SMUELLER)
    - Moved the syntax checker from into
      Padre::Wx::SyntaxChecker (SMUELLER)
    - Small improvement to startup time by not refreshing the plugin
      menu after loading each plugin (SMUELLER)
    - French translation added (JQUELIN)
    - Some refactoring, (SZABGAB)
    - Display error when reload file failed. (SZABGAB)
    - Korean updates. (KEEDI)
    - Hungarian updates. (GYU)
    - Fix the "cannot save new file bug". (TEEJAY)
    - Save files under Mac. #160 (ChrisDolan)
    - Restore inner window layout through restart. (HJANSEN)

0.19 2008.11.28
    - Korean translation added (KEEDI)
    - Hungarian translation added (GYU)
    - Hebrew translation added (Omer Zak)
    - Improvement in vi Plugin (SZABGAB)
    - Locale switching no longer needs a restart (HJANSEN)
    - Moved syntax checking out from experimental state (HJANSEN)
    - Prototype of printing support (HJANSEN)
    - Adding support for document type registration (ADAMK)
    - Adding plugin_name to the Padre::Plugin API (ADAMK)
    - Advancing the version numbers of some prereqs (ADAMK)
    - Save files in the same encoding as they were read.

0.18 2008.11.23
    - Added a few more directories to the no_index list in Build.PL (ADAMK)
    - Implement a reusable Padre::Pod2HTML class so that Padre can develop
      a specific look and feel for all HTML generated from Pod. (ADAMK)
    - Aggresively bump the Pod::Simple dependency so that the generated
      HTML contains support for all the latest developments. (ADAMK)
    - Add explicit dependency on HTML::Entities because Pod::Simple
      has now made the dependency optional. (ADAMK)
    - Aggressivly bump the HTML::Parser dependency so that we have
      better support for our Unicode-needing users (ADAMK)
    - Recognize when file is changed on disk (#55) (JQUELIN)
    - Un/Comment now filetype-dependant (#26) (JQUELIN)
    - Moving the vi keybinding code to a Plugin (SZABGAB)
    - Jump to the last open window using menu or Ctrl-6 (#137) (SZABGAB)
    - Hide the margin of the syntax checker when it is not in use. (SZABGAB)
    - Save-as updates the window menu (#145) (JQUELIN)
    - Drag and drop file(s) open them (#42) (SZABGAB,JQUELIN)
    - padre --index no longer crashes (#79) (JQUELIN)
    - Incremental, non-intrusive search a-la Firefox (#60) (JQUELIN)
    - New Plug-in system, incompatible with the previous one.
    - Plug-in manager dialog.
    - Rename Padre::Plugin::MY to Padre::Plugin::My.

0.17 2008.11.17
    - Optional highlighting of current line (via background color) (HJANSEN)
    - Code folding (#61) (HJANSEN)
    - Word Wrap and "Default word wrap on for each file" in Preferences (FAYLAND)
    - Show/Hide Output or Functions (FAYLAND)
    - Fix the failing plugin manager test. (SZABGAB)
    - Add configuration option to the autoindentation (no, same_level, deep). (SZABGAB)
    - Switch to File::ShareDir::PAR 0.03. (SZABGAB)
    - Allow opening multiple files at once (#43) (JQUELIN)
    - Add Padre::Plugin::MY and set it to be a prefered plugin. (SZABGAB)
    - Join lines with Ctrl+J (#128) (JQUELIN)
    - Full screen view (#131) (JQUELIN)
    - Hide/show white spaces and tabs (#132) (JQUELIN)
    - Check minimum App::Ack version (#104). (JQUELIN)
    - Selection markers to ease selection (#133) (JQUELIN)
    - Drag-n-drop files from Filer Explorer (CORION)
    - Add experimantal and basic vi mode. (SZABGAB)
    - Fix Shift-TAB (#141) (SZABGAB)
    - Add the beginning of second generation plugin support. (ADAMK)
    - Limit the plugin names to one deep only. Second level
      namespaces are saved for the implementation details. (SZABGAB)
    - Experimental perl -c based syntax checking. (HJANSEN)
    - Clean recent files list (#126). (FAYLAND)
    - Open all recent files (#125). (FAYLAND)
    - Alt-1, Alt-2, etc removed. (#122) (SZABGAB)
    - Initial Javascript support. (FAYLAND)
    - Enable/Disable the subs window via View menu (#100).
    - Move between the editor, the output window
      and the subs window with some hot-key (#14) (SZABGAB)

0.16 2008.11.09
    - Fix New on the Toolbar (SZABGAB)
    - Add Diff menu item to show changes in file. (SZABGAB)
    - Change windowing system to AUI solving several requests: (SZABGAB)
      Split view
      Tab reordering
      Tab close button
    - Localization and German translation. (HJANSEN)
    - Move the content of Padre::Wx::Dialog to Wx::Perl::Dialog 0.02 (SZABGAB)
    - Change back the new-file hot-key to be Ctr-N again. (SZABGAB)
    - Add experimental PPI based Perl5 syntax highlighting (FAYLAND, SZABGAB)
    - Save cursor position between runs of Padre. (FAYLAND)
    - Tab/space conversion menu items. (FAYLAND)
    - Upper/Lower case conversion menu items. (FAYLAND)
    - New icons on the toolbar adding undo/redo/cut/cop/paste/select all. (HJANSEN)
    - Also put cut/copy/paste/select all in the edit menu and in the right click menu. (HJANSEN)
    - Move Parrot plugin to separate distribution. (SZABGAB)
    - Enable switching between German and English. (SZABGAB)

0.15 2008.11.02
    - Don't let opening file that is already open. (SZABGAB)
    - Start UTF-8 support. (SZABGAB)
    - Switch to File::ShareDir::PAR (SMUELLER)
    - Start using File::Which to locate the perl interpreter
      (if padre is running from a par archive). (SZABGAB)
    - Fix the Split Window menu option to really work. (SZABGAB)
    - Adding "Close All but Current" menu option. (SZABGAB)
    - Add autoindentation. (SZABGAB)
    - Set focus on windows. (SZABGAB)
    - Before saving, check if file has changed on disk. (SZABGAB)
    - New menu option: "Reload file". (SZABGAB)
    - Move style definition to external yaml file. (SZABGAB)
    - Separate highlighting definition for PASM files. (SZABGAB)
    - Reorganize Menus (make the Perl menu really only perl specific). (SZABGAB)
    - Allow the execution of PASM files using parrot if PARROT_PATH
      is defined. (SZABGAB)
    - Load Parrot::Embed if it is available. (SZABGAB)
    - Add Padre::Plugin::Parrot to show how to use pir for plugin writing. (SZABGAB)
    - Allow execution of Perl 6 code using Rakudo. (SZABGAB)
    - Add copyright/license to all the .pm files as per Debian request. (SZABGAB)
    - Ctrl-T is the default new file hot-key just as in Firefox. (ADAMK)
    - Dialog cleanups. (SMUELLER, ADAMK, SZABGAB)
    - Replace the toolbar icons with icons from the Tango project. (SZABGAB)

0.14 2008.10.27
    - Skip the Test::Compile test if the module is not installed. (SZABGAB)
    - Make the add/remove Perl menu work without warnings. (ADAMK + SZABGAB)
    - Make brace matching (Ctrl-1) jump to the matching brace. (SZABGAB)
    - Allow preference to use tabs (or spaces) when pressing TAB. (SZABGAB)
    - Add automatic brace highlighting during. (SZABGAB)

0.13 2008.10.26
    - fix warning when closing Padre with no files open (BRICAS)
    - close lone unused document when opening a recent file (now works the same
      as file->open) (BRICAS)
    - SplitWindow widgets are now used properly (ADAMK)
    - Show Output nows correctly hides away the output window when non-visible (ADAMK)
    - Refactored out output window to Padre::Wx::Output (ADAMK)
    - General refactoring pass over Padre::Wx (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Wx forces all the Wx::wxCONSTANT values to be populated,
      so that we don't need all the use Wx qw{ wxCONSTANT } imports (ADAMK)
    - Make it clear in the main window title if running from SVN checkout (ADAMK)
    - Add Padre::PluginBuilder for Padre plugins with extra build targets (SMUELLER)
    - Create dialog abstraction in Padre::Wx::Dialog. (SZABGAB)
    - Lots of refreshing related fixes. (SZABGAB)
    - Create Padre::Documents to return the current or any other document object. (SZABGAB)
    - Stop importing Wx directly in the Padre::Wx:: modules. (SZABGAB)
    - Compile all modules if Test::Compile is available during tests. (SZABGAB)
    - Save button on toolbar is working now when the current document needs saving. (SZABGAB)
    - Use binmode :raw in order to help Windows when opening and writing files
      fixing the bug that we used to change the newline types whem editing on Windows. (SZABGAB)
    - Run Script did not work bug fixed #76 (SZABGAB)
    - chdir to directory to be executed with Run Script #69 (SZABGAB)

0.12 2008.10.23
    - All changes below this point by SZABGAB unless noted.
    - Stupid bugs left in 0.11 reported by Brian Cassidy.

0.11 2008.10.23
    - Updated ORLite dependency to 0.14 for create => 1 support (ADAMK)
    - Rewrote Padre::DB to auto-configure directly from Padre::Config (ADAMK)
    - All DBI code converted to Padre::DB calls (ADAMK)
    - Removed minor use of Class::Accessor to reduce memory overhead,
      namespace pollution and dependency count (ADAMK)
    - Removed some superfluous code from the PIR/PASM/Perl6 documents (ADAMK)
    - Cleaned up (and shrunk the code for) the bootstrap sequence (ADAMK)
    - Moved the "recent files" internal state into the database (ADAMK)
    - Removed index pointers unrelated to the IDE from (ADAMK)
    - Transaction-wrap exiting to make it much much faster (ADAMK)
    - Adding shortcut methods for popup messages/errors (ADAMK)
    - Optimised away the non-Wx non-class Padre::Wx::Execute (ADAMK)
    - Created Padre::Wx::History::TextDialog so we can have a dialog
      box that defaults to whatever the last answer was. (ADAMK)
    - Some clean up in the FindDialog window with abstraction.
    - Add support to Module::Starter and make it to be a prereq.
    - Add all the perl functions to the Calltip keyword list and move
      it to a yaml file.
    - Fix several bugs that were probably introduced after 0.10.
    - Turn the color definition of the syntax highlighting into a hash
      for easier maintenance.
    - Lots of code refactoring.

0.10 2008.09.22
    - Improve the search tool (include backward search).
    - Allow keeping the search window open (or close it and use F3).
    - Shift-F3 to jump backwards.
    - Add Search and Replace and global search and replace.
    - Setup mapping of file extensions to mime-types and to color coding.
    - Clean up the MainWindow module, move code to Document and Document::Perl.
    - Implement an experimental PASM, PIR and Perl 6 highlighting.
    - Allow experimental code to allow the user to execute code within Padre.
    - Report if file could not be saved and keep it in unsaved state (bug #74).
    - Separate the Padre::Install module from Build.PL.
    - Set default mime-type of new files to be perl.
    - Change mime-type when saving file to the appropriate new mime-type.

0.09 2008.09.17
    - Move various relevant menu items into a "Window" menu (ADAMK)
    - Rename "Enable CallTip" to "Show Call Tips" for consistency (ADAMK)
    - Adding more menu seperators to improve the visual look (ADAMK)
    - Always show status bar on Win32, as removing it breaks (ADAMK)
    - Added experimental Padre::Document::Perl (ADAMK)
    - Added experimental PPI intergration (ADAMK)
    - Experimental menu refresh closer to being usable (ADAMK)
    - Split out Wx-related utility functions into Padre::Wx (ADAMK)
    - Adding common platform-detection logic to Padre::Util (ADAMK)
    - If we start with a new file and then open another one,
      implicitly close the unused new file (ADAMK)
    - Some dialog cleanups.
    - Make sure we can build stand alon executable for Linux.
    - Remove Ctrl-Shift-Z from redo as Ctrl-Y already works.

0.08 2008.09.11
    - Add Ctrl-Shift-O to open a file based on the selection in the current window.
    - Enable ack integration even though it is not nice yet but it is working.
    - Use real Wx:AboutDialogInfo for the about box.
    - Hide method names (in the method window) when they don't start on the first column.
    - Add menu option to close all buffers.
    - Escape $ signs by default so they will not interpolate during search.
    - Open file now opens in the directory where the current file is.
    - Add Bookmarks.
    - Add toolbar with several icons. Tested on Windows as well.
    - Add icon for the application.
    - Enable/disable regex in search.
    - Add menu option to convert line endings.
    - Replace relative path with full path on the command line.
    - Implement basic CallTips and add menu option to enable/disable them.

0.07 2008.09.04
    - Allow the user to change the width ot TABs as they are displayed.
    - Separate the code to show the preferences window to the Padre::Wx::Preferences module
    - Separate code to Padre::Wx::Menu, Padre::Wx::Execute, Padre::Wx::Help
    - Allow spliting windows to see two parts of the same document
    - Add Zoom-in/Zoom-out/Zoom-reset menu options to change the zoom on all documents
    - Allow the use of PAR files as plugins (SMUELLER)
    - Stop jumping on selection movement in the list of methods frame.
    - Remove Padre::Demo and distribute it separately as Wx::Perl::Dialog. Make Padre depend on it.
    - Update the status when the mouse is moved
    - Update status works on Windows now.
    - Require threaded perl as there is experimental code in Padre to use ack.
    - Depend on App::Ack.
    - Depend on PAR.
    - Clean up the par generation.
    - Lots of code cleanup.

0.06 2008.08.28
    - Add some "new file" templates
    - Temporarily remove the toolbar
    - Change behavior of Padre::Demo, add wxer command line interface
    - Remove Demo::App
    - Padre::Demo add dir_selector() and password()
    - Update list of methods on save as well #54 (vincent)
    - Change the list of subs on the right hand side to be sorted
    - Set Alt-S to jump to the subs list
    - Deal with newlines in files
    - Lots of refactoring (ADAMK)
    - Remember that application was maximized (ADAMK)
    - Better choice of default size (ADAMK)
    - Adding a separate compilation test script (ADAMK)
    - Adding a ORLite interface to the database Padre::DB (ADAMK)
    - Include authors tests for Perl critic and POD in xt/ directory
    - Make commenting out and uncommenting out atomic in the undo buffer
    - Replace string search by regex search, change the GUI
    - Add case insensitive search
    - Limit the max number of recent files to 20

0.05 2008.08.17
    - First stab at autocompletition using Ctrl-P. (SZABGAB)
    - Allow opening files without extensions (on non-ms-windows systems). (SZABGAB)
    - Cleaning up to comply with perlcritic default settings. (ADAMK)
    - Adding basic "project" support. (ADAMK)
    - Adding Module::Inspector as prereq. (ADAMK)
    - Replace YAML with YAML::Tiny (ADAMK)
    - Moved bin/padre to script/padre. (ADAMK)
    - Moving all globals into a unified object tree. (ADAMK)
    - Created standalone Padre::Config (ADAMK)
    - Show the filetpe in the status bar. (SZABGAB)
    - remove Devel::PerlySense as prereq for now. (SZABGAB)
    - List functions of the current file on the right panel. (SZABGAB)
    - Syntax highlighting of more file types (PATSPAM)

0.04 2008.08.08
    - Add Devel::PerlySense as prereq
    - Stop checking for wx version for now
    - Change the create_makefile_pl to passthrough as the traditional did
      not do the extra work done by Build.PL
    - Mark the buffer that is unsaved with a star.
    - Stop saving the content of the loaded file and use GetModify
      to find out if the file has been modifyed since last save
    - Replace the search_term by search_terms in the config file
    - Allow remembering of search terms
    - Replace the text dialog by a full dialog box and a Wx::ComboBox
    - Setup using trac
    - Move the repository to

0.03_02 2008.08.03
    - Add experimental code for plugins
    - Add experimental version of Padre::Plugin::PAR
    - Fix the shortcuts of some of the menues in windows, thanks to Octavian Rasnita
    - Replace the AppendSubMenu calls by Append calls to support older version of wxWidgets

0.03_01 2008.07.31
    - Experimental code in Build.PL to avoid test failures when wxWidgets is too old.
    - Added ToolBar
    - Experimental code to install non-perl files and then use find them using File::ShareDir

0.03 2008.07.28
    - Fix many issues reported by Octavian Rasnita
    - Rename some internal modules to get full indexing

0.02 2008.07.26
    - First public release under the name Padre
    - Slow improvements
    - Nothing special or ground breaking to mention

0.01 2008.07.20
    - First version