Revision history for PkgConfig

0.07320 2014-05-06
  - Use .pc files from Strawberry Perl on MSWin32 + Strawberry Perl

0.07220 2014-04-26
  - fix possible 6.2 incompatability
  - remove unintentional new line from default paths on Debian

0.07120 2014-03-26
  - documentation tweak to improve Kwalitee score

0.07020 2014-03-25
  - use the same search path as the pkg-config normally used on these
      Debian Linux
      Debian kFreeBSD
      RedHat/CentOS/Fedora Linux
      * FreeBSD 10 doesn't support PKG_CONFIG_DEBUG_SPEW so I can't verify
        the path there, but the path is correct for FreeBSD 9
    Non .deb or .rpm based Linux distributions are not detected and will 
    use the default non-platform specific search path.  .rpm based 
    distributions other than RedHat/CentOS/Fedora may be misidentified 
    as one of those.  Patches to correct unidentified or misidentified 
    platforms would be eagerly received.
    this is a significant change in behavior, but arguably a useful one
  - add file_path option for loading specific .pc file

0.06420 2014-02-13
  - use ; instead of : for PKG_CONFIG_PATH on MSWin32
  - support --exact-version, --atleast-version and --max-version
    (at least enough to suppor ExtUtils::PkgConfig)
  - Fix Libs.private property and therefore --static option which
    was being hidden due to a bug
  - ExtUtils::PkgConfig compatability

0.06320 2014-02-08
  - explicitly require Perl 5.6 (was already an undeclared requirement)
  - include licensing meta data and LICENSE file
  - make tests less verbose (copius diagnostics were obsecuring warnings)

0.06220 2014-02-06
  - on MSWin32 require a more recent version of Archive::Tar that supports
    symlinks (used by the tar in the test directory).  On other platforms,
    any version of Archive::Tar will do.

0.06120 2014-02-05
  - use dedicated lock instead of tar for tests because
    Archive::Extract sometimes wants to lock the tar too (plicease)

0.06020 2014-02-04
  - avoid infiniate loop on windows (GH#8 plicease)
  - install script as ppkg-config (everywhere) and (non-windows) (GH#7 plicease)
  - removed non-core dependencies (GH#4 plicease)
  - support for --variable (GH#5 Sanel Zukan)

0.05020 2012-03-08
  - release

0.04020 2012-02-27
  - release

0.03_0  Feb 18 2012
        Implemented user-defined variables and cleaned up variable

0.01_0    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.