Changelog for WebService-Lobid-Organisation

0.0042 2019-01-11
 - new attributes api_status and use_ssl, fallback on non-https URL

0.0041 2019-01-09
 - new attribute "provides"

0.004 2019-01-09
 -  new API, use https, new format and names
    (lon, addressCountry, addressLocality)
    no more Wikipedia Entry in API result (Peter Mayr)

0.001 2016-11-16T12:24:01
 - nue Plugin InstallGuide, remove TravisYML (Peter Mayr)
 - aktuelles dist::zill installieren (Peter Mayr)
 - added ChangelogFromGit::CPAN::Changes (Peter Mayr)
 - Update README.pod (Peter Mayr)
 - updated licence information (Peter Mayr)
 - README.pod instead of (Peter Mayr)
 - more perldoc (Peter Mayr)
 - get Address, set flag 'found' true|false, added test (Peter Mayr)
 - Update (Peter Mayr)
 - ReadmeFromPod raus wegen Path::Class Abhängigkeit (Peter Mayr)
 - added main module (Peter Mayr)
 - added test prereq (Peter Mayr)
 - cd (Peter Mayr)
 - trigger travis (Peter Mayr)
 - Travis config (Peter Mayr)
 - HTTP::Tiny verwenden (Peter Mayr)
 - no https (Peter Mayr)
 - typo in README (Peter Mayr)
 - parse latitude/longitude (Peter Mayr)
 - rename Module (Peter Mayr)
 - rename (Peter Mayr)
 - rename according to CPAN conventions (Peter Mayr)
 - add tests (Peter Mayr)
 - Parse JSON Response (Peter Mayr)
 - use http because, in order to use this url for the construction of the
   identifier (Peter Mayr)
 - Prereqs (Peter Mayr)
 - initial setup (Peter Mayr)
 - Backupdateien (Peter Mayr)
 - Initial commit (Peter Mayr)