Revision history for Perl extension Apache::FileManager.

0.01  Thu Jun 20 07:17:25 2002  Philip Collins
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
  -AX -n Apache::FileManager

0.02  Fri Jun 21 10:30:55 2002  Philip Collins
  - made javacript control cut / copy buffer so module user does not 
    need to call the constructor before sending the header anymore.
  - added rsync functionality
  - checked for null filenames with javascript in rename and mkdir actions
  - updated documentation

0.03  Fri Jun 21 11:00:11 2002  Philip Collins
  - added prerequisite modules to 'PREREQ_PM' in Makefile.PL.

0.04  Fri Jun 21 04:30:00 2002 Philip Collins
  - let user upload filenames with dashes in them.
  - show javascript not enabled warning message
  - show cookies not enabled warning message 
  - alert user when trying to copy, or cut 0 selected files.
  - got rid of stringify & destringify functions as well as
    MIME::Base64 and Storable libs since they aren't used anymore.
  - added confirm dialog to 'go live!' button.
  - bold faced path location to make it more noticable.
0.05  Tues Jun 25 08:00:00 2002 Philip Collins
  - fixed javascript checkbox array bug occuring when only 0 or 1 files 
    where viewable in a single directory.
  - copy/cut buffer is erased after pasting files.
  - show alert when nothing to paste.

0.06  Fri Jun 28 08:05:20 Philip Collins
  - Add perl module prerequisite documentation (request from Hardy)
  - Add prerequisite Apache::File in use statment and makefile.