0.12 2005-05-31

+ New ``registries'': 
   1) AFNIC (through web services, domain check only)
   2) Gandi (through web site, domain nameservers update only)
+ New transport: SOAP (HTTP/HTTPS only)
+ New transport: Web (Web Scraping)
+ New protocol: Gandi Web Site (domain update only)
+ New protocol: AFNIC web services (domain check only)
+ New way of using profiles in Net::DRI::Registry : an auto switch functionnality is provided
    so that the calling app does not have to call target() explicitely over and over
    (see README for details)
- BUGFIX for RRP : order of elements is now exactly as specified by standard
- BUGFIX for Net::DRI::DRD in host_is_mine: parameters (warning not triggered in some perls)
- BUGFIX for Net::DRI::DRD in err_invalid_domain_name/err_invalid_host_name: correct message 
                                               & really raise an exception if a problem is found !
- BUGFIX for Net::DRI::DRD in check_name: correct count of dots
+ Net::DRI::Transport::Socket : require on the protocol connection class to make sure it works
- DOCFIX for Net::DRI::Data::Hosts (a ] was missing for the ref array of IPs)
+ New tests for Net::DRI::Protocol::RRP::Connection, Net::DRI::Protocol::AFNIC::WS::Message,
   Net::DRI::Protocol::Gandi::Web::Message, Net::DRI::Protocol::Gandi::Web::Connection
- BUGFIX : no more warnings in tests, we use the TODO block of Test::More

0.11 2005-04-25

+ POD NAME section for each file with a short description
- BUGFIX for VERSION (. missing)
+ New files: Changes, TODO
= No changes in code

0.10 2005-04-24

= First version on CPAN