Revision history for Perl extension BerkeleyDB.

0.01  23 October 1997
	* first alpha release as BerkDB.

0.02  30 October 1997
	* renamed module to BerkeleyDB	
	* fixed a few bugs & added more tests

0.03  5 May 1998
	* fixed db_get with DB_SET_RECNO
	* fixed c_get with DB_SET_RECNO and DB_GET_RECNO
	* implemented BerkeleyDB::Unknown
	* implemented BerkeleyDB::Recno, including push, pop etc
	  modified the txn support. 

0.04  19 May 1998
	* Define DEFSV & SAVE_DEFSV if not already defined. This allows
	  the module to be built with Perl 5.004_04.

0.05  9 November 1998
	* Added a note to README about how to build Berkeley DB 2.x
	  when using HP-UX.
	* Minor modifications to get the module to build with DB 2.5.x

0.06  19 December 1998
	* Minor modifications to get the module to build with DB 2.6.x
	* Added support for DB 2.6.x's  Concurrent Access Method, DB_INIT_CDB.

0.07  21st September 1999
	* Numerous small bug fixes.
	* Added support for sorting duplicate values DB_DUPSORT.
	* Added support for DB_GET_BOTH & DB_NEXT_DUP.
	* Added get_dup (from DB_File).
	* beefed up the documentation.
	* Forgot to add the DB_INIT_CDB in in previous release.
	* Merged the DBM Filter code from DB_File into BerkeleyDB.
	* Fixed a nasty bug where a closed transaction was still used with
	  with dp_put, db_get etc.
	* Added logic to gracefully close everything whenever a fatal error
	  happens. Previously the plug was just pulled.
	* It is now a fatal error to explicitly close an environment if there
	  is still an open database; a database when there are open cursors or
	  an open transaction; and a cursor if there is an open transaction.
	  Using object destruction doesn't have this issue, as object
	  references will ensure everything gets closed in the correct order.
	* The BOOT code now checks that the version of db.h & libdb are the
	  same - this seems to be a common problem on Linux.
	* MLDBM support added.  
	* Support for the new join cursor added.
	* Builds withe Berkeley DB 3.x
   	* Updated dbinfo for Berkeley DB 3.x file formats.
	* Deprecated the TxnMgr class. As with Berkeley DB version 3,
	  txn_begin etc are now accessed via the environment object.