Revision history for Perl extension BerkeleyDB.

0.29  2nd July 2006 

        * Fixes for cursor get from secondary where primary os recno.

        * Added db_compact

0.28  11th June 2006 

        * Fixes for secondary where primary is recno.

        * GET_BOTH_RANGE wasn't working. It is now.

        * Added FreeBSD hints to README - patch supplied by David Landgren
          in #17675 from

0.27  1st Novemver 2005 

        * Added support for Berkeley DB 4.4

        * Fixed secondary key issue with recno databases

        * Added libscan to Makefile.PL

        * Fixed a problem in t/subdb.t that meant it hung on Win32.

        * The logic for set_mutexlocks was inverted when using Berkeley DB 4.x
          Bug spotted by Zefram <>

        * Transactional rename/remove added.
          Patch supplied by Zefram <>

0.26  10th October 2004

        * Changed to allow Building with Berkeley DB 4.3

        * added cds_lock and associated methods as a convenience to allow
          safe updaing of database records when using Berkeley DB CDS mode.

        * added t/cds.t and t/pod.t

        * Modified the test suite to use "-ErrFile => *STDOUT" where 
          possible. This will make it easier to diagnose build issues.

	* -Errfile will now accept a filehandle as well as a filename
          This means that -ErrFile => *STDOUT will get all extended error
          messages displayed directly on screen.

	* Added support for set_shm_key & get_shm_key.

	* Patch from Mark Jason Dominus to add a better error message
	  when an odd number of parameters are passed to ParseParameters.

	* fixed off-by-one error in my_strdup

	* Fixed a problem with push, pop, shift & unshift with Queue &
	  Recno when used in CDS mode. These methods were not using
	  a write cursor behind the scenes. 
	  Problem reported by Pavel Hlavnicka.

0.25  1st November 2003

	* Minor update to dbinfo

	* Fixed a bug in the test harnesses that is only apparent in
	  perl 5.8.2.  Original patch courtesy of Michael Schwern.

0.24 27th September 2003

        * Mentioned comp.databases.berkeley-db in README

        * Builds with Berkeley DB 4.2

        * The return type for db->db_fd was wrongly set at DualType -
          should be int.

0.23 15th June 2003

        * Fixed problem where a secondary index would use the same
          compare callback as the primary key, regardless of what was
          defined for the secondary index. 
	  Problem spotted by Dave Tallman.

        * Also fixed a problem with the associate callback. If the value
          for the secondary key was not a string, the secondary key was
          being set incorrectly. This is now fixed.

        * When built with Berkeley DB 3.2 or better, all callbacks now use
          the BackRef pointer instead of the global CurrentDB. This was
          done partially to fix the secondary index problem, above.

        * The test harness was failing under cygwin. Now fixed. 

        * Previous release broke TRACE. Fixed.

0.22 17th May 2003

        * win32 problem with open macro fixed.

0.21 12th May 2003

        * adding support for env->set_flags 
	* adding recursion detection
	* win32 problem with rename fixed.
	* problem with sub-database name in Recno & Queue fixed.
	* fixed the mldbm.t test harness to work with perl 5.8.0
	* added a note about not using a network drive when running the
	  test harness.
	* fixed c_pget
	* added BerkeleyDB::Env::DB_ENV method
	* added support for encryption
	* the dbinfo script will now indicate if the database is encrypted
	* The CLEAR method is now CDB safe.

0.20 2nd September 2002

        * More support for building with Berkeley DB 4.1.x
        * db->get & db->pget used the wrong output macro for DBM filters 
          bug spotted by Aaron Ross.
	* db_join didn't keep a reference to the cursors it was joining.
          Spotted by Winton Davies.

0.19 5th June 2002
        * Removed the targets that used mkconsts from Makefile.PL. They relied
          on a module that is not available in all versions of Perl.
        * added support for env->set_verbose
        * added support for db->truncate
        * added support for db->rename via BerkeleyDB::db_rename
        * added support for db->verify via BerkeleyDB::db_verify
        * added support for db->associate, db->pget & cursor->c_pget
        * Builds with Berkeley DB 4.1.x

0.18 6th January 2002
        * Dropped support for ErrFile as a file handle. It was proving too
          difficult to get at the underlying FILE * in XS.
          Reported by Jonas Smedegaard (Debian powerpc) & Kenneth Olwing (Win32)
        * Fixed problem with abort macro in XSUB.h clashing with txn abort
          method in Berkeley DB 4.x -- patch supplied by Kenneth Olwing.
        * DB->set_alloc was getting called too late in BerkeleyDB.xs. 
          This was causing problems with ActivePerl -- problem reported
          by Kenneth Olwing.
        * When opening a queue, the Len proprty set the DB_PAD flag. 
          Should have been DB_FIXEDLEN. Fix provided by Kenneth Olwing.
        * Test harness fixes from Kenneth Olwing.

0.17 23 September 2001
        * Fixed a bug in BerkeleyDB::Recno - reported by Niklas Paulsson. 
        * Added log_archive - patch supplied by Benjamin Holzman
        * Added txn_discard
        * Builds with Berkeley DB 4.0.x

0.16 1 August 2001
        * added support for Berkeley DB 3.3.x (but no support for any of the
          new features just yet)

0.15 26 April 2001
        * Fixed a bug in the processing of the flags options in
        * added support for set_lg_max & set_lg_bsize
        * allow DB_TMP_DIR and DB_TEMP_DIR
        * the -Filename parameter to BerkeleyDB::Queue didn't work.
        * added symbol DB_CONSUME_WAIT

0.14 21st January 2001
        * Silenced the warnings when build with a 64-bit Perl.
        * Can now build with DB 3.2.3h (part of MySQL). The test harness
          takes an age to do the queue test, but it does eventually pass.
        * Mentioned the problems that occur when perl is built with sfio.

0.13 15th January 2001
        * Added support to allow this module to build with Berkeley DB 3.2  
        * Updated dbinfo to support Berkeley DB 3.1 & 3.2 file format
        * Documented the Solaris 2.7 core dump problem in README.
        * Tidied up the test harness to fix a problem on Solaris where the
          "fred" directory wasn't being deleted when it should have been.
        * two calls to "open" clashed with a win32 macro.
        * size argument for hash_cb is different for Berkeley DB 3.x 
        * Documented the issue of building on Linux.
        * Added -Server, -CacheSize & -LockDetect options 
          [original patch supplied by Graham Barr]
        * Added support for set_mutexlocks, c_count, set_q_extentsize,
          key_range, c_dup
	* Dropped the "attempted to close a Cursor with an open transaction"
	  error in c_close. The correct behaviour is that the cursor
	  should be closed before committing/aborting the transaction.

0.12  2nd August 2000
	* Serious bug with get fixed. Spotted by Sleepycat.
	* Added hints file for Solaris & Irix (courtesy of Albert Chin-A-Young)

0.11  4th June 2000
	* When built with Berkeley Db 3.x there can be a clash with the close
	* Typo in the definition of DB_WRITECURSOR
	* The flags parameter wasn't getting sent to db_cursor
	* Plugged small memory leak in db_cursor (DESTROY wasn't freeing
	* Can be built with Berkeley DB 3.1
0.10  8th December 1999
	* The DESTROY method was missing for BerkeleyDB::Env. This resulted in
	  a memory leak. Fixed.
	* If opening an environment or database failed, there was a small 
	  memory leak. This has been fixed. 
	* A thread-enabled Perl it could core when a database was closed. 
	  Problem traced to the strdup function.

0.09  29th November 1999
        * the queue.t & subdb.t test harnesses were outputting a few
          spurious warnings. This has been fixed.

0.08  28nd November 1999
	* More documentation updates
	* Changed reference to files in /tmp in examples.t
	* Fixed a typo in softCrash that caused problems when building
	  with a thread-enabled Perl.
	* BerkeleyDB::Error wasn't initialised properly.
	* ANSI-ified all the static C functions in BerkeleyDB.xs
	* Added support for the following DB 3.x features:
	    + The Queue database type
	    + db_remove
	    + subdatabases 
	    + db_stat for Hash & Queue

0.07  21st September 1999
	* Numerous small bug fixes.
	* Added support for sorting duplicate values DB_DUPSORT.
	* Added support for DB_GET_BOTH & DB_NEXT_DUP.
	* Added get_dup (from DB_File).
	* beefed up the documentation.
	* Forgot to add the DB_INIT_CDB in in previous release.
	* Merged the DBM Filter code from DB_File into BerkeleyDB.
	* Fixed a nasty bug where a closed transaction was still used with
	  with dp_put, db_get etc.
	* Added logic to gracefully close everything whenever a fatal error
	  happens. Previously the plug was just pulled.
	* It is now a fatal error to explicitly close an environment if there
	  is still an open database; a database when there are open cursors or
	  an open transaction; and a cursor if there is an open transaction.
	  Using object destruction doesn't have this issue, as object
	  references will ensure everything gets closed in the correct order.
	* The BOOT code now checks that the version of db.h & libdb are the
	  same - this seems to be a common problem on Linux.
	* MLDBM support added.  
	* Support for the new join cursor added.
	* Builds with Berkeley DB 3.x
   	* Updated dbinfo for Berkeley DB 3.x file formats.
	* Deprecated the TxnMgr class. As with Berkeley DB version 3,
	  txn_begin etc are now accessed via the environment object.
0.06  19 December 1998
	* Minor modifications to get the module to build with DB 2.6.x
	* Added support for DB 2.6.x's  Concurrent Access Method, DB_INIT_CDB.

0.05  9 November 1998
	* Added a note to README about how to build Berkeley DB 2.x
	  when using HP-UX.
	* Minor modifications to get the module to build with DB 2.5.x

0.04  19 May 1998
	* Define DEFSV & SAVE_DEFSV if not already defined. This allows
	  the module to be built with Perl 5.004_04.

0.03  5 May 1998
	* fixed db_get with DB_SET_RECNO
	* fixed c_get with DB_SET_RECNO and DB_GET_RECNO
	* implemented BerkeleyDB::Unknown
	* implemented BerkeleyDB::Recno, including push, pop etc
	  modified the txn support. 

0.02  30 October 1997
	* renamed module to BerkeleyDB	
	* fixed a few bugs & added more tests

0.01  23 October 1997
	* first alpha release as BerkDB.