2.015 3 September 2008

      * Makefile.PL
        Backout changes made in 2.014

  2.014 2 September 2008

      * Makefile.PL
        Updated to check for indirect dependencies.

  2.012 15 July 2008

      * No Changes

  2.011 17 May 2008

      * No Changes

  2.010 5 May 2008

      * Fixed problem that meant Perl 5.10 could not upgrade this module.
        [RT #35341]

  2.009 20 April 2008

      * Minor documentation issue with flush.
        [ #31446]

  2.008 2 November 2007

      * Minor documentation changes in README

  2.007 22 September 20007

      * lib/Compress/ -- 1.x Backward Compatability issues
        gzclose - documented return value was wrong, should be 0 for ok.
        gzflush - return value didn't match 1.x, should return 0 if ok.
        [ #29215] and Debian bug #440943

  2.006 1 September 20007

      * Makefile.PL
        Added INSTALLDIRS directive to install as a core module when built
        on a perl >= 5.9.

      * t/03zlib-v1.t
        Fixed crc32 and adler32 tests in to remove ascii assumption.

      * lib/Compress/
        Make gzreadline not support $/, just like in Compress::Zlib 1.x
        Folk who want $/ with readline support can get it in 
        [ #28663] and Debian bug #435656
  2.005 18 June 2007

      * Added info about removing Compress::Zlib version 1, before
        installing version 2. 

  2.004 3 March 2007

      * rewrote memGzip using IO::Compress::Gzip::gzip

  2.003 2 January 2007

      * Added explicit version checking

  2.002 29 December 2006

      * Documentation updates.

      * Fix append mode with gzopen. 24041

      * Allow gzopen to read from and write to a scalar reference.

  2.001 1 November 2006

      * Remove beta status.

  2.000_14 26 October 2006

      * No changes.

  2.000_13 20 June 2006

      * No changes.

  2.000_12 16 April 2006

      * Fixed gzread to zap the output buffer to an empty string when zero
        bytes are requested. This matches the behaviour of C::Z 1.x

  2.000_11 10 April 2006

      * No changes.

  2.000_10 13 March 2006

      * Changed gzread so that its behaviour matches C::Z::gzread 1.x if it
        is called after eof. In this case it will write an empty string
        into the output parameter. This change is solely for backward
        compatability reasons.

  2.000_09 3 March 2006

      * Posted to CPAN

  2.000_08 2 March 2006

      * Breakout zlib specific code into separate modules.

      * Limited support for reading/writing zip files

  2.000_06 5 October 2005

      * Added eof parameter to Compress::Zlib::inflate method.

      * Fixed issue with 64-bit

  2.000_05 4 October 2005

      * Renamed IO::* to IO::Compress::* & IO::Uncompress::*

  2.000_04 23 September 2005

      * Fixed some more non-portable test that were failing on VMS.

      * fixed problem where error messages in the oneshot interface were
        getting lost.

  2.000_03 12 September 2005

      * Fixed some non-portable test that were failing on VMS.

      * Fixed export of zlib constants from the IO::* classes

  2.000_02 6 September 2005

      * Split Append mode into Append and Merge

      * Fixed typos in the documentation.

      * Added pod/FAQ.pod

      * Added libscan to Makefile.PL

      * Added InputLength for IO::Gunzip et al

  2.000_01 22 August 2005

      * Fixed VERSION in Compress::Gzip::Constants

      * Removed Compress::Gzip::Info from the distribution.

  2.000_00 21 August 2005

      * First Beta relase of Compress::zlib rewrite.

  1.38 - 6 September 2005

      * Integrate core change 25304 -- Symbian Update

      * Added libscan to Makefile.PL

  1.37 - 12 August 2005

      * Change to t/03examples.t for VMS from Abe Timmerman

  1.36 - 3 August 2005

      * Renamed zlib-src-1.2.3 to zlib-src to help VMS

      * Fixed Makefile.PL for VMS

      * Fixed t/03examples.t for VMS

      * Added a couple of notes about incompatibility with Unix compress.

  1.35 - 16 July 2005

      * Updated zlib source to 1.2.3

      * Fixed problem with where two calls to gzclose would hang the debugger.

      * Added code from Alexey Tourbin to use XSLoader when available,
        and DynaLoader otherwise.

      * Documented that the compress & uncompress functions were not
        the same as the Unix utilities of the same name.

      * Fixed 05gzsetp -- it left a temp file hanging around. 

      * Integrate core change 24787 - SvUPGRADE returns void in blead

      * Integrate core change 24788 - Makefile.PL adjustments for the core

  1.34 - 30 January 2005

      * Fixed typo in the README

      * Fixed examples.t on Win32 where paths have embedded whitespace.

      * Fix for Cygwin and core integration from Jos I. Boumans

      * Upgrade zlib source to 1.2.2

  1.33 - 14 January 2004

      * Reworked Makefile.PL to avoid creating a private copy of zlib. 
        This both simplifies the build, plus it makes life easier for VMS.

      * Patches for Makefile.PL to get it to work on VMS supplied by
        Craig A. Berry.

      * memGunzip has very slow on FreeBSD. Turns out to be down to
        the way realloc works on FreeBSD. Changed both inflate & deflate
        to use exponentially increasing buffer sizes when they need to
        realloc. Thanks to Peter Jeremy for the lowdown on FreeBSD
        memory allocation.

  1.32 - 26 November 2003

      * Steve Hay reported a problem on with Windows and
        MSCV++ 6.0 where the source from the zlib directory was getting
        installed with the rest of the module.

        This has been fixed by renaming the "zlib" directory to "zlib-src"
        thus avoiding a conflict with the name of this Perl module.

      * Fixed a bug in the inflate method where the input buffer is an
        lvalue (via substr). Problem & solution reported by Salvador Fandiqo.

      * Tightened up the logic in Makefile.PL when BUILD_ZLIB is
        True. Issue spotted by Ralf S. Engelschall.

  1.31 - 29 October 2003

      * Reinstated the creation of .bak files - $^I seems to need a
        backup file on Windows. For OpenVMS, the extenstion _bak is used.

  1.30 - 28 October 2003

      * Bundled a sub-set of the zlib source with the module and changed
        the default make behaviour to build with the included zlib source.
        The previous behaviour of using a pre-built zlib library is
        still available for those that want it.

      * Added prototypes to the subs in that didn't already have
        them. Patch from Ed Avis.

      * No .bak files are created by Makefile.PL any more - this keep
        distclean much happier. Patch suggested by Ed Avis.
        This also fixes a similar problem reported by Dr. Martin Zinser
        on OpenVMS.

      * Documentation for some of the gz functions updated.

      * Format strings modified in DispStream to keep OpenVMS happy. 
        Problem reported by Dr. Martin Zinser.

  1.22 - 17 June 2003

      * Makefile.PL now displays a warning about not installing
        Compress::Zlib via the CPAN shell.

      * Fix to allow intermingling of gzread & gzreadline - patch
        supplied by Doug Perham.

      * memGunzip will silently now work if the gzip trailer is
        missing. Some HTTP Origin Servers seem to leave it out.

  1.21 - 28 April 2003

      * Tests 148 & 150 from t/02zlib.t were failing on redhat 9. 

      * Added a few words about the problems with Mac OS X to the README file. 

  1.20 - 4 April 2003

      * Fixed bug in gzopen where $gzerrno wasn't being set correctly.
        The symptom was $gzerrno was set to Z_MEM_ERROR although the file 
	was opened ok. If gzopen failed, $gzerrno was being set correctly.
	This problem wasn't spotted before because the typical test
	to determine whether gzopen passed or failed was to check its
	return value. 

  1.19 - 31 October 2002

      * fixed a problem with t/02zlib.t that was failing with redhat 8.

  1.18 - 24 October 2002

      * fixed a Win32 problem in t/02zlib.t by changing sysread to read.

      * zlib 1.0.5 & older doesn't have gzsetparams & gzeof. Added a new
        variable to to flag an old version of zlib. Split
        out the tests for gzsetparams into t/05gzsetp.t

  1.17 - 23 May 2002

      * Moved the test to check the versions of libz & zlib.h into a separate
        file and added troubleshooting notes to README.

      * In gzopen, only attempt to call "tell" for normal files.

      * Fixed to work in taint mode.

      * Broke changes out of README into Changes file.

      * Replaced internal use of Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH symbol with Z_SYNC_FLUSH. 
        zlib.h says  /* will be removed, use Z_SYNC_FLUSH instead */  

  1.16 - 13 December 2001

      * Fixed bug in Makefile.PL that stopped "perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=..."

  1.15 - 4th December 2001

      * Changes a few types to get the module to build on 64-bit Solaris

      * Changed the up/downgrade logic to default to the older constructs, and
        to only call a downgrade if specifically requested. Some older versions
        of Perl were having problems with the in-place edit.

      * added the new XS constant code.

  1.14 - 27th August 2001

      * Memory overwrite bug fixed in "inflate". Kudos to Rob Simons for
        reporting the bug and to Anton Berezin for fixing it for me.

  1.13 - 31st June 2001

      * Make sure is consistant when released.

  1.12 - 28th April 2001

      * Modified Makefile.PL to only enable the warnings pragma if
        using perl 5.6.1 or better.

  1.11 - 17th February 2001

      * Added logic in Makefile.PL to toggle between using $^W and
        the warnings pragma in the module.

      * The module, the examples & the test harness are now all strict
        & warnings clean.

  1.10 - 5th February 2001

      * fixed a bug in memGunzip. Used Z_ERR instead of Z_DATA_ERROR.

  1.09 - 15th January 2001

      * Silenced a few compiler warnings.

      * Updated zlib home site in README & to

      * Minor typo in - a link used AUTHORS instead of AUTHOR
        -- spotted by Frank Martini.

      * Mention Archive::Zip

      * added memGunzip. This is largely based on code provided by Jim Leonard.

      * $deflate->flush can now take an optional parameter. Valid
        and Z_FINISH. The default is Z_FINISH.

  1.08 - 6 Jan 2000

      * uncompress was clobbering its input parameter. Now it doesn't.
        This bug was spotted by Deven T. Corzine.
      * If a variable that only ever contained a number was given
        to compress or deflate, it would not be compressed properly. Now
        it will be coerced to a string and then compressed. This bug
        was spotted by Deven T. Corzine.

  1.07 - 27 Nov 1999

      * ANSI-ified the static functions in Zlib.xs

      * Added the ability to build zlib along with the module.
        This feature is 90% based on a Makefile provided by Gurusamy

  1.06 - 20 Sep 1999

      * Fixed a nasty problem where inflate could truncate the data
        returned. Thanks to Douglas Thomson <>
        for both spotting the problem and fixing the bug.

      * Added a note about the undocumented features in zlib that are
        required when accessing zip files.

      * gzclose will now get called automatically when the gzip object is

  1.05 - 3 June 1999

      * Previous release used newSVpvn, which doesn't exist in 5.004_04
        or earlier. Changed to use newSVpv instead.

      * The module needs Perl 5.004 or better, so updated the version
        checking in and Makefile.PL

  1.04 - 27 May 1999

      * Bug 19990527.001: compress(undef) core dumps -- Fixed.	

  1.03 - 17 Mar 1999

      * Updated to use the new PL_ symbols. 
        Means the module can be built with Perl 5.005_5*

  1.02 - 31 Jan 1999

      * The return codes for gzread, gzreadline and gzwrite were
        documented incorrectly as returning a status code.

      * The test harness was missing a "gzclose". This caused problem
        showed up on an amiga. Thanks to Erik van Roode for reporting
        this one.

      * Patched zlib.t for OS/2. Thanks to Ilya Zakharevich for the patch.

  1.01 - 23 Nov 1997

      * A number of fixes to the test suite and the example scripts to
	allow them to work under win32. All courtesy of Gurusamy

  1.00 - 14 Nov 1997

      * Fixed crc32 & adler32. They were very broken. 

      * The following functions can now take a scalar reference in
	place of a scalar for their buffer parameters:

	This should mean applications that make use of the module don't
	have to copy large buffers around.

      * Normally the inflate method consumes I<all> of the input buffer
	before returning. The exception to this is when inflate detects
	the end of the stream (Z_STREAM_END). In this case the input
	buffer need not be completely consumed. To allow processing of
	file formats that embed a deflation stream (e.g. zip, gzip),
	the inflate method now sets the buffer parameter to be what
	remains after inflation.

	When the return status is Z_STREAM_END, it will be what remains
	of the buffer (if any) after deflation. When the status is Z_OK
	it will be an empty string.

	This change means that the buffer parameter must be a lvalue.
      * Fixed crc32 and adler32. They were both very broken.

      * Added the Compress::Zlib::memGzip function.

  0.5 - Confirmed that no changes were necessary for zlib 1.0.3, or 1.0.4.

	The optional parameters for deflateInit and inflateInit can now
	be specified as an associative array in addition to a reference
	to an associative array. They can also accept the -Name

	gzopen can now optionally take a reference to an open
	filehandle in place of a filename. In this case it will call

	Added gzstream example script.
  0.4 - Upgrade to support zlib 0.99 

	Added dictionary interface.

	Fixed bug in gzreadline - previously it would keep returning
	the same buffer. This bug was reported by Helmut Jarausch

	Removed dependency to zutil.h and so dropped support for 
	    DEF_MEM_LEVEL (use MAX_MEM_LEVEL instead)
	    DEF_WBITS     (use MAX_WBITS instead)

  0.3 - Added prototype specification.

  0.2 - Fixed a minor allocation problem in Zlib.xs

  0.1 - first alpha release. 2nd October 1995