2.015 3 September 2008

      * Makefile.PL
        Backout changes made in 2.014

  2.014 2 September 2008

      * Makefile.PL
        Updated to check for indirect dependencies.

  2.012 15 July 2008

      * No Changes

  2.011 17 May 2008

      * IO::Uncompress::Unzip 
        - Print an error message if the zip file contains a
          member compressed with bzip2 and IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 is 
          not available.
        - Could not cope with mixed compression zip files. For example a
          zip file that contains both STORED and DEFLATED content.
          [RT #35573]

  2.010 5 May 2008

      * Fixed problem that meant Perl 5.10 could not upgrade this module.
        [RT #35343]

  2.009 20 April 2008

      * IO::Compress::Zip 

        - Added exUnix2 option to allow storing of UID & GID.
        - When running on a Unix derivative the ExtAttr option now defaults
          to the equivalent of 0666. For all other systems the default
          remains 0.

  2.008 2 November 2007

      * Minor documentation changes in README

      * t/compress/
        EBCDIC Cleanup.

        Tidied up the character classes used to defined invalid 
        FNAME & FCOMMENT fields for EBCDIC.

  2.006 1 September 2007

      * Makefile.PL
        Added INSTALLDIRS directive to install as a core module when built
        on a perl >= 5.9.

      * IO::Uncompress::RawDeflate 

        - Fixed export problem - "$RawDeflateError" and "rawdeflate" were
          not being exported with ":all".

  2.005 18 June 2007

      * IO::Compress::Gzip & IO::Uncompress::Gunzip

        - RFC1952 says that the FNAME & FCOMMENT header fields must be ISO
          8859-1 (LATIN-1) characters. The code can optionally police this.
          Added a fix for this logic when running on EBCDIC.

      * Makefile.PL

        - Check if IO::Compress::Bzip2 is already installed. If it is, add
          to the PREREQ_PM list.

  2.004 3 March 2007

      * IO::Compress::Zip 

        - Added Zip64 documentation.

        - Fixed extended timestamp.  
          Creation time isn't available in Unix so only store the
          modification time and the last access time in the extended field.

        - Fixed file mode.

        - Added ExtAttr option to control the value of the "external file
          attributes" field in the central directory.

        - Added Unix2 extended attribute ("Ux"). 
          This stores the UID & GID.

      * IO::Compress::Gzip 

        - Fixed 050interop-gzip.t for Windows 

  2.003 2 January 2007

      * Added explicit version checking

  2.002 29 December 2006

      * Documentation updates.

  2.001 1 November 2006

      * Remove beta status.

  2.000_14 26 October 2006

      * IO::Uncompress::Deflate
        Beefed up the magic signature check. Means less false positives
        when auto-detecting the compression type.

      * IO::Uncompress::UnZip
        Tighten up the zip64 extra field processing to cope with the case
        wheere only some of the local header fields are superceeded.

      * IO::Uncompress::AnyInflate
        Remove raw-deflate (RFC 1951) from the default list of compressors 
        to check.
        It can still be included if the new RawInflate parameter is
        This change was made because the only way to tell if content is 
        raw-deflate is to attempt to uncompress it - a few false positives
        have popped up recently, which suggests that auto-detecting raw 
        deflate is far from perfect.
        The equivalent change has been made to IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress.
        [Core patch #28445]

  2.000_13 20 June 2006

      * Preliminary support for reading zip files with zip64 members.

  2.000_12 3 May 2006

      * Moved the code for creating and parsing the gzip extra field into so that IO::Compress::Zip &
        IO::Uncompress::Unzip can use it as well. 

      * Added ExtraFieldLocal & ExtraFieldCentral options to IO::Compress::Zip.
        These allow the creation of user-defined extra fields in the local
        and central headers, just like the ExtraField option in

      * Moved the zip constants into IO::Compress::Zip::Constants

      * Added exTime option to IO::Compress::Zip. 
        This allows creation of the extended timestamp extra field.

      * Added Minimal option to IO::Compress::Zip. 
        This disables the creation of all extended fields.

      * Added TextFlag option to IO::Compress::Zip. 

      * Documented Comment and ZipComment options in IO::Compress::Zip. 

  2.000_11 10 April 2006

      * Updated Documentation for zip modules.

      * Changed IO::Compress::Zip 'Store' option to 'Method' and added
        symbolic constants ZIP_CM_STORE, ZIP_CM_DEFLATE and ZIP_CM_BZIP2 to
        allow the compression method to be picked by the user.

      * Added support to allow bzip2 compressed data to be written/read
        with IO::Compress::Zip and IO::Uncompress::Unzip.

      * Beefed up 050interop-gzip.t to check that the external gzip command
        works as expected before starting the tests. This means that
        this test harness will just be skipped on problematic systems.

      * Merged core patch 27565 from Steve Peters. This works around a
        problem with gzip on OpenBSD where it doesn't seem to like
        compressing files < 10 bytes long.

  2.000_10 13 March 2006

      * Documentation updates.

  2.000_09 3 March 2006

      * Released to CPAN.

  2.000_08 2 March 2006

      * Split IO::Compress::Zlib into its own distribution.

      * Beefed up support for zip/unzip