Revision history for Perl extension Minion::Backend::mysql.

0.21      2020-07-31 22:55:46-05:00 America/Chicago


  - The mysql backend is now fully-compatible with Minion 10.13,
      - Listing jobs by notes
      - Expiring jobs (experimental)
      - Lax dependencies (experimental)

0.20      2020-04-18 20:24:43-05:00 America/Chicago


  - Fixed error trying to load database on MySQL 8.0: The lock function
    did not have the appropriate annotations. Thanks @yahermann for
    reporting this issue! [Github #27]

0.19      2020-01-30 23:48:41-06:00 America/Chicago


  - This backend is now (mostly) compatible with Minion 10.04.
    Only searching for jobs by notes is not implemented yet.

0.18      2019-09-03 13:28:42-05:00 America/Chicago


  - Fixed an issue with InnoDB index sizing and MySQL strict mode.
    Thanks @larryl and Grant Street Group! (Github #24)

0.17      2019-08-27 16:11:57-05:00 America/Chicago


  - Fixed migrations not running when given an existing MySQL
    connection. Thanks @larryl and Grant Street Group!
  - Improved performance for locks and dequeueing. Thanks @larryl and
    Grant Street Group!
  - Fixed the statistics to work under MySQL strict mode. Thanks @larryl
    and Grant Street Group!

0.16      2019-08-10 21:27:33-05:00 America/Chicago


  - Added Travis tests for more MySQL and MariaDB versions. Thanks
    @paultcochrane for the initial work on this. (Github #1)
  - You can now pass in a connected Mojo::mysql instance to the backend
    to make it use that (instead of creating its own instance). This can
    help make sure that concurrent connections are limited and reused.
    Thanks @larryl & @GrantStreetGroup for contributing this!
    (Github #22)


  - Fixed SQL errors under MySQL strict mode (Specifically, the SQL
    GROUP BY columns need to be specified as SELECTed). Thanks @larryl
    & @GrantStreetGroup! (Github #22)
  - Fixed backend creating dozens of connections to MySQL. Now basic
    operations should be far more efficient. Thanks @larryl
    & @GrantStreetGroup! (Github #22)

0.15      2018-11-10 11:46:56-06:00 America/Chicago


  - Fixed warning when pulling history for the Minion admin console.
    Thanks @chromedome! [Github #20]
  - Fixed tests failing with "DBD::mysql::st execute failed: This
    function has none of DETERMINISTIC, NO SQL, or READS SQL DATA in its
    declaration and binary logging is enabled". MySQL 8 adds some sanity
    checks to functions and we need to override them. This might
    actually be a problem that we will have to fix later...

0.14      2018-04-30 20:41:08-04:00 America/New_York


  - Fixed backend to work with Minion v9.03. Thanks @pentabion! [Github
  - Fixed an intermittently failing test. Thanks @pentabion! [Github


  - Fixed Travis configuration to pass tests on 5.12/5.10 and improve

0.13      2018-02-03 11:28:16-06:00 America/Chicago


  - Added `list_locks` method so that the Minion admin UI works. Thanks
    @pentabion! [Github #17]

0.12      2018-01-14 01:22:07-06:00 America/Chicago


  - Fixed all the missing features from the backend to fully-support
    Minion 8.

0.11      2017-11-18 13:43:48-06:00 America/Chicago


  - Upgraded backend to work with Minion 8 and the Minion admin UI

  - Allow hashref of options to Mojo::mysql. This lets us pass in a full
    DBI connection string to use options not normally available via the
    `mysql://` URL string.

0.10      2017-11-05 19:12:38-06:00 America/Chicago


  - Fixed tests to only run on MySQL 5.6.5 or higher. Versions older
    than this do not support the `TIMESTAMP` column settings we are
    using. Thanks @paultcochrane!

  - Fixed tests to report which MySQL version is running so we can more
    easily detect why database queries are failing. Thanks

  - Fixed travis reporting coverage to coveralls. Thanks @paultcochrane!

  - Removed some whitespace-only POD lines which `podchecker` was
    complaining about. Thanks @paultcochrane!

0.09      2017-11-02 14:08:31-05:00 America/Chicago


  - Added initial Travis CI configuration. Thanks @paultcochrane!
    (Github #5)


  - Fixed missing test prereqs as requested by CPANTS. Thanks
    @paultcochrane! (Github #4)
  - Added an explicit Perl version declaration as requested by CPANTS.
    Thanks @paultcochrane! (Github #3)
  - Fixed links to Travis and Coveralls badges. Thanks @paultcochrane
    (Github #2)

0.08      2017-09-01 20:21:11-05:00 America/Chicago

  - Fixed contributors showing multiple times in the documentation

0.07      2017-09-01 20:02:45-05:00 America/Chicago

    - Increased size of args/result fields to support jobs with more

0.06  2017-09-01

    - Partial support for Minion 7.0
        - Automatic job retry
        - Worker commands
        - Missing features: job parents, locking, job notes
      This is enough to boot Minion and run basic jobs. Any jobs that
      depend on unimplemented features may not work correctly, and may
      cause errors.

0.04  After 0.03
	- Support Minion 2.0

0.03  After 0.02
	- Inital Pub/Sub work

0.02  After 0.01
	- Add in complete Mojolicious::Lite example

0.01  Tue Sep 15 19:24:46 2015
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -X -n Minion::Backend::mysql