Changelog for Mojolicious-Plugin-PODViewer

0.006     2020-02-21 22:10:51-06:00 America/Chicago


  - Fixed the CPAN and (again) breadcrumb links. This time with tests so
    they're actually right this time. Thanks @ldidry! (Github #8)

0.005     2019-11-13 12:54:35-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed title not containing all text from the POD. Thanks @Tekki!
      [Github #6]
    - Fixed breadcrumb links. They were quite broken. Thanks @CandyAngel
      (Github #7)

0.004     2019-01-24 15:20:44-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed default layout to allow app default to win over the skeleton
      'podviewer' default. The default layout in the plugin must always
      be a last resort!

0.003     2019-01-21 12:38:10-06:00 America/Chicago


    - Fixed routing when the plugin was not directly at the root. Thanks
    - Fixed link rewriting to only rewrite modules in the allowed
      modules list. This prevents the need for a 302 Redirect for
      modules we aren't serving. Thanks @iamb!

0.002     2018-11-08 22:07:11-06:00 America/Chicago

    - Added option to change route to load POD under. Previously, it
      would only be available under `/perldoc`.
    - Added option to change the default module. Previously, it would
      load Mojolicious::Guides.
    - Added a custom template. The template being used previously was
      the one shipped with Mojolicious and designed for the website (which is not appropriate for other
    - Added a "layout" option. This is the easiest way to customize the
      appearance of the POD output (using CSS and surrounding content).
    - Added "allow_modules" option to restrict which modules are served
      from the app. Any disallowed modules will be redirected to

0.001     2018-11-08 15:53:58-06:00 America/Chicago

    - Initial release forked from Mojolicious