0.80	2019-08-18
	* Only "bin/n50" has been updated
	* NEW: Added -q for thousand separator (will cause adding quotes in --format csv) 
	* Now also n50 migrated to JSON::PP, as Proch::N50 does since 0.04
	* Prints a short usage if invoked without filenames
	* Warning printed if using --format custom without --template
	* Added aliases in --template for newline ({n} and \n) and tab ({t} and \t)

0.70	2019-08-16
	* FIXED: 'n50' was producing a pretty printed JSON even without --pretty [since transition to JSON:PP]

0.60	2019-08-15
	* MAJOR: Renamed the bundled script from n50.pl to n50
	* Minor cleanup
	* First release available in 'bioconda'

0.20	2019-06-30
	* Simplified test in JSON method (output unchanged)
	* Changes file cleaned; added a test for wide chars in changelog

0.10	2019-05-30
	* NEW: added sorting function to n50.pl (useful for 'screen' format)
	* FIXED: JSON object returned N50, min and max quoted (strings) rather than integers
	* Minor changes in dist.ini and release tests

0.09	2019-05-29
	* Added ./bin directory to provide excutable scripts
	* n50.pl now accepts sequence with zero length (as seqkit)
	* n50.pl new output format (screen friendly) using Text::ASCIITables only if requested
	* Coverage directives for Devel::Coverage
	* Extensive test of the algorithm

0.08	2019-05-23
	* Removed redundant POD paragraphs
	* Added unit test on non existing file
	* Fixed bug in n50.pl script
	* Added a test of the n50.pl script after build
	* Added a test of Changes that should contain last version

0.07	2019-05-22
	* PAUSE indexing problem
	* Updated FASTX::Reader to 0.09

0.06	2019-05-15
	* Moved version check to release tests

0.05	2019-05-09
	* MAJOR: Transition to FASTX::Reader to parse FASTA file
	* Code updated
	* Improving documentation coverage
	* Feature freeze aiming to release v 0.1 stable
0.04	2019-05-06
	* Transition to JSON::PP, now required since its a core module
	* Updated POD documentation
	* Updated JSON tests
	* Resubmitted as v 0.040 (PAUSE upload problem)

0.039	2019-05-05
	* NEW: Added 'min' and 'max' (lengths) in returned stats
	* Updated requirements specs in YML distribution file

0.032	2019-05-04
	* JSON unit test: restored conditional test
	* Removed unnecessary files from distribution (Dist::Zilla::Plugin::VersionFromModule/)

0.031	2019-05-03
	* Removed JSON unit test: this module has been built to only optionally require it. Even unit tests can have bugs.

0.03	2019-05-02
	* Added method _getJsonStats()_ to directly receive JSON string
	* Expanded json unit test accordingly

0.023	2019-05-01
	* Updated dist.ini [Dist::Zilla::Role::ModuleMetadata]
	* Synopsis uses print instead of say
	* Added CPAN distribution tests (CPAN Version check, POD integrity, Changes, Kwalitee...)
	* Added unit tests for getStats() and getStats with JSON

0.022	2019-05-01
	* Improved POD documentation
	* Fixed name in n50_algorithm.pl

0.021	2019-05-01
	* Improved POD documentation
	* Added a demo implementation of n50.pl using Proch::N50, keeping n50_algorithm.pl that does the same but without Proch::N50

0.02	2019-04-30
	* Added this Changelog
	* Removed unnecessary variables
	* Fixed POD documentation
	- TODO: Bareword filehandle: currently used as readfq() needs it

0.01	2019-04-30
	* Initial release on CPAN