Revision history for Net-IPAddress-Util

3.000   2013-11-01
        Back to proper CPAN-friendly version numbers

1.500   2013-10-31
        Attempt to backport the 2.x speedups and fixes into a non-mop env.

1.002   2012-06-09
        Make it explicit that 5.010 is required. Start trying to make the
        time trials smarter.

1.001   2012-05-31
        Try advancing some of the deps to see if that cures the spurious
        test fails on what look like random architectures. This is unrelated
        to the previous GMP / Pari stuff, and might be BigInt version related.

1.000   2012-05-24
        Move from ISA BigInt to HASA BigInt to try to solve the GMP / Pari
        stuff once and for all.

0.12    2011-03-26
        Fix completely idiotic thinko in handling backend specification.

0.11    2011-03-26
        Try to solve weird issue with certain binary versions of GMP and Pari.

0.10    2010-04-28
        Fewer internal dependencies means fewer chances to use the wrong lib.

0.09    2010-03-27
        Try to be even more bullet-proof wrt the N32 bugs.

0.08    2010-03-25
        Add hopefully more-useful output to the diagnostic tests

0.07    2010-03-25
        Add more purely-diagnostic tests.
        Hopefully fix weird $PROMOTE_N32 and ->as_n32() bug on Windows and BSD.

0.06    2010-03-22
        Add $PROMOTE_N32 and ->as_n32().
        Hopefully fix a weird bug on *BSD systems.
        Now at 76.2% coverage.

0.05    2010-03-22
        Make compatability API test better at surviving lack of Net::IPAddress

0.04    2010-03-21
        Added more tests for compatibility API. Now at 75.9% coverage.

0.03    2010-03-21
        Added tests for compatibility API.

0.02    2010-03-21
        Fixed bugs in ip2num() and num2ip(). Fixed distro name in Changes file.

0.01    2010-03-21
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.