Version 1.05	March 15 2001
- Fixed bug with empty Maps. See BUGS.

Version 1.03	May 30 2000

- Renamed to GD::Graph::Map
- Fixed bug with dispalaying status information for the bar chart
  with two datasets.
- Added Title attribute to the MAP tag description. It offers advisory 
  information about the element for which it is set.
- Added mapName and noImgMarkup options, that allow you to set name
  of the map (mapName) and don't use IMG tag (noImgMarkup).
  (added by Tomas Andersson <>)
- Added support of the GD::Graph::lines object.
- Changed handling of the GD::Graph:linespoints object.

Version 1.02	September 18 1999

- Added GIFgraph bar_spacing option handling.
- Fixed bug with showing information in status line.
- Fixed bug with formating info and legend strings.
- Fixed bug with opening new navigator window. See BUGS.
- Modifing constructor. Now it has following syntax:
  new GIFgraph::Map($gr_object, [key1 => value1, key2 => value2, ...]);
  and you can seting options in constructor immediately.

Version 1.01	August 4 1999

- Enable using the same format as use printf routine, for set %x
  and %y parameters. If x or y values is floating numbers your
  may use '%.d[xy]' for round ones (d - simple digit).
- Adding newWindow options. If newWindow is true you may set
  windows parameters; overwise using defaults, and when you 
  click on link will be open new navigator window.
- Allow set another options, wich are using IMG tag.
  If you need it, you may set 'img_option' parameters in your 
  object using set routine (option - options of IMG tag).
- Fixed bugs with seting @hrefs array for some objects. See BUGS.
- Fixed bug with calculating percent for pie object.

Version 1.00	June 26 1999

- Initial reliase.