Sun Nov	 7 20:22:01 2010  Andy Bailey <>


	Updated the package to use Module::Build. This should help
	distribution packagers who commonly patched the old Makefile
	to rearrange the install.

	Applied Ardo van Rangelrooij's debian patches

Tue Dec  5 07:18:09 1995  David Megginson <>

* VERSION 1.03ii

	* elisp/sgmls.el: Added my Gnu Emacs 19 mode for running (n)sgmls
	with a postprocessor.

	* (push_output): For a 'handle' argument, force
	unqualified filehandles into the caller's package (reported by
	Rick Wong).

* VERSION 1.03

Sun Dec  3 11:37:08 1995  David Megginson  <>

	* (main::sgml): Stopped using SGMLS_Event::key method
	(why keep it around?).

	* Added POD documentation to the module; changed the
	SGMLS_Event class constructor so that it does not take an explicit
	key argument (the key will be generated automatically if needed),
	and propagated the change throughout the module.

Sat Dec  2 21:24:05 1995  David Megginson  <>

	* Added POD documentation to the module.
	* Added POD documentation to the module.

Thu Nov 16 06:52:46 1995  David Megginson  <>

	* Refs::warn now returns 1 if a warning was printed, or 0
	if it was not.

Wed Nov 15 13:43:10 1995  David Megginson  <>

	* Added a new, simple package for managing references and
	reporting any changes.

	* SGMLS::new now forces its filehandle argument into the
	caller's package, unless it is already qualified with a package
	name; reported by Rick Wong.

	* Makefile: Install modules in ${MODULEDIR} instead of ${PERL5DIR}
	-- that way, all add-ons can be qualified with SGMLS::.

	* Now uses and to be a
	better-behavied module.  The symbols "output", "push_output", and
	"pop_output" will be exported into the caller's package rather
	than main::, and the caller will have some control over them.

	Changed the package from Output to

	* Use SGMLS::Output instead of Output.

	* Altered to create the SGMLS object with main::STDIN
	as the filehandle.  Have export its symbols into main::
	rather than into SGMLS_PL::.

	Use SGMLS::Output instead of Output.

* VERSION 1.02

Thu Aug 24 10:00:52 1995  David Megginson  <>

	* Added SGMLS_Event::parse to retrieve the SGMLS parent
	class, SGMLS_Event::entity to look up an arbitrary entity, and
	SGMLS_Event::notation to look up an arbitrary notation.

	* Makefile (HTML_SOURCES): fixed faulty path, reported by Rick
	Wong (

	* fixed bug in commented out 're' handler, reported by
	Rick Wong (

	* fixed bug in SGMLS_Attribute::set_value, reported by
        Rick Wong (

	Loosened up checking of types in main loop, in case new types are
	added in the future.

	Added support for new output from NSGMLS with -h option: 'T' for
	external text entities, new entity types 'PI', 'TEXT', and 'ID'.

	Added support (not yet tested) for data entities.

* VERSION 1.01

Sat Aug 12 09:34:40 1995  David Megginson  <>

	* Makefile: changed the order of the operations for make all, so
	that the necessary files are installed _before_ trying to make the
	documentation.  Also, introduced the target "dist" to make the
	most current version of all the documentation.

	* fixed the header comment for 'subdoc' handlers, and
	added default handlers for 'end_element', 'cdata', 're',
	'end_subdoc', and 'conforming' (reported by Rick Wong

	* fixed bugs in SGMLS_Attribute::set_value, cleaned up
	the recognition and processing of octal escape sequences in the
	(N)SGMLS output, and fixed a minor bug with generated-filenames in
	the external entities (reported by Rick Wong

	* changed handler patterns to allow dashes and other
	characters in element, subdoc, and entity names, and fixed error
	in generic start_subdoc_handler (reported by Rick Wong
	<> and Alan Karben

	* Makefile: Corrected several typos in the "install_html" target
	(reported by Rick Wong <>).  Changed the
	perl binary location from /usr/bin/perl to /usr/local/bin/perl (I
	am working on a slightly different system now).

* VERSION 1.00 (initial release)