Revision history for Perl module Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker

0.01 Tue May 20 15:03:43 2014
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.51
0.02 Added support informations
0.03 Added example2_dbc with DBIx::Class, and the database ex1_1 database that holds the table 'speaks' without a counter (pk is composed of the 2 fields langid + countryid).
	Added example_dbi with uses sql commands and DBI 
	Bug corrected in DbcDataManager (occured when a new reccord is added)
	Removed 'use of Data::Dumper;'
0.05 Form::add_combo corrected use of set_text_column
0.06 Form::add_combo delete existing model 
	new parameters columns => {name =>type} which replace the call to $rs->result_source->columns to supplied the column's names and types
	+columns => {name => type} the columns supplied are added to those found with  $rs->result_source->columns. 
	if a primary_keys array ref is supplied the search of the row at a given pos is done with $rs->search, not $rs->find
0.07 Test failed - updated
		call back function with on_row_select + on_changed ; 
		auto_incrementing use from the start, in the module, $self->get_primarykeys must be called instead of @{$self->{primary_keys}}
		$self->{cols} holds field's names without their changing to lower case
		set_data_manager method to replace the current data manager
0.091 binrary in my disc and missing in the zip in 0.09 
0.092 DbiDataManager save({pk_name 0 => pk_value}) to update one of the field composing a multi field primarykey.
0.093 Corrected bugs in Form (dateformater), remove use of Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs in DbiDM, more changes in update in table with 2 primary keys
0.094 corrected bugs with textview in
0.094 DbcDataManager
	Fields added with columns or +columns are readonly.
	$self->set_row_pos($self->{row}->{pos}) in query
	$self->set_row_pos($self->{row}->{pos}) in query
0.095 RdbDataManager
	Fields added with columns or +columns to read data from joined tables
	These fields are readonly.
0.096 Bug corrected in Form
0.097 Form 
	auto_apply can be defined (defaults to true)
	add_childform to cascade auto_apply down to child form or datasheet
	has_changed return true if children forms or datasheets have been changed in the form but not applied to the database
0.098 Form save return 1 (success) or 0 (failure)
	DbcDataManager save return 1 (success) or 0 (failure)
 	Removed mailing support (and the list alltogether)
0.100  Split the distribution: 
	- Form + Datasheet remains in Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker
	- xxxDataManager are in this Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::DbTools distribution (but the package is unchanged)
	- Wx Form and Datasheet objects are in Wx::Perl::DbLinker
0.101  Changed in
0.102  Delete in Form tests for the number of rows in dman and display an empty row if necessary
	Form : added a inserting flag to display default values added in the dataManager. pos = -1 used to display no data
0.103  Form: new method add_combo_values
0.104 Parameters to public methods are passed as list or hash ref. 
      Added examle using SqlADatamanager.
0.105 Corrected to fetch a version of Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker-DbTools >= 0.104
0.106 Created AbForm in Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::DbTools to hold common methods to Wx::Perl::DbLinker::Wxform and Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::Form
0.107 Datasheet->get_current_row return the row last edited
0.108 DatasheetHelper holds common methods to Wxdatasheet and Datasheet
	Form : new adjustement set by spinbutton->configure, to prevent warnings: 
	(seting values when page size is 0 is deprecated, appeared with the compile on w10)
0.109 Example 2: moved the calls to the dataManagager in a common wraper so that just two form modules are needed ( + 
      instead of 8 modules (2 form modules for each of xxxDataManager object)
      Use Class::InsideOut for Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::Form to enforce encapsulation and to prevent for manipulating Abform properties in derived class directly
0.110 No change, but update the version number to have the same as DbTools
0.111 Corrections in pod. example: Dumper in log msg, Log4Perl init_easy 
      ./lib: logcroak, logconfess ... instead of croak, confess
      Improved readme file