Revision history for Perl module Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker

0.01 Tue May 20 15:03:43 2014
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.51
0.02 Added support informations
0.03 Added example2_dbc with DBIx::Class, and the database ex1_1 database that holds the table 'speaks' without a counter (pk is composed of the 2 fields langid + countryid).
	Added example_dbi with uses sql commands and DBI 
	Bug corrected in DbcDataManager (occured when a new reccord is added)
	Removed 'use of Data::Dumper;'
0.05 Form::add_combo corrected use of set_text_column
0.06 Form::add_combo delete existing model 
	new parameters columns => {name =>type} which replace the call to $rs->result_source->columns to supplied the column's names and types
	+columns => {name => type} the columns supplied are added to those found with  $rs->result_source->columns. 
	if a primary_keys array ref is supplied the search of the row at a given pos is done with $rs->search, not $rs->find
0.07 Test failed - updated
		call back function with on_row_select + on_changed ; 
		auto_incrementing use from the start, in the module, $self->get_primarykeys must be called instead of @{$self->{primary_keys}}
		$self->{cols} holds field's names without their changing to lower case
		set_data_manager method to replace the current data manager
0.091 binrary in my disc and missing in the zip in 0.09 
0.092 DbiDataManager save({pk_name 0 => pk_value}) to update one of the field composing a multi field primarykey.
0.093 Corrected bugs in Form (dateformater), remove use of Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs in DbiDM, more changes in update in table with 2 primary keys
0.094 corrected bugs with textview in
0.094 DbcDataManager
	Fields added with columns or +columns are readonly.
	$self->set_row_pos($self->{row}->{pos}) in query
	$self->set_row_pos($self->{row}->{pos}) in query
0.095 RdbDataManager
	Fields added with columns or +columns to read data from joined tables
	These fields are readonly.
0.096 Bug corrected in Form
0.097 Form 
	auto_apply can be defined (defaults to true)
	add_childform to cascade auto_apply down to child form or datasheet
	has_changed return true if children forms or datasheets have been changed in the form but not applied to the database
0.098 Form save return 1 (success) or 0 (failure)
	DbcDataManager save return 1 (success) or 0 (failure)
 	Removed mailing support (and the list alltogether)
0100  Split the distribution: 
	- Form + Datasheet remains in Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker
	- xxxDataManager are in this Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::DbTools distribution (but the package is unchanged)
	- Wx Form and Datasheet objects are in Wx::Perl::DbLinker
0.101  Added SqlADataManager which uses SQL::Abstract::More to build the sql statement. 
       Added a separate Recordset object used by this class to hold pk values and a subset of rows
0.103  DbiDataManger: 
	- update and insert_into sql strings are build using the first word (the table's name) of $self->{sql}->{from}
	- added ro_fields constructor param to exclude fields comming from joined tables in update or insert statement
0.104  use interface instsead of Class::Interface, changed the way the objects received args, use Carp instead of warn
0.105  added alias as a new param to RdbDM constructor
0.106 Created AbForm to hold common methods to Form and Wxform