0.66    2003-10-17
        Made Siesta::Test a released file (will help with testing third party

        Documentation fixes.

        Security fix for Siesta::Send::Sendmail

        Quick hack around an issue in Siesta::Config

        Now we depend on perl 5.6 or newer.  Hacking around 5.005 was
        getting painful.

0.65    2003-09-01 (#1383)
        Stealth dependency on YAML made clear.  spotted by Nick Cleaton

        bandito no longer tries to import a users nomail attribute (it's a
        TODO to have this a property of subscription)

0.64    2003-09-01 (#1376)
        nacho {show,resume,delete}-deferred

        Siesta::Plugin::Archive now allows you to configure its output path

        Colobus HOWTO

        Challenge/Subscribe plugins now auto-generate passwords correctly

        Fixes to Personal Plugin handling in List->set_plugins

        Changes to the behaviour of Siesta::Message->reply so that it's
        not a sticky about it's state

0.63    2003-08-09 (#1298)
        improvements to Siesta::UserGuide
        big bug in List->set_plugins fixed (thanks Jody)
        -f switch
        many many more

0.62    2003-07-28
        fixed a syntax error in Siesta::Web (I be slack)

0.61    2003-07-28
        Fix MANIFEST, ship Siesta::Build
        Have Siesta::Web point within Config('root')/web-frontend

0.6     2003-07-24
        Initial release

for full change history consult the siesta-commit archives: