Revision history for Perl module File::ConfigDir

0.009 2013-10-25
    - add API to allow plugins to improve registration (speeds
      up loading)
    - switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker, 'cause Module::Build had
      trouble with recent meta spec ...

0.008 2013-10-19
    - introduce pluggable dir sources
    - add developer requires for runs from repository clones

0.007 2013-09-21
    - Update copyright year (just to make sure everybody recognizes)

0.006 2013-09-20
    - Reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec by Neil Bowers
    - Fix rt#88616 (test didn't work according to XDG Base Directory
      Specification) - thanks to Alex Hartmaier.
    - Fix typo in regex for testing the amount of expected directories
    - Improve documentation

0.005 2013-09-03
    - move to GitHub
    - fix xdg_config_dir/xdg_config_home
    - commit fox for rt#69263 (includes fix for rt#82696)

0.004 2010-07-30
    - make helper function uniq private (_uniq) to avoid
      Pod::Coverage test fail on systems without List::MoreUtils

0.003 2010-07-30
    - fix typo and use here_cfg_dir instead of user_cfg_dir twice
    - add singleapp_cfg_dir and locallib_cfg_dir to free local_cfg_dir
      for FHS /usr/local/etc (suggested by mst)
    - add XDG Base Directory Specification support (suggested by
    - update test for config_dirs - BinGOs test system users don't
      have a home directory

0.002 2010-07-27
    - add here_cfg_dir

0.001 2010-07-26
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.